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How to choose the best movers in London

Like any type of service, you need to select reliable movers in London. Moving home is a stressful and at times complex experience. Using a professional moving company versus a cheap man and van service can and is often worth the extra cost. 

Why Choose a professional moving company in London?

Quite simply, to save yourself hassle and stress. A professional moving company will ask you about previous moving experiences and what you are most worried about so as to help address any concerns you may have. They will also help point out or provide a plan for logistical challenges with moving home in London. Given the history of London there can be certain challenges due to the layout but also such things as parking restrictions.

What you need to consider when choosing movers in London

Online reviews and recommendations. Google or Trustpilot are the most common review platforms, but you need to be aware these can be manipulated. Bad reviews can actually be helpful. Things can and unfortunately will not always go to plan when moving home. There are always two sides to a story (or a bad review) and sometimes customers can be unreasonable or in the wrong. Read the response from the company. This can tell you a lot about how they address complaints. 

We always recommend getting 3 quotes. The quotes should be detailed and easy to understand. If you are unsure, check if the quote includes everything you need. 

Finding a removal company in London isn’t difficult. A simple search online for Movers London will give you a list of the top moving companies in London.

Quotes can be conducted on site or via video. A verbal quote for anything larger than a one bed flat in our opinion is not realistic. Video surveys are very reliable now and can be more convenient than a surveyor coming to your home. That said, we generally conduct onsite surveys for 4 bedroom homes or larger. 

Is the moving company a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR). This can be a good thing, but not necessarily the be all. The BAR is often for removal companies with large 18 wheel trucks, whereas many movers in London often use Luton size small trucks and may not be members for that reason. 

Insurance and Liability

This is important as things can easily be damaged when moving home. Removal companies very rarely include insurance cover in the price. They will generally have cover if something serious were to happen to the truck when moving your items, but for damages such as breakages this is separate insurance at an extra cost. Liability is usually otherwise limited to £40 per item, which is the industry standard. Check whether your home insurance covers moving. 

Making the decision to choose your moving company

Consider all your quotes, the online reviews etc, but more often than not, go with the one that you feel most comfortable with. You are entrusting the movers with your personal possessions, so you need to feel confident. If money isn’t a problem, don’t just go with the cheapest quote. Something that looks to be good to true, well, it often is.

As we discussed, Moving home in London is stressful as well as expensive. Minimise the hassle by choosing the right moving company. You can also check out some of our other blogs for helping you on moving day

If you would like to know more about our removal service, then please contact a member of our friendly team. You can also check out some of our reviews online with Google or Which Trust Traders to see what our customers say about us. 

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Long-distance removals to and from London – what you need to know

As the Kiwi Movers team know only too well, no two house moves are the same. Some are simple, with just a few boxes and a short hop across town with a man and van. Others are more complicated, which is why it makes so much sense to call the London removals professionals in.

Long-distance removals can be challenging, but they don’t have to be a hassle if you put a little extra planning work in.
Here are some expert tips to help your planning and make moving day run smoothly:

• Book your moving day well in advancekiwi movers 1

A busy London removals firm may have a last-minute window available for shifting a few boxes to the next borough over, but not for a move which will take a whole day. Book your moving day in advance and then you and your removals team will have plenty of time to plan, trouble-shoot and prepare.

• Start at the crack of dawn

Get your London removals team out and loading up their vehicle as early as you can get them out of bed. The roads will be quieter and you’ll have more time to complete the move.

• Build in a contingency

Moving often takes longer than you expect, especially with long-distance removals. This is often because it’s easy to underestimate the time everything should take. You may not factor in unexpected events and obstacles – like traffic, for example. This is why it’s smart to build a contingency into the schedule for moving day, and probably for the budget too.

• Should you move over two days instead of one?

For some long-distance moves, where there’s a whole four-bed house full of stuff to move, it’s overambitious to try to do it in one day. Instead, take the pressure off everyone and give yourself two days to complete the move instead of one. It may cost more, but it’ll save a heck of a lot of stress.

