We know how stressful moving house can be and we know it’s especially tough (although also very exciting) moving to a new city. So to help anyone and everyone planning on heading to the greatest city in the world, we asked Twitter to recommend their top hacks for moving to and living in London.

Tips for moving to London

One of the best tips we received was from @Iain_Alexander on Twitter who advised Londoners-to-be to do a fact-finding trip before settling in somewhere. He set aside budget for a hotel and then viewed 16 apartments before putting his money down. This surely beats committing to a place before you’ve seen it.

Once you’re here, TaskRabbit is a handy tool for getting organised and getting things done. This location-basd app lets you outsource tasks locally. Whether it’s help with packing for a move (we do that of course, don’t forget) or hiring someone to help with work around the house, this app is a winner.

Use Mapumental to find the perfect place to live based on where you’re going to be working. This tool uses public transport data to calculate the place where you’re best suited to live based on having a better commute.

Make sure your tenancy deposit is taken care of. We reported earlier this year that 8 in 10 private tenants experience problems getting their deposit back. All you need to check if your deposit has been placed in a tenancy deposit scheme is your postcode, the start date of your tenancy and this link.

A lot of London properties don’t have room for washers and driers, so Laundrapp – an app that helps you arrange affordable laundry services – is a great tool.

Getting about

Don’t buy a car, you can rent them by the hour using City Car Club (now owned by Enterprise and called Enterprise Car Club). Parking spaces in London can cost as much as actual houses elsewhere in the country, so don’t even think about being a car owner in the capital. For membership from £50 a year and car for around £5 an hour, City Car Club is a great shout. They’ve got locations all over the place too. If you’re already a car owner, Autotrader is possibly the best place to sell it. If it’s an older car or a bit of a banger, Scrap Car Network offer competitive prices for car recycling.

A tube map is fine but knowing whether the Underground beats walking is the sort of knowledge you pick up as a local. Cheat the system @citymapper – it’s great for navigating your way between obscure points on the map.  

Download the Stationmaster app to familiarise yourself with the London tube network. This app is great, its got shortcuts to help you avoid rush hour crushes and other great hacks.

Look for worn out parts of the platform. This will help you calculate where the train door will be when the tube pulls in.

The London Bike Kitchen is a great place to go for a coffee, but the team there will also show you how to fix your bike. It’s also a good place to get second hand parts.

Work at The Barbican Centre. The iconic arts centre and Brutalist masterpiece is set up for students and freelancers. There are loads of places to sit, charge your laptop and the laptop is top notch.

Heading out

@TheBookClubEC2 @DrinkShopDo @LondONtheinside all come recommended as affordable spots for socialising. While music fans are advised to sign up with the @RoundhouseLDN to get great deals and alerts on performances from emerging artists

If you want to snag a table at an exclusive restaurant without paying the hefty price tag, Uncover London is a great service for hooking up spare covers with frugal diners.

Other highly recommended tech for London newbies


@Jukely – Cheaper gig, concert and festival tickets. Subscription based.


@Frugl – events and offers for under £10


@SkintLondon – more fab things for a tenner and under.


@handy – get home services on demand, without the hassle.