Kiwi Movers’ Logistics Services

Kiwi Movers are experts in removal, relocation, storage and shipping and core to all four services is logistics. We offer our logistical expertise and experience as an affordable alternative to engaging a consultancy. We’ve got the manpower, the equipment and the experience to deliver competitive logistical support for whatever project you’re managing.

So, What Do We Do?

With a passion for problem-solving and extensive experience in creating logistics solutions that just make sense, without any hassle, Kiwi Movers are able to deliver full-service logistics to a wide variety of customers and sectors. Whether domestic or commercial, our team are experienced in creating solutions that genuinely work for you.

We offer a wide range of logistics services to cover you and your project from start to finish. One of our dedicated project managers will be able to design, implement and effectively execute a logistics strategy and plan that does everything you need it to, for a fair price, without any extra bells and whistles stuck on top for the sake of it!

We know that your time is valuable, which is why we endeavour to make things simple. Our flexible, fully-insured and hassle-free service is perfect for making life easier when it comes to your logistics process, planning and strategy.

Logistics covers a huge part of what keeps businesses and projects running smoothly every day. After all, if you don’t have your equipment or products, or can’t get them out to your customers, then you’re not much good at all! From the movement of goods to storage, removals and being the guys in charge of weaving it all together, Kiwi Movers has your business’ logistics needs covered.

Straightforward, friendly, great-quality service, here to make your life easier — what could be better?

Get a free quote today, just fill in our quick enquiry form. To speak to a project manager about your job, call 020 8877 9682*.

What Logistics Services Do We Offer?

  • Site logistics — We know how complex and messy things can get when you’re overseeing a site or project. Let Kiwi Movers take on your custom logistic service to give you one less thing to worry about when you’re moving, storing or transporting goods.
  • Project management — From start to finish, we’ll make sure your project runs smoothly, with a place for everything and everything in its place! Our experienced project managers will create solutions and liaise with other teams, parties and partners to make sure your goods are delivered, stored, transported and removed where they need to be, when they need to be there.
  • StorageWe offer a wide range of storage services, including self-storage and container storage, to make sure you get the right option for your goods. From the small to the tall, the fragile to the firm, we can make sure all of your goods and belongings are stored securely in one of our storage facilities.
  • Waste management — Maybe it’s time for a clearout! At Kiwi Movers, we are experts in securely removing and disposing of waste with all the relevant considerations taken into account.
  • Office relocationAn office move is one of the most important and stressful things your office or operations manager will have to deal with! With Kiwi Movers’ reliable, high-quality and simple service, that’s one thing less on their plate when it comes to rehoming your company!
  • Transportation — Delicate goods? Large, awkward objects? Too many units to count? We’ve got it covered. Our fleet of distinctive bright green vehicles can be found all over London, transporting all kinds of goods safely, quickly and efficiently. We can also transport internationally using our wide network of trusted shipping partners.
  • Secure archiving — We’ll help make sure your records are kept safe, secure and accessible when you need them. Data security and protection don’t need to be a cause for concern anymore when you’re working with Kiwi Movers. We’re reliable, secure and always on hand to keep you and your files secure and up-to-date!

Why Choose Kiwi Movers For Your Project?

We pride ourselves on not just offering a simple and effective service, but also our signature approach to customer care. Friendly, diligent and communicative, the Kiwi Movers team offers reliable and affordable logistics service across the Greater London area. Our friendly, no-fuss approach combined with our many years’ worth of experience in domestic and commercial services means we can offer individuals and companies the help and support they need when it comes to bigger moving and logistics projects.

We started out as a removals company in 2007, and have expanded our operation into storage, shipping, cleaning and commercial services since then, picking up a whole host of knowledge, experience and a bunch of different brains on the way. We’re a practically minded group of people with a strong work ethic and classic can-do attitude, so when it comes to commercial logistics, we’re well equipped for the job.

Over 10 years of experience in logistics in one way or another has given us the specialist logistics knowledge we need to create an in-depth plan and strategy, as well as the manpower, quick-thinking capabilities, flexible service offering and all the relevant equipment to keep your warehousing facilities, parcel delivery and movement of goods going strong every day.

We also pride ourselves on being a logistics company that offers logistics services that are genuinely affordable and give our clients great value for money. While you might think that a strong, effective logistics plan can only come from a logistics company, supply-chain specialist or logistics consultancy, you’d be wrong.

It’s so important that transportation, stock control and storage for your business are kept running smoothly and are well managed to keep your supply chain running without any delays. Many logistics consultancies and traditional logistics providers will offer extensive planning and execution packages for rather a hefty fee – not to say that isn’t the right choice for some organisations!

However, if you and your business prefer to take a no-frills, straight-to-the-point approach when it comes to your logistics, then Kiwi Movers might be the guys for you. We’re flexible to your needs, and will design focused logistics solutions based on what you need, without adding on any unnecessary extras.

Our service is completely end-to-end and we cover every step of the logistics process, from receiving goods, through inventory management and storage, out to delivery in the UK and internationally with the help of our network of delivery partners.


Role: Logistic Services and IT equipment installation
Project Description: Kiwi provided logistic services for transport and distribution within the Greater London area as part of a wider 18-month IT equipment implementation for over 50,000 work stations. Additional services included IT Services during the installation. Kiwi also provided storage, carried out site surveys and developed detailed reports to assist in the overall project management.

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