• Plan a schedule for the day

If you choose an experienced, specialist London removals firm like Kiwi Movers, your project manager will do this for you. They’ll be able to use their knowledge of when traffic will be quietest, which routes will be quickest based on congestion and roadworks and what times to set off. Take advantage of their expertise!

• Avoid rush hour like the plague

If you’ve only got a short journey to make, a delay of a few minutes because of traffic doesn’t make too much difference. But with long distance removals, it can disrupt the schedule of the whole day and put you hours behind. You should be planning ahead to avoid rush hour, as well as traffic caused by bank holidays, festivals, sporting fixtures and other special events in the capital. Get that calendar out and start researching when the roads are likely to be busy, or moving day could be an expensive, stressful washout.

Need help with long-distance removals? We’re the team to ask, as Kiwi Movers has carried out every kind of move imaginable. Give us a call on 020 8877 9682* to discuss your move and let’s start planning.

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International shipping from London to New Zealand and Australia – who does what?

The logistics of an ordinary house move can be complicated, which is why many people call in the professionals. But what about moving abroad, or moving half way across the world? The same goes for shipping large or bulky items. It can be a challenge just getting a wardrobe or a piano across London, never mind overseas.

International shipping from London to New Zealand or Australia can actually be a surprisingly smooth process if you choose the right company.

But while the process might seem quite straightforward from the customer’s perspective, there’s an awful lot happening in the background. There are many players involved, from shipping companies and handlers to freight forwarders. It would be a nightmare to deal with them all individually. This why it’s a really smart idea to use full service international shipping experts like Kiwi Movers to handle everything on their behalf.

Here’s our guide to understanding what happens during a typical international move or large shipment…

Step 1 – Collecting the shipment

The first step happens here in London, where a shipping or removals firm like Kiwi Movers will take delivery of the shipment. It will be collected from your property (or a destination of your choosing) and delivered to the outbound port. Before this happens, all of the details involved in arranging the shipment will be finalised by your shipping company. You should get a timescale of when to expect the item(s) to arrive at its destination.

If you aren’t shipping a large volume of items, the shipping company may use the services of a freight forwarding company. This company consolidates the cargo from multiple customers into one container. This will then be booked in directly with a shipping line. Freight forwarders may also handle customs clearance or other services.

Step 2 – The ship sets sail

Now it’s time for your shipment to get on the move! Once your shipment has cleared export customs, it is ready to be shipped. The shipping line will take care of this, loading up your shipment and transport it to the destination country.

Step 3 – Customs clearance

Customs is an unavoidable part of international shipping from London to Australia or New Zealand, or any country in fact. Your shipping company will make sure that all your documentation is correct to get your items through customs. This includes organising the payment of any associated customs costs.

Step 4 – Delivery to your chosen address

When your shipment has cleared customs and is on New Zealand or Australian soil, it’s the turn of a local agent at the destination port. This agent, part of a trusted network of global handlers, will arrange for your shipment to be loaded up and delivered to the address of your choice. Then the move or shipment is complete!

To discuss international shipping from London to New Zealand or Australia, get in touch with the Kiwi Movers team. We’re experts in long-distance shipping and can handle every part of the process for you. Give us a call on 020 8877 9682*.

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Long-term self-storage – what happens if my belongings are damaged in storage

Self-storage can be helpful for people in all kinds of situations. It provides a handy solution for just a few days, or for a few weeks if you’re moving house. Long-term self-storage is also a great option if you’re going travelling or moving abroad. Or maybe you just need to free up some space for an undetermined amount of time.

But are your belongings completely safe in self-storage? Here are some pointers to consider:

  • Choose a reliable, reputable self-storage company. Opt for a firm that someone you know has used and would recommend. You can also look for reviews and testimonials online to gauge whether a company offers a high quality service.
  • Check out the security measures that will protect your stuff. Is it a simple lock and key, or a full CCTV and high-tech access management system? The more sophisticated the security, the better.
  • Visit the unit before signing up. It’s reassuring to see for yourself that the unit is secure, clean, dry and fit for purpose.
  • Ask about insurance. This is the most crucial point, as insurance is what will protect your belongings if the worst should happen.

