1. Your friends and family know about your move to London

This might not seem like a big deal. But the thought of leaving loved ones behind can often be a difficult hurdle to overcome. It’s probably the most common reason people don’t make the big move in the first place.

So if you’ve found the courage to talk about it and share your plans, then great! That’s already important in itself.


2. You’ve started comparing rent prices

OK, so London is famous for having some of the most expensive housing costs in the world.

What’s good about this step, though, is that you’re starting to think about practicalities. Looking at flats, neighbourhoods, and costs are things that make the move feel real. They also give you a good indication about what you’ll need in terms of savings and potential jobs.


3. You’re hunting on job sites

For people who don’t have a job already lined up, then finding work can be super off-putting when you want to move abroad. Especially if your new home doesn’t speak the same language as you.

But if you’ve already faced this challenge head-on, then that’s great too. There are plenty of websites that’ll help you see what’s on the market. You can also check out expat communities online — this is a good way to meet likeminded friends and see if they have any recommendations for work.


4. You’re thinking about downsizing

More practical stuff.

It’s hard to find anyone who moved to a new city and regretted not taking more stuff with them. That being said, you don’t necessarily want to leave sentimental or bulky items behind for the sake of it.

If you have important things musical equipment or sports gear, then there’s always international shipping.

For anything else you could do without, then it might be better to think about long-term storage or donation.


5. You feel like you’re biding time

Biding time might sound a bit downtrodden. And you might love where you are now, and your friends and the connections you’ve made along the way.

However, it’s probably the best indication that you’re ready to move to London.

Lots of people worry that moving to a new city will leave them feeling regretful. But regardless of what the future has in store, always keep in mind how you’re feeling at this moment in time.

It should mean that you had all the right reasons to move somewhere new in the first place. And what’s to regret about that?