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Full Time Position Available – Office Manager


Start Date: 2nd February 2015

Job Title: Office Manager

Salary: Competitive + Benefits

Must Have Skills:

  • Visa to work in the UK (min 1 year)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good command of both written and spoken English
  • Have good knowledge of office administration, finance management and human resource management
  • Have excellent communication skills to liaise with new & prospective clients
  • Ability to work under pressure, independently and unsupervised

Kiwi Movers is a growing business with a great team. You will be responsible for managing an office staff of up to 6 people and liaising with all departments, mainly operations that has a staff complement of up to 30 staff.

Whilst prior experience in office administration is desirable, full training will be provided. The successful candidate must be self-motivated, driven and a real people person.

Email your CV, visa expiry date if applicable and reason why you wish to join Kiwi Movers to: [email protected]

NB: Due to the volume of applicants received we may not be able to respond to each one.

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Mover of the Month – December

Date you joined Kiwi Movers? Feb 2013

Full Name? Matthew Michael Henderson

Nickname? Hendo

Place of Birth? Lower Hutt, New Zealand

What is the most interesting move you have done at Kiwi Movers? Moved the CEO of one of the largest English Premier League clubs, really nice guy and shared some really interesting information about the Premiership etc. Great for me as I’m football mad.

Interesting Fact About Yourself? I’d only been outside of New Zealand once before me and my wife decided to move to London at the age of 26.
In 5 years time where do you see yourself? In a mirror.Favourite Office person and why? Gibbo, loves details!

What do you enjoy most about working for Kiwi Movers? Getting to work with a great bunch of guys who make each day interesting with all the hilarious banter that gets thrown around.

Best place you’ve travelled to so far in Europe? Croatia, sailed the islands from Split-Dubrovnik, stunning beaches, scenery and getting to jump off the yacht  into the ocean for a swim every morning was amazing.

Any advice to the new guys? Watch and learn and don’t get upset if one of the senior staff members ask you to do something! You’ll get your turn to boss other people around if you hang around for long enough! Above all use common sense!

Famous last words? Theodore Roosevelt quote, a favourite of mine.
“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

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Mover of the Month

This month we say goodbye to a top man and one of the most professional team members we have ever had at Kiwi. To sign off he topped the charts (again) last month and here are a few parting thoughts:

Date you joined Kiwi Movers?  January 2013

Full Name?  Simon Blayne de Vries

Nickname? At kiwi! Tahi 

Place of Birth?  Invercargill

What is the most interesting move you have done at Kiwi Movers?  Moving the CEO of Arsenal was interesting. Also moved a movie prop from war of the worlds which only just fitted in truck.

Interesting Fact About Yourself?  I’m from a place in NZ’s southwest corner making me further from London than almost anyone your likely to meet. I also own an award winning sheep dog.

Hobbies?  Almost all sports. Rugby, cricket are among my favourites. I also enjoy reading and cinema

Which Rugby team do you support?  Waiau Star,Wasps, Stags, Highlanders, All Black’s’s and anyone playing Aussie.

What do you enjoy most about working for Kiwi Movers?  Travelling about London and the home counties are good but the crew you work with on the jobs and in the office are second to none.

Best place you’ve travelled to so far in Europe?  So hard, the Netherlands and Turkey were massively special. Croatia probably gets the nod for a fun time.

Any advice to the new guys? Ask questions, listen and watch the experienced guys. Also take your time so as not to damage anything.

Famous last words?  Thanks to all that made my time at Kiwi the great experience it was. Blast off team rocket.

Ka kite ano

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Wandsworth Business Awards

On Thursday the 7th Nov, the management team from Kiwi attended the Wandsworth Business Awards. This was the second time that we have been finalists in the best SME (small, medium size enterprise). Unfortunately we didn’t manage to win, but we had a great night and the fact we have made the finals two years in a row shows the excellent work that all our team does, both in the office, but also the fantastic work that all our teams do working with our clients. 