Fire, flood or other damage

In the vast majority of cases, long-term self-storage offers a convenient, affordable way to store items safely. However, things do very occasionally go wrong. A self-storage building may be struck by fire, or a pipe may burst and flood the premises. There’s even the chance that your items may be damaged when being loaded, unloaded or moved within the unit.

It’s extremely unlikely that any of these problems will occur, but it’s always best to be prepared. The key to this is insurance, along with a couple of other measures. These measures can help to prevent any issues over claims further down the line. You may never need to use the insurance, but it’s nice to know it’s there.

Insurance for long-term self-storage

Before signing up to any kind of long-term self-storage plan or contract, you should always ask about insurance. Storage specialists like Kiwi Movers offer full insurance, so that every item is covered.

Make sure to ask storage companies when receiving quotations whether insurance is included, to avoid any extra costs.

Packing and inventory

To make doubly sure your belongings are fully protected when in storage, it could be worth using some extra packing materials. Wrap everything up to prevent any damage, especially antiques or valuable pieces.

Kiwi unused

You should always make an inventory of what is stored in your unit, and the condition it’s in. This is useful for you, the self-storage company and for any future claims. You can even include photos of each item along with the inventory. Your inventory and photos will support your claim if you suspect something has been damaged while in storage.

Drop us a line on 020 8877 9682* to find out about long-term self-storage with Kiwi Movers – from container storage and warehousing to our unique ‘mini storage’ service in London. If it’s more convenient, arrange a callback from one of the team.

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How to Pack to Move House

Maybe you’ve never moved house before, or perhaps you’re no newbie to the moving process and you know just how challenging it can be. Either way, the team here at Kiwi Movers has created a helpful guide on how to pack to move house, complete with answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

What are the first things to pack when moving?

Knowing what to pack first when moving is key to reducing stress during the packing and moving process. If you were to create a packing order checklist, children’s books and toys would come first, followed by ornaments, cushions and throws. Next would be out-of-season coats, clothes, shoes, and books, then unused kitchen gadgets or Tupperware and other dinnerware, mugs or glasses you can do without for a couple of weeks.

This is also a good time to remove items from garages, sheds, etc. as it’s unlikely you’ll be needing them.

How do you pack awkward items to move?

Some items simply require more than bubble wrap and a box to be moved efficiently. In addition to a team of fit and capable movers, Kiwi Movers also has a host of removals equipment that allows heavy, large and awkwardly shaped pieces of furniture to be moved, even when faced with obstacles such as narrow hallways or multiple flights of stairs.

How do you declutter before moving (declutter and donate)?

Consider how much space you’re going to have in your new home to help you decide whether to get rid of extras or move them with you. You can then eliminate unwanted items easily by sorting through items that are either still boxed, not used or expired.

Items that never made it out of boxes are unlikely to be precious enough to move. The same goes with clothes or items that you’re unlikely to use again. Food or medications past their expiry date just take up space and are dangerous – toss them at the first opportunity.

Packing supplies you need

Before you pack anything, you’ll need to ensure you have the right packing materials – bubble wrap, heavy-duty boxes, parcel tape etc. You can order boxes of various sizes and other essentials required to seal those boxes directly from us. 

Start with rooms and items you use less often

As mentioned above, starting with rooms you use less often takes some of the stress out of the moving process. Packing items from your spare room or from the back of your wardrobe allows you to get a head start on packing without leaving you scrambling for anything you may still need.

Make a detailed inventory list

Although this may seem a tedious process, making a detailed inventory list allows you to keep track of what you have, what you need, and what has already been done. Speaking of…

Pack one room at a time

For the same reasons mentioned above, packing one room at a time helps you to keep track of what still needs to be done, decreasing the chances of becoming overwhelmed. Kiwi Storage services may come in handy if you need a place to keep extras such as furniture during the packing process.

Use plastic bags for spillable items

We offer expert use of packaging materials and ensure that your items are properly looked after during the moving process but if you wish to package items yourself, we advise that you use plastic bags for spillable items.

