Are you coming to the end of your tenancy and your flat is looking like a herd of cows have just run through it? And to makes matters worst you can’t really be bothered cleaning up the mess yourself! If this is you then it is highly likely your flat will require a professional clean.

The majority of tenancy agreements require you to leave the property in the same state it was when you first occupied it. It is also becoming common that on the sale of a property it must be professionally cleaned before it is handed over to the new owners.

You probably think why don’t I clean myself and save a couple of hundred quid? Yes you could do this however you will most probably need to hire a steam cleaner for your carpets, window cleaning tools, plus purchase all the cleaning products you’ll need for the oven, fridge, bathroom and toilet. You still might save something in the back pocket but you’ll still have to put in the hours to ensure your house is cleaned to a professional standard. Ultimately, what is your time worth and does it actually meet the requirements of your tenancy agreement?

For those that are still sitting on the fence:

  • A professional cleaning company will steam clean your carpets; getting out all that hair, dirt, food and everything else your hoover doesn’t pick up. They will go inside your oven and remove burnt food that’s been there since the first batch of muffins you baked, clean the inside of your windows to remove all the hand marks from your kids and clean the bathroom and toilets which we all hate doing!
  • Professional cleaning companies offer a variety of options to professionally clean your house. You may want your house professionally cleaned but don’t want the carpets steam cleaned or you may only want the kitchen and bathrooms cleaned and not the rest of your house. Nearly all cleaning companies offer these options plus many more to fit you requirements.
  • The majority of professional cleaning companies have two time slots each day. Either first thing in the morning starting at 8.00am or in the afternoon starting at 1.00pm. This works well if you are moving in the morning as the cleaners can come in after the removals company to ensure the property is spic and span for the new tenants.
At the end of the day, if you are renting, lettings agencies will look to deduct amounts from your bond if the flat you hand back is not up the required standard. What is that worth to you?
For more information about cleaning services, please refer to our cleaning page.
Jake George
Move Manager