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Tips, advice and guides to make moving and relocating as hassle-free as possible plus the latest from Kiwi Movers HQ.

Using a removal hoist when moving home in London

Moving home is stressful. Using a removal hoist when moving home in London can be more efficient and save a lot of hassle. In areas such as Chelsea, Kensington and […]

Moving home safely during Coronavirus

Moving home can be a stressful process at the best of time with not least the added complexities of moving home safely during the coronavirus pandemic. The good news is […]

How Kiwi Movers’ cleaning service can protect you from Coronavirus

Currently, the world is gripped by the spread of COVID-19, better known as Coronavirus, a potentially fatal illness that can affect your lungs and airways. With every passing day, it […]

Removals firms for property developers – how removals and storage services can help you

Property developers need partners they can rely upon, from tradespeople to technicians. Whatever the project, you can’t afford to waste time. Margins are tight, especially when ‘flipping’ a property in […]

Keeping kids occupied during a house move – five top tips

It’s not a great idea to have children around on moving day. There’s so much activity and so many people moving back and forward, it could be risky to have […]

Kiwi Movers teams up with Please Connect Me for easy utility connections when you move home or business

Kiwi Movers already offers an extensive range of extra services when you move house, from disassembling wardrobes to deep cleaning. We’re now delighted to reveal that we’ve made it even […]

Luxury apartment removals in London – why it pays to use an expert service

Moving to or from a luxury apartment in London presents a unique challenge. Expensive and often fragile items need to be delivered from A to B, and both properties should […]

How to reduce the stress from your next house move

Moving house in London can be a challenge, with everything from traffic and parking to narrow hallways and steep staircases to battle with. The good news is that there are […]

Are man and van services insured?

Man and van hire is a flexible, convenient and affordable way to move stuff – whether you’re moving house or simply have a single large piece of furniture to shift […]

Five unexpected things your removals company can do (if you ask)

Your removals company can do far more than shift boxes around. They’re removals and logistics experts, and they have experience in every part of the moving process. This means that […]

Is it safe to put books into storage? A bibliophile’s guide to decluttering

If you’re a bibliophile, there’s just never enough bookshelf space. It’s not quite hoarding, but it’s close – and you’re not alone with your book-collecting ways. Ofcom research from 2014 […]

Storage for students in London – what’s the difference between student storage and self-storage?

Due to finish university soon? Or maybe you’re moving into a smaller place, or your course includes a placement abroad. If any of these situations sound familiar, you’re likely to […]

Removals firms in London – what extra services do they offer?

If you’ve ever moved house, you’ll know the pain of packing, wrapping, shifting and unloading. It can be back-breaking and mega stressful, which is why so many people choose to […]

Short-term storage – are my belongings insured?

When you place your belongings in a short-term storage unit, you’re trusting them to the storage company’s care. But trust alone isn’t enough, which is why you should always check […]

International shipping – what are my rights if my shipment is damaged on arrival?

Shipping anything anywhere always requires a certain degree of trust in the carrier, although insurance can also help with peace of mind. You hope that your stuff is protected in […]

International shipping – what to do if your shipment is held at customs

It’s easier and quicker than you may think to ship items abroad. In fact, many people are surprised at how smoothly the process can run. Team up with an international […]

How far in advance should I book a London removals company?

It’s time to get organised If moving house is on the horizon, it’s time to get organised. Get yourself a pen and paper and start making a list of what […]

Why London Movers are at highest risk of renting from dodgy landlords

Despite having to pay for the privilege of having a background check conducted on themselves, most renters don’t perform the same due diligence on their potential landlord, leaving them at […]

How to choose a storage unit in London

Moving house and your new place is not quite ready, or maybe you’re going off travelling and need somewhere to keep your stuff? These are just a couple of the […]

What kind of insurance should a removals company have?

Insurance is one of the biggest differences between a professional removals company and a man and van found on a Facebook page. You need the experience and knowledge of a […]