When it comes to packing toiletry items, opt for a sturdy box and some plastic bags. You could simply place the items in plastic bags and seal them or you could unscrew the caps, place a plastic bag over the neck of each bottle and then screw the caps back on to secure the liquid.

Roll your clothes

Rolling your clothes is easier and more practical than folding them. Not only this, but it also reduces the amount of space they take and, bonus, makes it less likely that wrinkles will appear.

Use roll tubes to pack cables and appliance wiring

To avoid wires from getting tangled, use toilet roll tubes to pack them all individually. Once they’re packed, label them and store them in a single box to prevent them from getting lost.

Store all of your valuables in one place

Pack all of your valuables together and make an inventory so nothing gets lost or forgotten. Alternatively, consider renting a secure storage container. The containers at Kiwi are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can ensure maximum security for your most beloved items.

Take all of your documents with you

If you can fit all of your documents like passports and birth certificates into one box, pack them in a high-quality box and put them in your car to take with you. If you run a business or otherwise have a lot of documents to transport, consider an office removal service to help you.

Why choose Kiwi Movers to help you move?

At Kiwi Movers, we pride ourselves in being the best in the business, especially when it comes to understanding our city. We’ve spent a lot of time working and studying London and the surrounding areas to make us experts at moving and removals into, out of, and around the city. We aren’t just a removals team either – we provide comprehensive problem-solving services to help you get things done in the most efficient way possible.

It’s not just UK moves we can help with. We have got international expertise when it comes to removals, deliveries and shipping, so no matter where you’re coming from or going to, we’ll be able to assist in the process.

If you’re interested in making use of our professional removals process or finding out more about our storage spaces, or our shipping services, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team is always on hand to help answer any questions you may have or get the ball rolling on utilising our services.

Call us or enquire online today to discuss options relating to removals, storage, shipping, cleaning, and more!

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Keeping kids occupied during a house move – five top tips

It’s not a great idea to have children around on moving day. There’s so much activity and so many people moving back and forward, it could be risky to have little ones running around. They can inadvertently get in the way and slow your moving team down, or even get hurt.

If it’s not possible to send them off to grandma’s house on moving day, you need to find a way to keep them entertained and safely out of the way. This is where preparation is your best friend – just like everything to do with moving house!

Here are five top tips for keeping kids occupied during your move, and most you can organise in advance:

1. Pack a special easy-access box just for the kids

Just like you would if you were going on holiday, you can pack an emergency children’s box ready for moving day. This will contain everything you need to entertain, distract and placate. For example, it’ll have books, toys, colouring books, wet wipes, snacks and drinks, a change of clothes and a phone or tablet pre-loaded with their favourite TV show. Make sure you clearly label this crucial box and make it as easy-access as possible.

2. Prepare a child-friendly ‘haven’ room

If you can keep the kids in just one room, you can minimise any risks and keep them safely out of the way. You’ll need to completely clear one room, packing it up and moving boxes into another part of the house. Keep only the easy-access kids box you packed earlier, full of things to keep them entertained.

Kiwi 3 3. Send them out into the garden

If the weather’s nice, a great way to keep kids occupied is to send them out into the garden for a play session or camp out. You can pop up a tent with a portable DVD player or tablet inside, which will keep them happy until the movers have finished their work. Then it’s simply a matter of packing up the tent and leaving.


4. Get the kids involved

If there’s a way to do it safely, you could enlist older children as helpers on moving day. Give them a specific task so that they stay focused. For example, checking the whole house for missed, left-behind items, clearing out their own rooms or small cleaning tasks. You never know, they could turn out to be really helpful! You could even make it more fun, such as creating a game with unused packing materials or decorating moving boxes with stickers.

5. Call for backup

The best option for stressed-out parents on moving day will always be to leave the kids with relatives. If this isn’t an option, one of you may be able to take some time out from supervising the move to take the kids to the park.

Gearing up to move house? Get in touch with the Kiwi Movers team on 020 8877 9682* to discuss your plans and for a quick, tailored quote.