Wandsworth Business Awards team night

The great thing about entering business awards is that it forces you to have a hard look at your business to see what is great about your business, but also areas that you could do better. It also forces you to dust off the business plan and to review your goals and what you have achieved. 

Wandsworth business awards glss of wine

We may not have won this year, but we are fortunate to work in the Borough of Wandsworth which has a council with a very positive attitude to business. The Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce are also a very proactive organisation, with networking on an almost weekly basis and well run events such as the Wandsworth Business Awards. 

We’ll keep working hard and working to improve our business, but with a great team we know that winning isn’t far off!

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Protecting your home when moving

14 - 2 Moving home is a stressful business, more so if you have recently undertaken renovations or are moving into a new house when the last thing you want is any damage to the walls or floors. During the normal course of removals, it isn’t unreasonable to expect the odd bump or scratch as normal wear and tear, especially in areas of tight access. This does not however, excuse negligence! Your removal company should use blankets to protect your goods and floors when moving, however for additional protection and peace of mind it may be cost effective to use additional protective measures such as floor coverings and foam protectors for your doors and fixtures.

Protective coverings for your home will not be too expensive and your removal company can recommend what you will need for the day. It may simply be that this will be useful if you have difficult access, narrow corridors or door frames.

Another useful way to protect your home and also speed up the moving process is to use an external furniture hoist. This is particularly so if you live in a flat above the third floor. Reducing down the access points will speed this up and also reduce the labour required.

14 - 3

Other useful measures can be to use bedding, linen and towels to protect your home, especially draped over doors or placing old sheets on the ground. In the event of rain, then buying some disposable shoe covers maybe a very easy solution.

14 - 4

If you have to move plants or outdoor furniture through the house, then try and make sure these are the very first things you bring in, or if you can bring these into the backyard before any decorating is finished inside. Plants can be a bit awkward to move and this also helps to avoid dirty hands or clothing when moving all your household items in.


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Mover of the Month – August

Name: Hami Tangiora
When did you start with Kiwi? June 2013
Nickname? Hotcakes McFlurry
Where are you from? Christchurch, NZ
Interesting fact about yourself? I once had to tell a joke to Ricky Gervais on the Graeme Norton Show, it didn’t go well.
What you enjoy most about working at Kiwi? Seeing a new part of London every day
Favourite sport and team? Tennis
Favourite place travelled to? Iceland
Most interesting move? Any move that takes me outside the M25

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Handel House Museum

Recently we have been doing some work for the nice team at the Handel House Museum here in London as they refurbish Handel’s old home. You can read all about the recent work and the move we did by clicking on the link here.

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Mover of the Month – July

Name? Chris Hutch
When did you start with Kiwi? I started kiwi in April.

Nickname? My nickname given to me by Hami is McMassive.

Where are you from? I was born in London but my parents are from Ghana.

Interesting fact about yourself? Interesting facts I have competed in body building competitions, I can also play the drums.

What you enjoy most about working at Kiwi?  – The best thing about working for kiwi is the craic I have with the boys/Emma and getting to show off the guns!

Favourite sport and team? My favourite sport has to be strongman competitions.

Favourite place travelled to? The best place I have travelled to is Switzerland, I highly recommend it.

Most interesting move? The most interesting move I have done so far has to be for a rock star.

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WW1 Centenary

Yesterday marked the 100th anniversary of the start of WW1. The conflict would rage for 5 years, across three continents and claimed some 37 million died. Beside the obvious devastation the war also created the conditions which gave us WW2 and shaped the modern world.

In New Zealand and Australia, WW1 and specifically, Gallipoli, is regarded as the birth of these two nations. It was from this conflict that they started to see themselves as distinct from the UK and took on their own unique personalities and independent foreign policies.

One can not help to be moved though by images of the poppies at the Tower of London which creates an incredibly evocative image and shows the sheer number of British dead in WW1.


