The latest in our monthly London movers mover of the month giving a bit more of an insight into our staff and what makes Kiwi Movers a great company.

1) Date you joined Kiwi Movers?
Back in April 2013

2) Full Name?
Christopher Stewart Bone

3) Nickname?

4) Place of Birth?
Auckland, NZ

5) What is the most interesting London movers work you have done at Kiwi Movers?
We did job for a record label for artists such as The Prodigy , Basement Jaxx, The Cure and a whole bunch of other huge artists. We moved original tapes from their Wandsworth storage facility (a house stuffed from floor to ceiling with these tapes) into a storage unit.

6) Interesting Fact About Yourself?
Grew up in Singapore as well as New Zealand

7) In 5 years time, where do you see yourself?
I’m sure I’ll be a millionaire by then!

8) Favourite office person and why?
Regan! Because he’s the man. Obvs!

9) What do you enjoy the most about working for Kiwi Movers?
The flexible hours, plus over the last few years I’ve been able to come and go when needed. There’s always a friendly operations guy happy to give me work!

10) Best place in Europe you’ve been to so far?
It’s sorta Europe but not quite, but Turkey is my favourite so far!

11) Any advice for the new guys?
Lift like a pro and soak in as much of London as possible!

12) Why work for Kiwi?
The bonuses are the flexible work hours, seeing different parts of London and England as well as all the weird and wonderful people you encounter.