Whether you’re moving home, relocating your office, or simply looking to move and store some belongings in a new location, moving in can be an exciting time, but the process of moving can be a stressful and demanding experience.

That is why, especially in a bustling city like London, having a competent mobile storage team to assist you in your storage and removal projects is so vital. If you need a reputable mobile storage service from a professional storage business in London and surrounding areas, then you needn’t look any further, as Kiwi Movers offer an experienced and affordable mobile storage solution like no other.

At Kiwi Movers, we are experts in all aspects of removals, storage, shipping, and everything else relating to logistics: rest assured we know how to move things while keeping them safe and secure. We are situated in London and provide our services in and around London and surrounding areas – this includes everything from home removals and mobile van storage to long-term storage and national and international shipping. We also offer a variety of add-ons to make your move and storage needs extremely safe and efficient.

We take pride in our no-hassle, exceptional customer service and outstanding attitude to the work we provide throughout London. Speak to one of our project managers today on 020 8877 9682* to discuss your storage requirements and receive a free no-obligation quote from us.

What is a mobile storage solution?

If you are planning on moving home, apartment or your modern-day office in London, a mobile storage solution from our experienced storage and removals team at Kiwi Movers will be a reliable and cost-effective solution for you.

Whatever your reason for moving and storing your beloved belongings and possessions is, our safe and secure mobile storage service includes transporting all of your items – big or small – in one of our stunning green 3.5t removal vans. One of our qualified professional drivers will take great care of your belongings and will navigate them around the streets and roads of London, transferring them to your desired destination with care.

Our mobile storage service is a flexible and cost-effective solution to store all of your goods and have them transported to your preferred location at a budget-friendly cost and without any hassle.

We’re here to carry out and take care of all the hard work and heavy lifting that comes with your home or office removal project, while also ensuring that your mobile storage is as smooth and uncomplicated as possible. As well as the help and hard work of our reputable team of dedicated and fully-insured drivers, we provide a collection of bright green storage vans to help with the move.

Our movers and storage team are qualified and have been trained in safe lifting techniques, so relax and have peace of mind knowing we can handle your storage items safely without any trouble. If you prefer to handle your possessions on your own, however, you’re more than welcome to place your items in our mobile storage vans yourself and we will take care of the rest. That being said, we take pride in doing as much work as we can and will handle everything from lifting and storing them in our vans to placing them as you wish in your new home or location.

We come to your home or modern office environment and assure you that your items and possessions will be handled with the best care. We can store everything from bulky filing cabinets, beds and bedside cabinets to office shelving, electronic appliances and machinery.

What makes Kiwi Movers stand out from the rest?

Located in Wandsworth, London, we offer a comprehensive variety of professional and domestic moving and stackable storage solutions that are so quality and reliable that they allow us to stand out from the rest. We provide an efficient service with every solution we provide, allowing you to move with confidence and peace of mind.

Our experienced and expertly skilled workforce comes from a variety of professional backgrounds, including the likes of project management, engineering, and construction management. As a result of this, we at Kiwi Movers have a one-of-a-kind capacity to provide exceptional removal abilities, outstanding customer support and practical solutions that are second to none.

Whichever service you require from our growing team, we are more than happy to help out with all aspects of your desired plans and projects, including all of the heavy lifting and hard work. Our fit and friendly staff are more than capable of handling heavy inventory and possessions to be stored and transported wherever in London you wish.

Highly experienced – Kiwi Movers has more than a decade of relocation expertise and has amassed a huge fleet of efficient trucks and properly qualified workers to handle any sort of household or office move.

Professionally trained staff team – One of our fully qualified experts, drivers, and team leaders will oversee the whole removal, storage and professional moving procedure for you. Every member of our workforce has been educated in all areas of the removal process, including packing, handling, loading, and unloading your possessions.

Can-do attitude – Every single member of the Kiwi Movers team possesses a ‘can-do’ attitude and a sense of charisma, which allows us to get any job done without fail – all while maintaining a friendly approach to every task and domestic customer interaction. Our work is diverse, and it demands that we always innovate and develop solutions. Our expert team is knowledgeable and experienced enough to ensure every job is completed safely, securely and efficiently.

Our business functions ethically – We strive to uphold high standards of honesty, integrity and fairness in all that we do and every service we provide at Kiwi Movers, throughout the city and surrounding areas of London. We are both personally and collectively liable.

Quality and effective solutions – We are committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions to all of our customers: after all, we are a people-oriented company! Our expert staff tries to deliver the highest quality of service possible, and Kiwi Movers has earned a well-deserved reputation for dependable, courteous, and speedy service through hard work, efficiency, expertise, and creative solutions.

Customer service at the core of our work – Our customers are the reason we exist. Our qualified workforce is in fit shape, and is both enthusiastic and professional, allowing us to carry out a dependable, quick, and effective service. Through ongoing development and innovation, we are always learning and using this to anticipate and adapt to evolving customer, employee, and system demands. Our current customer base is at the heart of what we do, and so are our potential clients too. Our client testimonials from domestic and business clients show this.

We are RHA (Road Haulage Association) registered and operate all of our vehicles and drivers in accordance with the Road Operators Licence Requirements.

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Innovative mobile storage solutions in London

We know London’s streets, roads and surrounding areas like the back of our hands – no one knows the lively megacity better than we do. Our skilled and experienced team is originally from New Zealand but we have resided in the city of London for many years.