On a personal level, my family was deeply involved in the war. My Great Grandfather George (standing) and his younger brother John (sitting) both signed up early on and fought in Gallipoli with the ANZAC’s where both where wounded in 1915. John died within months of his wounds and George died from complications of his wounds in 1920. Another relative fought in Palestine and the Middle East as an Engineer, surviving the war, while another died on the Western Front. Fortunately New Zealand has kept a vast array of records and I have been able to collect the war records for the two brothers below, including their medical documents, giving a fascinating snap shot of the past and indeed a glimpse of what my relatives went through.

As we remember the tens of thousands of other young men who died, it is easy with the hindsight of time to be critical of the decisions made that would prove so costly, but in reality no one could possibly have envisaged their consequences. Instead, I believe we should study the past and apply these lessons to the present, but also be grateful for the sacrifices made and for the freedoms that we in the western world are able to enjoy as a result. We should also be grateful that in an uncertain world we still have young men and women who are prepared to defend our interests and freedoms in far of lands.

Do take the time to learn more about WW1, if you don’t already know your own family’s history with the war you may discover some interesting facts.

Lest We Forget


Regan McMillan

Managing Director, Kiwi Movers

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Restaurant Review – Roxies Steak House

A group of us heading back from the seaside on a Saturday decided to go out for dinner, we had heard about Roxies through other friends who had visited their Fulham location. We wanted to keep it local in Wandsworth though and booked a table at the Earlsfield location. 

We arrived pretty earlier in the evening at 6.15pm and managed to get a table next to the window. The restaurant itself is not too big, but was tastefully decorated and the staff were attentive. The waitress very helpfully in selecting the wine, while we also started with Aperitif’s with a selection of Espresso Martini’s and Champagne. These were all very good and the prices were great. I’ve yet to see anywhere in London where a good Espresso Martini is £7.95, while a glass of Prosecco was only £4.95 a glass.  

The restaurant is South African owned and is obvious with the selection of food. Between the four of us we selected two ribs, a filet steak and pulled pork. The meat was excellent for all of these. The ribs were large and tender and the steak was cooked to perfection. We had some hot chips to accompany our mains which were also cooked extremely well and the sizes were generous.

As we dined the restaurant filled up and is obviously popular with the locals. To finish our dinner we all had Dom Pedro’s which is icecream and Kahlua, perfect on a warm summers night. 

Roxies has to be one of the best priced restaurants I have been to in London. The quality was excellent, the service was good and at £13.95 for a filet steak it is hard to beat. We were all thoroughly impressed and we will definitely be back.

Roxies has three locations in Fulham, Earlsfield and Putney. 

Read more of our reviews in our blog, or for information about home removals in London, please contact us on 020 8877 9682*.

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Self Storage Security

When you secure your goods in self storage or containerised storage you do so expecting them to be safe and secure. With our Kiwi Storage we ensure that your goods are constantly under surveillance with restricted access. 

If your goods are stored in our containerised storage, the container is sealed with the date on the tag. Our systems ensure that all information is recorded when entering your goods into storage, including any oversize lane items. Our modern and state of the art container warehousing has 24/7 surveillance by camera and includes fire protection systems. 

If you choose to use our self storage in battersea, Surrey, Chelsea or Twickenham you will have 24/7 access with your own lockable unit. To access your storage unit we will provide a combination lock and access code to enter the facility whenever you need to. Recently our Battersea location underwent a further upgrade with 8 new security cameras, including HD, and number plate and facial recognition. This also includes the lifts. 

It is our aim to ensure that no matter what you are storing, from household goods, business items to antiques, you can feel secure in the knowledge that your items are well looked after as a premium removals and storage company in London.

To learn more about storage options, please call us on 020 8877 9682*

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Bar Review – WC in Clapham

After a hard days home removals in London we recently tried out the latest bar in Clapham at WC – Wine & Charcuterie. WC is located in a converted 100 year old Victorian toilet block next to Clapham Common tube station. This unusual location is actually brilliant. The bar is decorated with magnificent Victorian tile works and mirrors to create an intimate and cosy feel, with the main bar located underground, while upstairs is a large outdoor area that is perfect with the hot summer weather.

