1. Date you joined Kiwi Movers? February 2015

    2. Full Name? Matthew Owen Toomey

    3. Nickname? I always end up being called Toomey over Matt. Tombstone’s a variation sometimes

    4. Place of Birth? Dunedin, born and bred.

    5. What is the most interesting move you have done at Kiwi Movers? Moving two 18.5T truck and trailers over 4 days to a dilapidated mansion was probably both. Some crazy items including a cannon and suits of armour.

    6. Interesting Fact About Yourself? Pretty obsessed with squirrels

    7. Hobbies? Was absolutely mad about poker before moving over, haven’t had much of a chance to keep up with it but definitely keen to get back into it.

    8. Favourite Office person and why? Kiri will be gone by the time this comes out so she’s the safe bet. She never reads the newsletter anyway…

    9. What do you enjoy most about working for Kiwi Movers? I love knowing my way around London. Makes it so much easier to appreciate how different it is from where I come from.

    10. Best place you’ve travelled to so far in Europe? Spain, Portugal or Croatia

    11. Any advice to the new guys? Watch the old guys and don’t panic. We all had no idea what we were getting into but we’re all doing fine now. For the most part. I think.

    12. Holden or Ford? So the choice is a V8 sedan or a V8 sedan?