At Kiwi Movers, we are huge experts in delivering mobile storage solutions and navigating our way in and around London, as well as extensive knowledge of the area, just with a New Zealand heritage. Our expertise is unrivalled, yet we always add pleasant and reliable workmanship and flair to every job we carry out.

Our vans, which have static shelving, are large enough to transport all of your inventory while being small and compact enough to negotiate even the most congested streets in Central London. We operate our services and removal solutions throughout the city of London and its surrounding locations, including Chelsea, Fulham, Wimbledon, Twickenham, Clapham, Balham, Putney, Wandsworth, Teddington, Tooting, and West London.

Our experienced team of professionals are fit, fast, and flexible – there is nothing we cannot do. We are a cheerful team, bringing our New Zealand charm to every job.

What happens to my items in storage?

We provide a variety of efficient and inexpensive storage solutions in and around London and the South East, whether you’re moving home, decorating, moving overseas, going on holiday, or looking for somewhere to store your beloved belongings. Our mobile storage service is the ultimate solution for storing and moving your items and possessions safely from one area of London to another. Once your items have been collected with care, we can securely store them at a range of our storage facilities with many storage options.

Our London storage options include long-term storage, self-storage, business storage, container storage, as well as our storage boxes service.

With our self-storage service, you can book a minimum of two months’ storage at any of our London self-storage facilities, and our qualified drivers will store your items safely in our top-of-the-range storage vans, before helping you move into storage. This is included in our Man and Van service, which is the perfect solution as it is fast, efficient, and cost-free for new storage customers. This allows you to save by avoiding any removal fees or costs of hiring a removal van. Did we mention that this service was cost-free for new and commercial customers?

Our self-storage solution is both versatile and cost-effective. You can store all your belongings in our facility for as long as you want or for as short as you need, whether it be a full year or just a few days. Going on holiday, moving home, or refurbishing your property? We have a self-storage option to suit all your requirements and all budgets, no matter how long you need.

We also provide warehousing and containerised storage for bulk or long-term storage. Our container storage provides a mix of high security and simple access; we utilise a variety of security methods to safeguard your belongings. If you’re looking to store your items for a short duration, whether you are taking a holiday or moving offices, we provide an excellent short-term storage solution in London called Mini Storage. We even provide a reputable business storage solution for our commercial customers in London.

We have over 2000 storage units in a variety of sizes, which are secured facilities located in Central and West London, Surrey and Kent with huge storage capacity and storage space. Our storage services all include 24/7 access, alarms and CCTV protection, long-term stay discounts, zero minimum stay, and are all modern units that are kept completely clean and dry.

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How does mobile storage work?

Our mobile storage service at Kiwi is a convenient and affordable way to store your goods at any London or South East location. With our mobile storage in London, our team of friendly staff will come to your door or destination and collect all your goods from your home or business and store them in our nifty, green storage vans, which are fitted with mobile shelving.

Mobile storage is a stress-free storage solution that will give you ease of mind when storing your items and transporting them to your desired location. You simply give us your address and location, and we will come and collect your items from your home, business, or property.

You can pack your items or we can carry out the packing work for you. Our fit and friendly storage and removals team will pick up and collect all your property belongings and securely pack them in our mobile storage containers.

Once we have collected your items, our team will safely store them in our mobile storage systems, which will then be stored at one of our highly secure storage facilities in London for as long as you want. If you need, we can arrange for you to have 24/7 access to inventory.

Your goods will be stored in our mobile storage units, and whenever you need your items back, we can safely deliver them back to you in any UK or worldwide location. So, whenever you need your items back and are done with storing them, just let us know and our team will deliver them back to you wherever you desire.

Regardless of how long you want to store your items or why you want them stored, with our mobile storage, all you have to do is simply pack all your items or have us do the packing. Give us a call, and our polite, expert movers will come to you and transport your belongings to one of our very safe storage facilities.

Why choose Kiwi Movers for your mobile storage solution?

Kiwi’s mobile storage service is like no other: we remove the hassle. Our team will collect your items from your door – help to pack, if needed – and deliver them to your requested location. You won’t have to lift a finger.

All you need to do is have your items ready for us to pack ourselves if you wish and carry them into our efficient mobile storage vans. Our mobile storage service at Kiwi Movers is a cost-effective solution and is far cheaper than a typical self-storage unit service. We cut out the costs of hiring a van, driving fees, purchasing packaging and much more.

Even better, your belongings will be stored safely and securely at one of our state-of-the-art storage facilities, which are individually alarmed with CCTV protection, have 24/7 access, have no minimum stay, are thoroughly clean and dry, and come with long-term stay discounts that are too good to miss out on.

As well as this, our mobile storage is flexible. You have the choice of how long or short a time you need storage for, and you can have your goods delivered back to you at any time, whenever you need them. You can store your property for as short as a couple of days to several years, no matter your reason for doing so.

Kiwi Movers for all your storage and removal needs

Our mobile storage is the most convenient and affordable way to store your items and belongings and have them delivered from your door to a secure storage unit in London.

At Kiwi Movers, we take pride in providing a range of professional domestic and business removal services, which we deliver with our excellent customer service, competitive prices, and can-do attitude.

We will inform you of all the costs of our services and why the costs are included when providing you with a free quote. Rest assured that you will never have to worry about any hidden payments or having to for anything you don’t use from us. We are reputable and honest.

Our services are completely adaptable, allowing us to customise everything to your specific storage requirements and needs.

To discuss your mobile or self-storage requirements, please call one of our project managers today on 020 8877 9682* or request a callback here.