Arranging international shipping can be stressful, particularly if you’re unsure of how the shipping industry works. Things such as international postage costs, tax, customs charges and delivery times have to be considered, in order to ensure your items are delivered safely and securely.

At Kiwi Movers, we’re experts in what we do. Since our inception in 2007, we’ve made a point of becoming the best removals firm in the London area. Whilst we started out purely as a moving company, we’ve since delved into a wide range of other services – with international shipments being just one aspect of what we do.

If you’d like to find out a little more about what Kiwi Movers do, or if you’d like to start the international shipping process, get in touch on 020 8877 9682* for a free quote.

What you get with Kiwi Movers International shipping

Before committing to our international delivery service, it’s important to find out exactly what Kiwi Movers can offer you. We’ve built up a great reputation over the years – there’s a reason we have such a high score on Trusted Traders.

Our motto is any size, anywhere – our international shipping service is designed to be hassle-free and affordable. When you sign up with us, you’ll be assigned an experienced project manager, who will be your single point of contact throughout the journey.

This is what you can expect when you hire Kiwi Movers for your international shipping needs:

  • Weekly and fortnightly sea freight services to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Canada, the USA, the UAE and Cyprus.
  • A project manager as a single point of contact.
  • Ensure that all the correct forms and documentation are in order.
  • Arrange your marine insurance
  • Flexible international parcel collection times that are convenient to your schedule.
  • A global network of trusted handlers and delivery partners to ensure the security of your packages.
  • A quick and easy door-to-door service.
  • Fast delivery
  • Online tracking and a pre-delivery alerts system to keep you updated at all times
  • A money-back guarantee
  • No hidden costs

We always aim to deliver your parcels to your destination on time and will keep you updated along every step of the journey. We also offer air freight services for those parcels that need to be delivered a little quicker – the standard delivery time for air freight is between 7-10 days.

If you’d like to find out a little more about how our different international shipping packages differ, get in touch today and our expert team will be happy to help!

Why might you need to use our international shipping services?

There are many reasons why somebody might want to utilise Kiwi Movers and our international shipping services.

If you’re moving abroad and would like to take your belongings and furniture with you, our international services could be perfect. Instead of having to move abroad and buy new items (which is often more costly and time-consuming than shipping your items overseas), Kiwi Movers can move everything for you, taking the stress out of your hands.

Perhaps you’re moving temporarily or going on an extended holiday? In those situations, you might want to take some of your home comforts with you, reminding you of the loved ones you’ve left behind.

Or you might be a student or somebody on a gap year abroad. You can really make your temporary housing a home by allowing us to ship your items to you. All you need to do is pick our international shipping and delivery option when you contact us and we’ll get the process started.

Our services aren’t just for those moving either. If you work for a large company with offices in other countries, you might want to send work items and paperwork abroad.

At Kiwi Movers, we understand that these items might be confidential in nature, with strict deadlines often put in place. By using our services, you can ensure any deliveries go off without a hitch, making sure everything is shipped safely and securely.

If you have friends or family living abroad, you might want to send gifts to them, especially around holiday times. It’s important to ensure your gifts arrive on time – something you can guarantee when using Kiwi Movers’ services.

The world at your fingertips: International shipping with Kiwi Movers

If you’re in need of an international shipping service and you’re not sure where to turn, Kiwi Movers are ready to help.

We’re different from other shipping companies, as our expert team is made up of people from a variety of different professional backgrounds. Our workers are multi-skilled and strive to provide the best possible service – this is shown through our high Trustpilot score.

At Kiwi Movers, we offer a variety of other services too:

  • Removals and relocation
  • European shipping
  • Car shipping
  • Excess baggage services
  • Packing materials and boxes
  • International logistics

Whatever your needs, we’re here to help. Get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements on 020 8877 9682.