If you are moving in London or are using an overseas removals service then you may be concerned as to how to pack your fine art.

Given the often delicate nature of paintings or statues we recommend that it is always best to crate them. The additional levels of protection this offers is simply invaluable. Any professional removal company should offer this service whatever the size of your move or wherever it is going. We also recommend that you insure your art to the appropriate levels or check that your household policy covers your art in-transit or in storage. With an upcoming move it may also be the right time to get your art re-valued, as who knows, you could have a small fortune hanging on the wall! 

Even if you don’t have fine art, you may have paintings or pictures that are highly sentimental and sometimes you can’t put a price on some things. 

When you decide to get your fine art crated, the process for crating your items is straight forward. Your removal company will measure the items and then arrive with pre-made crating to fit the painting or statue. Given the specific nature of crating, please ensure that you give adequate time to have the crating made up. This isn’t something you want to take short cuts with. 

If you do decide to move without crating then we always recommend that you use moving blankets (alternatively, bedroom sheets) and/or bubble warp. It may also be wise to use a material like Mylar foil. This is a non stick foil that is useful with oil paintings as it won’t damage them or stick to them. Mylar is available from any hydroponics store. 

To give you an idea of how your paintings are crated, here are some images below. 

To learn more about crating your fine art for storage, home removals or shipping, please contact us on 020 8877 9682* for more information.