We were recently acknowledged by the Wandsworth businesses community in recognition of our campaign work throughout 2015.

It was a fantastic privilege to take home the Highly Commended award for Marketing and Social Media at the Wandsworth Business Awards, run in association with the Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce.

Throughout 2015, we’ve been conducting research and campaigning to learn about and raise awareness of issues faced by private tenants in London and throughout the UK. 


One of the cornerstones of our campaign was to highlight the financial hardship faced by renters forced to chase unscrupulous landlords for the return of their deposit.

Their research was cited by a spokesman for the campaigning and lobbying group Generation Rent in an editorial for the influential political website Politics.co.uk.

By campaigning on issues that affects thousands of UK residents every year, our research earned national and international media coverage , including The Independent, Huffington Post and Politics.co.uk.

Kiwi Movers director Regan Mcmilan said: “It’s great to be recognised by our local business community for the awareness raising work we’ve done this year. Every day we help people move house so we get a first hand understanding of the various stresses they face.

“We do our best to make every move stress free, but we were alarmed by just how many of our private tenant customers had problems getting their deposit back after leaving their home in a pristine position. That’s something we wanted to help with, so we decided to try and raise awareness of this issue using digital content and social media.

“We’ve earned coverage nationally and internationally, which has been great, but we primarily serve local people and businesses, so it’s fitting to end the year with award that’s about local businesses. “