If you’re a Kiwi in London, or planning on making the move soon, you’ve probably heard some horror stories about finding a flat in this city.

Dodgy landlords. Outrageous rents. Utility closets remodelled as ‘cosy but basic’ bedrooms for couples who don’t mind snuggling up. We’ve written about the various horrors of moving in London.

But that doesn’t mean finding somewhere incredible is outwith your reach. Or an incredible flatmate, for that matter. Half the time it’s just knowing where to start.

With that in mind, here are a few online resources that should kick-start your roomie search and help you find your own little space in the city.

Kiwi’s in London

The No.1 place for Kiwi’s and Aussie’s to go to for news, activities and of course to find a flat in London. The Kiwi’s in London Facebook page has a weekly flat post with over 200 rooms available each week. To follow the KiL page

They even have an app. You can download it here.


We have it on good authority that easyroommate.co.uk has helped millions of people find their next home. By which we mean it’s explicitly stated on their website.

The only downside to using this tool is you need to sign-up immediately. However, if it makes the flat hunt any easier, then it shouldn’t be that big a compromise.


This is probably the most popular way to find flatmates in London.

It’s not that different to a dating site, actually.

Enter in your preferred postcode and area, and Spareroom.co.uk will give you a handy list of properties you could be interested in. As you can probably imagine, competition is pretty tough – so setting up a profile and getting in touch by telephone (rather than email) could be a good start.


Reddit London is a semi-magical resource for Kiwis in London.

Here, you’ll find everything from transport advice, to news updates, and – you guessed it – people looking for other flatmates in the city. You might not necessarily strike gold, but you’ll definitely find other expats who’ve been in your position before. With a bit of luck they’ll be able to welcome you with useful advice and point you in the direct of other flat-sharing opportunities too.

There’s also a London Homes subreddit if you’re purely inclined towards flat-mate hunting.


Gumtree can be a fantastic resource for finding pre-loved furniture and the pedigree puppy of your dreams. That said, it might not be the first place you look for a new flatmate.

Don’t knock it back, though. Like Craigslist, there are a surprising number of listings from people looking for flatmates in London. And you never know. You might find another Kiwi adventurist along the way.

The only thing to keep in mind, however, is that Gumtree isn’t an official listings site. So like any social platform, it’s important to be aware of scams/all things weird and wonderful.

How to find a flat if you’re a Kiwi in London

It’s not all doom and gloom.

After helping thousands of people move in and around London, we know first-hand that this is one of the most exciting cities in the world. Finding the right flat just takes time, perseverance and a decent wifi connection.

Coffee also helps.

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