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Kiwi Movers gets Which? Trusted Trader status

We are extremely pleased to announce that Kiwi Movers is now officially endorsed by Which? Trusted Traders.

After several months of contacting our customers, collecting feedback, and getting a feel for what we do, Which? now recommends our team as one of the top London movers in the business.

It’s great news for Kiwi Movers – but it’s even better for our customers, who now know we’ve been fully assessed and checked out by the best in the industry.

Getting endorsement

Being endorsed by Which? Trusted Traders isn’t always a quick and easy process. It can take months – and not all movers make the cut.

The first step was doing a credit check on Kiwi Movers to make sure our business was in tip-top shape (and not likely to drop off the map anytime soon). Next, Which? Trusted Traders got feedback from our customers and made sure our work met their strict standards. They examined our business procedures – to make sure everything was in working order – and even interviewed members of our team one-to-one.


Kiwi Movers gets endorsed byWhich? Trusted Trader London Movers












After all that was done and dusted, we signed up to their Code of Conduct scheme. This was probably the most important step in the assessment process. It is an agreement between our team and Which? to ensure we always follow the best business practices for consumers. It’s like a promise between us and anyone we work with again in the future. And it means we’ll always strive to deliver the best possible service – one that’s worthy of accreditation from Which? Trusted Traders.

Going forward

Listen, we’re obviously proud to be a Which? Trusted Trader. But what makes us really chuffed is knowing that our customers, now and in the past, have grown to expect these high standards from our team. It means we’ve been doing what we set out to do – and we have a new opportunity to keep the momentum going into the future.

There’s still a lot of hard work ahead (and stuff to move). But we’re confident this endorsement will be good news to our customers, safe in the knowledge we’ve been fully checked and assessed by independent experts.

Plus, we’d be kidding if we said it didn’t feel good too.


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Mover of the Month – April

  1. Date you joined Kiwi Movers? February 2015

    2. Full Name? Matthew Owen Toomey

    3. Nickname? I always end up being called Toomey over Matt. Tombstone’s a variation sometimes

    4. Place of Birth? Dunedin, born and bred.

    5. What is the most interesting move you have done at Kiwi Movers? Moving two 18.5T truck and trailers over 4 days to a dilapidated mansion was probably both. Some crazy items including a cannon and suits of armour.

    6. Interesting Fact About Yourself? Pretty obsessed with squirrels

    7. Hobbies? Was absolutely mad about poker before moving over, haven’t had much of a chance to keep up with it but definitely keen to get back into it.

    8. Favourite Office person and why? Kiri will be gone by the time this comes out so she’s the safe bet. She never reads the newsletter anyway…

    9. What do you enjoy most about working for Kiwi Movers? I love knowing my way around London. Makes it so much easier to appreciate how different it is from where I come from.

    10. Best place you’ve travelled to so far in Europe? Spain, Portugal or Croatia

    11. Any advice to the new guys? Watch the old guys and don’t panic. We all had no idea what we were getting into but we’re all doing fine now. For the most part. I think.

    12. Holden or Ford? So the choice is a V8 sedan or a V8 sedan?

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