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Luxury apartment removals in London – why it pays to use an expert service

Moving to or from a luxury apartment in London presents a unique challenge. Expensive and often fragile items need to be delivered from A to B, and both properties should be protected during the move.

You don’t want any scrapes, smashes or breakages, but you absolutely need peace of mind that it’ll all go smoothly. This is why you should always call in the professionals when it comes to luxury apartment removals in London. Here are some other important things to consider…

It’s important to have a customised, detailed plan for moving day

Facing a challenging prospect like luxury apartment removals, it’s essential to have a watertight plan. You need a dedicated project manager overseeing every aspect of the move, to make sure it runs smoothly. It’s recommended to have a detailed inventory, especially for valuable or irreplaceable items. You also need an hour-by-hour plan for moving day itself. Everyone needs to know exactly what to do, and where they’re supposed to be, at every stage during the day.

Banner advert for storage in West London and student storage across London

Is each property fully protected from damage?

14 2

With luxury apartment removals in London, a great deal of care needs to be taken when moving items in and out of each property. You need to protect expensive fittings, along with pristine paintwork, stairs and banisters. You need a team with the experience and skill to navigate tight spaces and move large items without causing any damage.

Kiwi Movers take the utmost care in all properties, taking extraordinary steps to protect fittings and finishes. For example, we wrap door handles, radiators, banisters, stairs and even light switches.

Whether there are several flights of stairs or a tight lift to negotiate, we can handle it. We can even provide a hoist lift for large possessions that need to be moved in unconventional ways. Our service can be tailored to suit you, so just tell us what you need.

Your possessions need to arrive in perfect condition


Professional movers such as the Kiwi Movers team are specialists when it comes to handling expensive, valuable or fragile items. We have packing and preparing these items ready for a move down to a fine art. You’ll have complete peace of mind that every painting, sculpture, priceless vase and antique will be securely packed using the right materials and a great deal of skill.

Needless to say, you just don’t get this with your everyday man and van service.

Great insurance is essential

When you’re moving high value items, you need to know that they are fully protected by the right kinds of insurance. Your moving company needs to have professional liability, goods in transit and other kinds of insurance in place. Check when getting quotes what level of cover is included, and find out about options for increasing it if you need to. You can get insurance cover tailored to your needs, to include specialist or high value items.

To chat to the Kiwi Movers team about your upcoming move, just give us a call on 020 8877 9682*.

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Are man and van services insured?

Man and van hire is a flexible, convenient and affordable way to move stuff – whether you’re moving house or simply have a single large piece of furniture to shift across town.

Take a quick look online and you’ll find hundreds if not thousands of man and van services to choose from. But crucially – only a fraction of these services will have the right insurance. It’s so important to check out the insurance situation before trusting someone with your whole life’s worth of possessions or valuable goods. You, and your stuff, need to have full protection.


Get a quick quote for a man and van service

Why is insurance so important when using man and van services?

Unless you choose a reputable, trusted service – perhaps one recommended by a friend or which has verified customer reviews – you’ll always be taking a bit of a leap when you hire someone to help you move house.

They could be inexperienced, which could lead to your stuff being damaged. They may be unreliable, causing serious delays on moving day. In a worst-case scenario, they may even be a bit dodgy, leading to the mysterious disappearance of your possessions.

In most cases, none of the above happens. But this is why insurance is so important – it provides financial protection for all of your belongings, just in case. It offers peace of mind, and is the responsible way to use a moving service and protect your possessions.

What insurance do man and van services need?

When asking about man and van insurance, bear the following in mind:

  • There may be a fixed or limited liability. As they don’t know the value of your goods, many removals companies will use industry standard cover. For example, £40 per damaged or lost item, £25 for broken glass covers on pictures.
  • You can arrange additional cover for valuable or irreplaceable items – so make sure you tell your moving company about this before signing up. You can potentially get cover of up to £100,000 per moving truck if needed.
  • Your removals company should have public liability insurance in place – this covers legal costs or claims if property or possessions are damaged during the move.
  • Movers may also have goods in transit insurance – this is a policy which covers any damage to items when they’re inside the removals van.

Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to. It’s important that you feel satisfied with the insurance cover on offer before going ahead.