The wine list provides a good selection of wines from around the world at reasonable prices, while the food (Charcuterie) is the perfect accompaniment with your wine selection. 

There are plans to expand the bar into the adjoining toilet block, but so far this wine bar is a winner. 

Outside WC bar

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Crating for Home Removals and Shipping

If you are moving in London or are using an overseas removals service then you may be concerned as to how to pack your fine art.

Given the often delicate nature of paintings or statues we recommend that it is always best to crate them. The additional levels of protection this offers is simply invaluable. Any professional removal company should offer this service whatever the size of your move or wherever it is going. We also recommend that you insure your art to the appropriate levels or check that your household policy covers your art in-transit or in storage. With an upcoming move it may also be the right time to get your art re-valued, as who knows, you could have a small fortune hanging on the wall! 

Even if you don’t have fine art, you may have paintings or pictures that are highly sentimental and sometimes you can’t put a price on some things. 

When you decide to get your fine art crated, the process for crating your items is straight forward. Your removal company will measure the items and then arrive with pre-made crating to fit the painting or statue. Given the specific nature of crating, please ensure that you give adequate time to have the crating made up. This isn’t something you want to take short cuts with. 

If you do decide to move without crating then we always recommend that you use moving blankets (alternatively, bedroom sheets) and/or bubble warp. It may also be wise to use a material like Mylar foil. This is a non stick foil that is useful with oil paintings as it won’t damage them or stick to them. Mylar is available from any hydroponics store. 

To give you an idea of how your paintings are crated, here are some images below. 

To learn more about crating your fine art for storage, home removals or shipping, please contact us on 020 8877 9682* for more information.

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Short Term Storage – Daily or Weekly

Moving flat, backpacking or going on student holiday’s, then this photo could look familiar? 
Space in London is at a premium and moving flats can be a real hassle. Most people have had friends stay or you may have stayed with friends while moving flats or waiting for a room in a house share to become available. One of the big issues then, is what to do with all your stuff! 


Kiwi Movers have developed a solution for your short term storage requirements. We now offer short term storage, with no minimum items or period and you only pay per item, per day from as little as £0.80 per item per day*. This means your goods will be kept safe and secure, while also making your holiday or couch surfing all that much hassle-free. We will also collect and deliver your goods for a flat fee of only £10** anywhere in West and Central London. It couldn’t be anymore simple! 
If you need boxes we can also provide a full range of packing materials.
To learn more about our short term storage contact us today on 020 8877 9682* or email us.
*Prices (incl VAT)
1 – 30 days: £1 per day for a box/bag/suitcase, £2 per day for a bike/skibag/golfclubs
*31 – 60 days: £0.80 per day for a box/bag/suitcase, £1.60 per day for a bike/skibag/golfclubs
60+ days: contact us for pricing
**Collection or Delivery (West and Central London): £10 for up to 4 items, each additional item is £1
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Packing Tips

When you are moving home with home removals in London or you do it yourself, here are a few helpful tips to help with the packing.

Clothes in your wardrobe

Moving your clothes is always a hassle. The last thing you want is to be ironing everything after unpacking! To get around this, place a rubbish bag over a number of hangers and then tie the bottom, alternatively cable tie hangers together. This way you can place them lying down in a truck or in a car.

The best solution though is to use a hanging wardrobe box. This keeps all your shirts and suits crease free!

Packing your Cutlery

Packing your plates is never easy. Your movers will wrap these in wrapping paper but a good idea, whether as extra protection or if you are moving yourself, is to place foam/disposable plates in between your china cutlery. Any extra padding or protection is always advisable.

Packing plates

The Nuts and Bolts

One of the most frustrating things when moving can be the dis-assembly and re-assembly of your furniture. Inevitably there are tens of screws and bolts, which all need somewhere to go. There is nothing worse than re-assembling an item and finding that you either have screws left over or are short! To overcome this, we recommend having some small re-sealable plastic bags to hand and then placing the screws etc into separate bags and labelling them. It may seem simple, but more often than not, it’s the actual buying the bags in the first place that is forgotten.

