There’s nothing more exciting than moving to London and spending those first precious few weeks getting to know your new city.

The sights, the smells. The wonderfully elaborate tube map. It’s all easy to explore once you’re settled into your new home, even if it feels a little overwhelming at first.

Listen, we could wax lyrical about our favourite coffee shops and where to find the Australian embassy (it’s here, don’t worry). But we guessed you’d mostly have that covered yourself.

Instead, here’s a run down of our top London-based blogs by people who know our capital best – you guessed it, the ex-pats.


Australian Times


If you need information about travel, food and drink, and how to get all your documents in order, have a look at

This fantastic website is like its own digital community, where you can meet other like-minded expats and get advice from people who’ve already walked in your shoes.

There’s a pretty decent sports blog on there too.


Aussies in London


Social media is like a secret weapon for moving to a new city.

And Aussies in London is definitely one of our favourites. Here you’ll find opportunities to go on day trips with other wander lusters and learn more about your new home. The team regularly post about local meet-ups (drinks, picnics, you name it) and make a real effort to engage with other Australians in London.

Okay, so you’re probably no stranger to We even talked about it recently on our blog about how to make new friends in Blighty.

But the Australian community on there is definitely worth bookmarking and checking out. Like Aussies in London, there’s plenty of stuff going on and it’s a great way to dive head-first into the city’ incredible social scene.

Keep an eye out for pub crawls and Sunday brunches.


The Aussie Nomad

Need help navigating the NHS? Getting a UK drivers license?

Then visit the Aussie Nomad.

This short but sweet guide is gold if you’re moving to London and need to get your bearings. There’s lots of useful blogs on there, but this is probably the best starting point – especially if you need a good general introduction.


Australians moving to London


Take it from us. Packing your bags and moving to London is one of the most rewarding things you can do in the UK.

You’re especially lucky if you come from Australia and New Zealand. There’s a fantastic community here already and lots of different ways to make new friends and get this place feeling like home.

If you have any tips yourself, or want to say hello, you’re welcome to follow us on Twitter.