Always use a trusted, insured man and van service

which trusted trader Logo kiwi movers 312 The safest way to use a man and van service is to find a company you trust. Recommendations from a friend or family member are great, but you can also do your own research into reputable, credible removals companies.

Look for customer reviews, trade association memberships, accreditation and other positive signs. Kiwi Movers, for example, has Which? Trusted Trader status, is an approved trader on and is a member of the Road Haulage Association.

Give the Kiwi Movers team a call on 020 8877 9682* to arrange your move, or to ask us any of your burning questions about removals insurance – we’re happy to help!

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Is it safe to put books into storage? A bibliophile’s guide to decluttering

If you’re a bibliophile, there’s just never enough bookshelf space. It’s not quite hoarding, but it’s close – and you’re not alone with your book-collecting ways.

Ofcom research from 2014 found that around 84% of UK adults had a book collection. While they are more widely owned and used compared to DVDs and CDs, books aren’t always being read as much as they should.

Research for World Book Day found that the average home holds around 158 books, but a quarter of them have never been opened. 50% of people keep books because they’re emotionally attached to them, while some 16% people admitted keeping certain high-brow titles on their bookshelves to make them look more intelligent.

advert for storage in London in article about storing books

Book lovers – storage could be the solution

Do you love your collection, but are running out of room? This can cause real problems during any attempts to de-clutter, but there is a solution. If you can’t bring yourself to get rid of your books, why not put them into storage? You can keep building your collection if you like, or you can use long-term storage and review in a few months’ or years’ time. If you haven’t missed a particular book or collection, or don’t think you’ll read it again, you may be ready to say goodbye.

Some collectors and avid readers understandably have concerns about putting their treasured possessions into storage. They worry about damage to their books, from dirt, damp or other environmental problems.

The reality is that many long-term storage facilities are perfectly suitable for books. You just need to choose carefully and inspect the facilities before signing up. Ask to have a look around the unit, and make sure to ask plenty of questions about insurance at the same time.


Top tips for safely packing books for storage

As well as carefully inspecting your storage unit before use, there are other things you can do to protect your books in storage.

Kiwi Movers 3 e1560878547939

For example:

  • Dust off your books before storing, making sure they’re clean, dry and free from items such as paper clips and bookmarks
  • Use high-quality boxes of a small to medium size that are free of chemicals if possible – use too large a box and you risk it breaking due to the weight. You can also use air-tight plastic containers
  • Pack the same book types together – for example, paperback with paperback
  • Fill all spaces but don’t pack your books over-tightly. Fill in any spaces with packing material like bubble-wrap or acid-free paper
  • Wrap fragile, valuable or precious books in bubble wrap or polyester jackets
  • Use shelving to raise book boxes off the floor
  • Label boxes carefully, so you can find what you need without having to disturb all of your boxes. Labelling along with an inventory also helps you to keep track of exactly what’s in your unit. This could be useful if anything is lost or damaged.


Kiwi Movers guarantees clean, dry and tidy storage for books. You can be completely confident that your books are safe and protected when you leave them in our care. Give us a call on 020 8877 9682* to discuss your needs.


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Removals firms in London – what extra services do they offer?

If you’ve ever moved house, you’ll know the pain of packing, wrapping, shifting and unloading. It can be back-breaking and mega stressful, which is why so many people choose to use professional removals firms instead.

But not everyone knows that removals companies can do so much more than just move your stuff from A to B. Some all-rounders like Kiwi Movers offer additional services that can make moving day so, so much easier.

Get a quick quote for a man and van service

Crucially, these ancillary services can be much cheaper when included as part of your removals package. This is because the team is already on site and has the expertise and equipment to handle it. You’re likely to find it much more expensive and time-consuming to go out and search for these services separately.

Here’s a quick guide to the extra services designed to make moving day a doddle, so make sure you ask about them when comparing each removals firm in London:

Wrapping and packing

Moving day itself is only a small part of the process. You’ll actually spend most of your time wrapping things up, dismantling furniture and packing things in boxes. Pick the right removals firm in London and this will all be taken care of.  Even better, it’ll be handled by experts who know how to quickly and efficiently pack all kinds of items. They’ll even bring their own specialist packing materials.