If you have lots of Ikea furniture, just remember that it is only designed to go together once, so unfortunately, don’t expect a perfect fit when you take it apart and put it back together.

Plastic bags

For more helpful tips or information about home removals in London, feel free to call us at 020 8877 9682*.

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End of Tenancy Tips

If you rent your flat or house in London, one of the biggest nuisances is the end of tenancy clean! The deposit for renting can be quite substantial and you want to ensure that you get it all back…or at least as much as possible.

We have all heard or experienced situations where the landlord or letting agency have with held part of the deposit, often for seemingly minor things, quite often linked to the end of tenancy cleaning. In addition to helping people who are doing home removals, we also carry out numerous cleans each week, so we have compiled a few helpful tips to help save you some money!

Tenancy Contract

It goes with out saying, but you should check the fine print on your tenancy agreement and double check the points regarding cleaning. If the agreement states that you should use a particular cleaning company, than you should do that. That way any problems identified with the cleaning are not yours, likewise if the agreement simply states that a professional cleaning company should be used, then you really should do that. As tempting as it maybe to try and save some money by doing the clean yourself, a professional cleaning company will be exactly that, professional. Ultimately, will the saving in money doing it yourself outweigh the cost in money and time if you lose part of your deposit.


One of the main areas quite often missed by cleaners, unless specified is the kitchen fan. Make sure that you change the filter. This will be checked. Likewise, make sure you do this for your washer/dryer and clean out the dishwasher filter. These are all inexpensive to change. 


If you have a furnished flat or house, just make sure you clean on top of the wardrobes and move any furniture to clean underneath, including beds. You should also clean or replace the mattress protectors. 


One of the least enjoyable places to clean, but remove all limescale on tiles and clear the drains of hair or any other blockages. Again, this will be checked. 


Again, time to check the tenancy agreement. If it says you must steam clean carpets, then make sure you do it. It’s simply not worth the loss of deposit.


Normal wear and tear should apply here, but accidents and bumps do happen, so if you have banged a wall around a bit, get a handyman and get them patched up or touched up as necessary. This is actually really cheap to do, but try and do this a month before moving out if any touch up paint needs to fade in, especially on areas that get lots of sun. If the walls are badly marked when moving in, make sure you get these noted down to make moving out easier. 

In summary, make sure you read the tenancy agreement and stick to it. Be prepared to fight your corner if necessary, but ultimately weigh up the costs of getting a professional cleaner vs any potential loss of bond. 

Hopefully these few tips will help when it comes to moving and help you get your bond back!

For more information on your bond check out the Tenancy Deposit Scheme and the government website

If you have some other questions about cleaning or need an end of tenancy clean, give us a call on 020 8877 9682* or you can email us

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Thinking Outside the Box

Like all moving companies in London the majority of our work is based around domestic and office removals. Here at Kiwi Movers though, we understand that ‘moving stuff’ can sometimes be a little mundane, however, like our antipodean hereditary we try to think outside the box and ‘move stuff’ to make things more efficient and stress free for our clients. 

Recently we assisted the Rugby Players Association for their annual awards night and carried out a move that was a little bit different to say the least. Other than the 2.00am start time and operating a fork lift, the entire move included several smaller moves, with drop offs in Slough, Twickenham and at the awards which was held at Battersea Evolution. 
With the help of one of our talented crew members, Hami, who is a very keen videographer, we have made several movies (see our YouTube channel) that offer our customers an insight into some of the services we offer. These include shipping, packing and booking a survey. We like to consider ourselves innovative and forward thinking and with the way social media is going these days we thought we had better lead from the front.
If you’re active on social media then get in contact with us and connect on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We try to offer something a little different than just tips about moving, but include things we like or companies that impress us by providing the restaurant reviews or the best place to get coffee. We work with all sorts of interesting people and companies across London, so if you need to know about the best restaurant to go to in your new area or a great pub, ask one of our team. You’d be surprised at how much we can help. 
If you are moving in London, whatever the move, please get in touch and we will make sure its a pleasant experience.

