The logistics of an ordinary house move can be complicated, which is why many people call in the professionals. But what about moving abroad, or moving half way across the world? The same goes for shipping large or bulky items. It can be a challenge just getting a wardrobe or a piano across London, never mind overseas.

International shipping from London to New Zealand or Australia can actually be a surprisingly smooth process if you choose the right company.

But while the process might seem quite straightforward from the customer’s perspective, there’s an awful lot happening in the background. There are many players involved, from shipping companies and handlers to freight forwarders. It would be a nightmare to deal with them all individually. This why it’s a really smart idea to use full service international shipping experts like Kiwi Movers to handle everything on their behalf.

Here’s our guide to understanding what happens during a typical international move or large shipment…

Step 1 – Collecting the shipment

The first step happens here in London, where a shipping or removals firm like Kiwi Movers will take delivery of the shipment. It will be collected from your property (or a destination of your choosing) and delivered to the outbound port. Before this happens, all of the details involved in arranging the shipment will be finalised by your shipping company. You should get a timescale of when to expect the item(s) to arrive at its destination.

If you aren’t shipping a large volume of items, the shipping company may use the services of a freight forwarding company. This company consolidates the cargo from multiple customers into one container. This will then be booked in directly with a shipping line. Freight forwarders may also handle customs clearance or other services.

Step 2 – The ship sets sail

Now it’s time for your shipment to get on the move! Once your shipment has cleared export customs, it is ready to be shipped. The shipping line will take care of this, loading up your shipment and transport it to the destination country.

Step 3 – Customs clearance

Customs is an unavoidable part of international shipping from London to Australia or New Zealand, or any country in fact. Your shipping company will make sure that all your documentation is correct to get your items through customs. This includes organising the payment of any associated customs costs.

Step 4 – Delivery to your chosen address

When your shipment has cleared customs and is on New Zealand or Australian soil, it’s the turn of a local agent at the destination port. This agent, part of a trusted network of global handlers, will arrange for your shipment to be loaded up and delivered to the address of your choice. Then the move or shipment is complete!

To discuss international shipping from London to New Zealand or Australia, get in touch with the Kiwi Movers team. We’re experts in long-distance shipping and can handle every part of the process for you. Give us a call on 020 8877 9682*.