This one is a real game-changer. Many removals firms in London will do your packing and wrapping for you, but it’s a rare gem who’ll handle the unpacking too. You’ve guessed it, Kiwi Movers offer this service too. It’s all to make moving easier, and how amazing that you won’t even have to unpack.

With a bit of input from you, our crew will unpack furniture, appliances and even boxes once the move is completed. Tell us where you’d like everything to go, and we’ll take care of it. Moving can be such chaos, leaving you feeling displaced and disorganised when you arrive in your new home. A little thing like having your bed already unpacked and set up in your bedroom can make all the difference.

Kiwi Movers Cleaning and handyman tasks

These are more time-consuming but necessary tasks when moving home. You could hire a separate cleaner or handyman, but it’s easier (and cheaper) to arrange it through your removals firm as part of the service.

Short and long-term storage

Don’t need to move everything right away? If you’re between moves or are having a down-sizing issue, ask your removals company about storage options. Again, it’s much easier if the removals firm can offer this rather than having to sort it separately, as they can take items to the unit for you.


Make sure to ask your removals firm in London about shipping, as it can be a real time-saver. It’s a handy service if you need to send something to another location, rather than the house you’re moving to. Perhaps you’re moving abroad, or simply selling some items to de-clutter during the move.

Kiwi Movers offers all of these extra services and much more – whatever it takes to make your move easier. Give us a call on 020 8877 9682* to find out more.

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How far in advance should I book a London removals company?

It’s time to get organised

If moving house is on the horizon, it’s time to get organised. Get yourself a pen and paper and start making a list of what needs doing and when. Better still, get a wall planner and pencil in some important dates.

One of the most important things to include on your calendar is moving day. For this, you’ll need to book in your London removals company. But how far in advance do you need to call them? The golden rule is – the earlier the better. As soon as your moving day has been confirmed, get a removals team booked in.

Moving house in West London? 020 366 89726 for a quick quote

When are you moving?

While early is best for all house moves, there are certain dates where you may need to reserve your spot even further in advance.

London removals companies are more in demand during peak times like summer holidays and bank holidays. You’re already off work after all, so why not schedule your house move in for then? The problem is that everyone else has the same idea, meaning your movers of choice are already booked up.

If you can avoid bank holidays, school holidays and even weekends, you’ll find that you have more choice of movers. The prices tend to be lower too, as removals companies charge peak and off-peak rates.

Finding the most convenient time slot

House moves are often run to very tight timescales, especially if you’re buying a new house and you’re in a chain. You need to vacate your property at a certain time, and the owners of the house you’re buying are in exactly the same position.

You may also have a perfectly timed plan for the move, hoping to start at certain times and complete it before the day is out. Or maybe you need movers for a few days or more. Whatever you have in mind, book early to ensure that your London removals company is available at your chosen times. If you leave it too late, you may have to compromise on your plan.

Book a slot now, you may be able to adjust it later

Some people wait until their moving day is 100% confirmed before booking their London removals company. Unfortunately, the confirmation often doesn’t come through until very near the date itself. This means you’ll be booking last-minute and you may not be able to get the price, time slot or even the date you want, compromising the whole move.

The smart thing to do is to give your movers a call and tell them when you estimate your moving day to be. They can pencil you in for then, reserving their team’s availability. If you do need to change it by a day or two, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to.

Give Kiwi Movers a call on 020 8877 9682* to reserve your moving day slot, get a quote for your move and get all your plans finalised. As an experienced London removals company, we can help with every kind of house move.

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How to choose a storage unit in London

Moving house and your new place is not quite ready, or maybe you’re going off travelling and need somewhere to keep your stuff? These are just a couple of the many situations in which storage is a really useful solution.

