Kiwi Movers already offers an extensive range of extra services when you move house, from disassembling wardrobes to deep cleaning. We’re now delighted to reveal that we’ve made it even easier to move to a new pad. It’s all thanks to the super helpful service from Please Connect Me.

We’ve teamed up with this time-saving utility connection service to help our home and business movers connect all of their essential services quickly. Please Connect Me hooks you up with everything from energy, internet and TV to water, council tax and many more. This means that your new property is up and running, and ready to live in or use, right away.

Why Kiwi Movers + Please Connect Me is a real game-changer

If you’re one of those people who love to be organised and who love their lists, you’ll find Please Connect Me a dream to use. It’s the ideal way to plan another part of your move in advance. Book in your Kiwi Movers crew for moving day, then use Please Connect Me to get your gas, electricity, water and more up and running from the moment you move in.

As well as being able to arrange it in advance, the service also offers these other tempting benefits:

  • Take advantage of the best deals. If finding the very best deals and prices for energy, water, TV, broadband and more is important to you, Please Connect Me won’t disappoint. They save you time and money searching the market, comparing prices and finding the best deals. They work with leading suppliers and have immediate access to prices, promotions and availability.


  • It can all be customised to suit you. The people at Please Connect Me care about finding the right options to suit you, and it isn’t always about finding the lowest price. They take the time to understand what you need and put together a bespoke solution to suit you.


  • You can get everything sorted in one phone call. Rather than ringing round lots of different suppliers, having to repeat your details several times, you can get it all sorted in one phone call with a real person. They don’t believe in answer machines or subjecting you to horrible hold music – just real people ready to help right away.


Kiwi Movers Please Connect Me

More about Please Connect Me

Working with Please Connect Me is a natural fit for us. For starters, we both originated back in New Zealand before expanding our brilliant services to home and business owners here in the UK. We’re also passionate about making moving easier. It doesn’t need to be stressful, back breaking or hugely disruptive. Services such as Please Connect Me are revolutionising moving house, making it as easy as possible to move into a new place and be comfortable right away.

Have questions about Please Connect Me? Drop us a line at 020 8877 9682*. You can also start using Please Connect Me right away, booking in your connections through this easy link.