Winters coming… and that generally means cheap removals in London. This morning was definitely pretty crisp on the scooter! With the best English summer in 20 years all but over there are a couple of things you should keep in mind coming up to winter to get some cheap removals in London.

Cheap Removals in London

A lot of removal companies tend to be pretty quiet over winter and can offer cheap removals in London. No one knows why but maybe it’s because people are busy skiing in France, too busy trying to keep warm or they just don’t want to move!  With this quiet period comes cheap removals in London with better rates. A lot of companies will offer discounts over winter. So if you are thinking about moving next year or in the next month have a think and see if your move date can be changed to December, January or February. You may be able to save a bit in your back pocket!

Cheap Storage

Now that the sunny 25 degree temperatures are over it might pay to have a think about the things you don’t need over winter. It’s not just cheap removals in London, but you can also get some good rates on storage. You might need to store things including BBQ’s, bikes (depending how brave you are!), summer clothes and camping equipment. Most houses and flats in London have very little storage space, so instead of cluttering up your house why not put these things into storage for a few months? Depending how much you have, most storage facilities offer units from as small as 10ft2 which can fit approximately five medium size suitcases or boxes. These cost around £25.00 a month.

This time of year is also a good time to get those things you stored for the summer months out of storage. This includes jackets, coats and ski/snowboard equipment. This is where cheap removals in London come back into play. A lot of companies may offer you a cheap removal rate in London if you also have storage with them.

If you need any advice, feel free to give me us a call!

Jake George

Move Manager