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Concierge Services in London

As the world’s foremost global city, London is at the epicenter of finance and culture, attracting highly successful people the world over. They may not live in London permanently, but these individuals will own or lease properties and come and go for work or pleasure, dividing their time wherever work or family takes them . To support this busy lifestyle, numerous lifestyle managers, property managers and concierge services have sprung up offering services ranging from basic travel services through to complete PA services on call 24 hours a day.

Lifestyle Managers

These type of services are essentially a private club or network that offer access to a unique range of benefits, whether it be social, business or travel. Very bespoke in the level of service they provide, individuals can choose what they want and to what level. Some people for instance might choose to use this as a full time PA service, especially if the provider has offices in different countries, while others may use the service for access to clubs, concert tickets or restaurant bookings. Rates are charged annually or monthly depending on the type and level of service you require. Within London, such service providers include Quintessentially, Bonvivant and Concierge London.

Card Services

Increasingly financial services are also providing personal services. American Express has long provided travel services with their Platinum Card  providing a very cost effective means to access travel services, such as airport lounges and many exclusive deals and upgrades. Banks to are trying to compete with the level of service they can provide, particularly for high net worth individuals who use Private Banking where they will host their clients at sporting events or provide membership to a concierge service through to simpler services for clients such as free travel insurance on current account cards.

Property Managers

A slightly different type of service and one that perhaps a lot more of us use, is that of a property manager. These are either specialist agencies such as Portland Brown or maybe run by departments within an estate agency, such as Marsh and Parsons. Typically these services work for a landlord, but they may also provide services to the client or tenant and as such arrange the utilities and facilitate relocation services as required.


Whether you’re a Russian Oligarch, Hedge Fund Manager, entrepreneur or professional in your industry, there is a range of options available. Time is precious and it could be that one of these types of services could make a difference in your life.

Kiwi Movers has built up a growing reputation amongst many of these service providers, from lifestyle managers to property managers, delivering services such as Removals, Storage, Shipping and Cleaning. We have established our reputation by providing extremely high levels of service, discretion and the ability to undertake work at short notice.

To learn more about our services for concierge or property managers and how we can assist, please contact us for more information by emailing us or calling us on 020 8877 9682*.

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Invictus Games

Today ticket sales open for the Invictus Games. We really encourage you to go along and support the Armed Forces personnel (incl UK, NZ, Aus and US) who have put their lives on the line and see some truly inspirational individuals.
The games will run from 10 – 14 Sept and will use many of the facilities from London 2012. 
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London Mover of the Month, Darcy Vanhinsbergh

Yes, this is an actor’s head shot! Our london mover of the month is in fact an up and coming actor – Darcy Vanhinsbergh
Between parts, Darcy keeps fit by working at Kiwi Movers and will be playing the part of Laertes in Hamlet to be performed at the Riverside Studio between the 28th May and 22nd June. You can check out times and dates here.
Here are a few facts about Darcy:
Date you joined Kiwi Movers? When big green trucks were the things dreams were made of…..2010
Place of Birth? Penzance
What is the most interesting move you have done at Kiwi Movers? Just outside Greenwich…Horses and ladies of the night everywhere. 
Interesting Fact About Yourself? I was born with one eye shut for two weeks
Hobbies? Surfing / climbing
Which Rugby team do you support? Cornish Pirates….Because they arrrrrre the best 
What do you enjoy most about working for Kiwi Movers? The great guys I have the pleasure of working with on a regular basis.
How would you rate the English Summer? The best in the world. Fact (hasn’t travelled much…yet)
Best place you’ve travelled to so far in Europe? Basingstoke (see above)
Don’t forget to get us tickets to the BAFTA’s Darcy!

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