Luckily for anyone wanting to move house in London, there are a huge number of different options to choose from. You can go for a full-scale removals service, handling everything from packing and storage all the way through to unloading and even unpacking. Or, you can keep it casual and hire a man and van service in London by the hour.

But which is the best option to choose?

First things first – your budget

Moving house is always more expensive than you think it’s going to be, usually due to extra costs you didn’t realise you’d have to pay. One of the costs many people forget about is removals, but this is an expense that can be well worth saving a little money back for – especially when you realise how back-breaking and stressful it can be to do it yourself!

That being said, there are ways you can save money on moving house in London. One of these is to use a man and van in London rather than a removals service. This can be much more affordable if you aren’t moving far or only have a few items to move, simply because it doesn’t involve hiring a whole team of movers for a relatively small job. It’s a great option for students moving in or out of home or halls.

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How far are you moving?

Before you plump for man and van in London services though, consider whether your move is suitable. If you need stuff shifting between nearby London postcodes, it’s a good choice. However, if you’re moving a long distance, a man and van won’t necessarily be able to help – or may not be the cheapest option.

If you’re moving far, or moving internationally, a removals service is most definitely your best bet.

DSC 1939 What are you moving?

Some man and van services, such as here at Kiwi Movers, offer full insurance and also have a great deal of experience in moving valuables and bulky items. Many don’t though, and choosing man and van over removals does carry the risk that your items will be broken or damaged. Removals experts know everything there is to know about the challenges of moving, so could be the only option to ensure your property arrives safely and on time.

How much do you want to do yourself?

If you use a man and van service, you’ll inevitably have to do some work yourself. This doesn’t necessarily mean moving anything (although some services will want you to have your stuff in a certain place all ready to go) but you may need to pack and unpack at either end. If you want to avoid doing any dirty work, a removals service can take every part of the process off your hands.

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