Fancy making a big change this year? You’re not the only one. January is one of the most popular months to start job hunting. And, inevitably, moving to London – with all its infinite possibilities – feels like the top of everyone’s list at least one point in their lives.

If you think 2017 is finally the year for you, then you’re in luck. There’s so much incredible stuff happening in London this year. And making the move might not be as hard as you think.

But if you’re still unsure – or need a gentle push – here are a few reasons to move to London this year.

1. World ParaAthletics Championships

In 2017, the World Para Athletics Championships (14 – 23 July) and the IAAF World Championships  (4 – 13 August) will be hosted right here in London.

They’re the biggest sporting events to happen in London since the 2012 Olympics – and will bring in thousands of athletes and fans from across the world in the coming months. We don’t need tell you, but we’ll say it anyway: this is going to be huge. If you work in events, sports or marketing, it could be worth looking into the job prospects that this event will generate.

2. The London Short Film Festival

It runs until 15 January, so there’s still time to catch this wonderful festival before you hear about it from someone else.

The LSFF attracts filmmakers and artists from across the world, eager to showcase their walk and hold talks with members of the public. It’s just one of the many cultural highlights in London this year. So if you miss it, don’t worry: there are more festivals on the horizon.

3. The Magical Lantern Festival

Speaking of more festivals, this is one you definitely don’t want to avoid.

The Magical Lantern Festival will be hosted at Chiswick House Gardens and – in conjunction with Chinese New Year – will represent the ancient trade links between Europe and Asia. You can watch an internationally-renowned life-size lantern show and enjoy incredible food. All for less than £20.

4. The dumplings at Chinese New Year

It’s the biggest celebration of Chinese New Year outside of Asia.


Flock to the West End and welcome the Year of the Rooster in this wonderful international celebration. There will be music, a parade, and some seriously good food for you to enjoy. We recommend the dumplings.

5. Learn about what Theresa May and the Romans had in common

On 3 March 2017, Mary Beard – Professor of Classics at Cambridge – will be lecturing at the British Museum on Women in power throughout the ages.

If you’re familiar with Beard’s work, expect lots of fascinating insights into the ancient world and what they can tell us about humanity – and politics – today.

Anyway, let’s be honest: the British Museum alone is a good enough reason to move to London.

Thinking about moving to London?

We’ve only given you five reasons. And we know, that you know, there’s more to it than that.

If you’d like more inspiration about what’s going on in London, have a look at Timeout online. There’s plenty of stuff on there. If you’d like some information about how to move to London – the nitty gritty details – read our blog. That’s got plenty of stuff too.

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