No-one likes all the admin and life tasks that come with moving house.

Doing things like boiler readings, setting up internet, and getting in contact with your new local council to set up tax stuff. This is only made worse when you need to change service providers too.

That’s why we’re excited to announce we’ve teamed up with Please Connect Me – an amazing service that helps you find the best deals for your utility services. You don’t need to waste time on comparison websites – looking at internet, gas, and electricity deals – they do all the hard work for you. And it’s free.

Handy, right?

You can send an enquiry about this service online in just a few clicks.


A few tips about moving, anyway

In addition to changing service providers, there are few other things you might want to keep in mind before moving home.

1. Let your bank know
There’s a good chance you’re already using online banking. But if your bank changes its terms and conditions, or needs to send you important information, it’ll probably come by post. So let them know about your new address.

2. Tell your employer too
This is where your HR stuff, like payslips, will probably be sent. Pension details too. It’s also worth keeping in mind that if you’re changing jobs whilst moving house, then your P60/45 forms might get sent to the wrong address. These can’t be reissued and can be nightmare to retrieve.

3. Register to vote
You can register to vote online. It only takes a few minutes and so important for (1) voting and (2) obtaining credit for financial things. You can be fined for failing to do so.

4. Find a GP
Most people don’t think about registering for a GP until they’re ill – and then they find they’re on a waiting list and it’s going to take two weeks to see a doctor. Don’t be one of those people. Be amazing and do it now.

5. Set up a mail re-direct

It’s easy to forget all the different things we sign-up for. Rather than relying on the new tenant of your old place, you can set up a Royal Mail re-direct system for 3, 6 or 12 months. You can do the same for your business too, if that applies.


For more information about moving home, or our Please Connect Me partnership, send us a free enquiry online. Or you can follow us on Twitter for the latest news and tips.