Moving house in London can be a challenge, with everything from traffic and parking to narrow hallways and steep staircases to battle with. The good news is that there are loads of ways you can de-stress the experience. You’ll need to be a whizz at planning, seek the right help and be ready to react to unexpected obstacles.

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Here’s our guide to moving house in London without having to take a month-long holiday to recover:

1. You can’t always do it on your own – so use professional movers

Of course we would have this as our number one tip, but it is an important thing to consider. Would you rather save money and have one of the most stressful, back-breaking days of your life, or spend a little more and take a huge load of hassle off your plate? It’s up to you, but most people find that moving house alone is a mistake. You could also risk hurting yourself, and that’s not worth doing for the sake of a few pounds.

Kiwi Movers offers a range of options to suit your needs and budget. You can book in a full team to handle packing, moving and unloading for you, or simply a man and van service. The latter gives you both a vehicle and an extra (fully trained) pair of hands for short moves or if you don’t have much stuff.

2. Pack and prepare like a pro

When it comes to moving house in London, preparation is key. Lists are your new best friends, helping you to organise and plan your move down to the last detail. Make yourself a to-do list and an inventory of what’s in every box. Pack carefully but logically, sorting your boxes by room so it’s easy to unpack at the other side.

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3. Have a massive clearout before you move

Do you know what makes moving house easier? Having less stuff to move! Be ruthless and sell, give away or bin anything you haven’t used in the last year or so. You may even be able to raise some extra cash – which you can spend on a moving crew!

4. Have a clear plan for moving day

Moving day will sneak up on you and once it’s here, it’ll pass in a blur. Things move fast, so you’ll need to be on hand to direct and manage the move. Come up with a plan for the day, or work with your moving company to draw something up.

5. Ask loads of questions before the move

Will your movers disassemble and reassemble furniture, and disconnect appliances? Can they move your piano down from the top floor? Will they help you unpack and place furniture on the other side? How should you best pack your boxes for an efficient (and breakage-free) move? These are all questions you should ask your removals company. The answers can help you prepare and set your mind at ease ahead of the big day.

6. Choose the right day

Weekends may be most convenient for you, but they can also be more expensive if you’re using a removals firm. You’ll find cheaper rates during the week, but make sure you avoid rush hour and other busy times for traffic.

Kiwi Movers specialises in stress-free moves. If you’re moving house in London, you can trust our team to handle every detail – including the heavy lifting. Give us a call on 020 8877 9682* to get a quick quote for your move.