After last weeks blog on FAQs I thought I would share some of the not so frequently asked and more interesting questions we have received and some interesting removals we have completed:

Do you ship aeroplanes?

Earlier this year a client asked if we could ship an aeroplane to New Zealand. This wasn’t a toy plane; it required its own custom container. You may think why can’t they just fly there? However this was a Pilatus PC 6 which is small aircraft built to fly short distances. Flying to New Zealand is not just around the corner!

Moving a life sized Lego house

Just over a year ago our team moved James May’s life sized Lego house. This was built using 3.3 million plastic Lego bricks and included a working toilet, shower and bed. The house was split into large sections when moved and filled two of our Luton trucks.

Can we move a life size deer?!

Just over a month ago we were asked by a commercial client if we could move a deer for them. No it wasn’t alive! This was a life sized male deer trophy, approximately 1.5m high with antlers and the works. The size of it alone made it difficult to move but add in the three flights of stairs it had to go up plus being very fragile definitely made it an interesting move.

Buckingham Palace’s Christmas tree

A few Christmas’s ago we moved and assisted with the set up of Buckingham Palace’s Christmas tree. Completing a move for royals is no ordinary job, but moving a four meter high Christmas tree definitely made it an unforgettable experience for our team.

The world’s largest butterfly

Earlier this year a client we moved owned the world’s largest butterfly. The butterfly was in glass housing and unfortunately wasn’t alive so luckily we didn’t have to catch it then let it free at their new house! For those wild life fanatics the scientific name for this butterfly is Atacus Atlas.