You’ll have ample choice of storage units in London, as they’re littered all over the city. But how do you choose the right one? It’s not always as straightforward as picking the one closest to you. It’s well worth doing a bit of research and considering exactly what you need. You should also take the time to compare what’s available in terms of price and other factors.

storage banner

To help you sort out the ideal storage unit in London, here’s our guide to what to look for:

A choice of unit sizes

Some storage facilities in London offer just one or two standard unit sizes. This may not work for you, so you’ll either end up paying for space you don’t use or struggling to fit everything in. Ideally, you’ll have a choice of different unit sizes, priced according to square footage, so you can pick the perfect option for you.

storage units in London Security

For your peace of mind, it’s important to pick a storage unit in London that is fully protected with advanced security systems. This is particularly crucial if you’re storing anything valuable. The kind of features to look out for include 24-hour CCTV, keycode access, number plate and facial recognition.


What would happen if your unit was broken into, or if there was a fire or flood? These are important questions to ask before signing up for a storage unit in London. You need to make sure there is comprehensive insurance cover in place.

Good quality facilities

Storage space isn’t just any old unused corner of a warehouse. It needs to be clean, well-lit, properly secured and the environmental conditions controlled. If a unit looks dirty or there’s signs of damp or mould, run a mile.


Do you have to wait until set opening times to access your unit, or can you pop in anytime using your own access key and/or code? The latter is the best option for your convenience.


Most people pick a storage unit in London based on price. Rates are higher in the capital than in most other UK cities, as is everything else. However, price isn’t the only factor to go on – you also need to think about value.

If a unit costs a little more but offers everything you’re looking for, it’s worth paying more. If you’re getting a convenient location, 24/7 access, full security and insurance, and a clean, well-maintained unit, you can consider it money well spent.

To find out about more about the flexible, exceptional value storage solutions at Kiwi Movers, click here or give us a call on 020 8877 9682*. We have a top choice of storage units in London, conveniently located in central spots across the main London boroughs.

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What kind of insurance should a removals company have?

Insurance is one of the biggest differences between a professional removals company and a man and van found on a Facebook page.

You need the experience and knowledge of a professional firm to ensure your move goes smoothly. However, you also need the peace of mind of knowing that your possessions are safe and covered by the right insurance.

Despite the importance of insurance during house moves, a survey by Buzzmove in 2014 found that 33% of people don’t ask about insurance. If they do ask, they don’t tend to check what cover is in place.

Get a quick quote for a man and van service

More about removals insurance

There are a few different kinds of insurance that your removals company may have. There are also policies of your own that could cover your belongings. Here’s a quick look at each of them:

  • Public liability insurance. This is a type of insurance policy that most businesses and tradespeople have in place. It is designed to cover any claims or legal costs if a business activity harms a member of the public or their property. In terms of removals companies, public liability insurance provides cover just in case property is damaged during the move. It also covers you and your family in case of unexpected accidents.


  • Professional insurance for breakages. This is also known as Goods in Transit insurance and is designed to cover any damage to or loss of items in the removals van.


Removals companies will also have employers’ liability insurance for claims made by employees. Lastly, they’ll have vehicle insurance for removals vans and trucks.

The majority of people never need to claim, but it’s reassuring to know that insurance cover is in place. You never know what could happen, so it’s important to do things by the book.

kingston storage

Your household contents cover

It’s worth checking your home contents insurance policy ahead of the move. It could be the case that cover is provided for items in transit. You may have special arrangements in place for valuable or antique items, and this could extend to the removals process depending on the policy.

How much cover is provided by removals companies?

It’s important to remember that the insurance cover provided by removals firms isn’t limitless. At Kiwi Movers, we provide cover of £40 per damaged or lost item, at a maximum of £60 a box. This is in line with industry standards.

In most cases, this level of insurance cover is adequate for home movers. Setting cover at this level enables us to keep costs down for those who aren’t moving anything particularly valuable. However, if you do have valuables to move, you can add extra cover (at a competitive extra cost) up to £100,000 per truck. The cover can be arranged by the Kiwi Movers team on your behalf, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Please give us a call on 020 8877 9682* to discuss your move. We’ll be happy to advise on the insurance cover we can provide.

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How to choose a removals company in London – 9 things to look for

Choosing a removals company in London can be difficult. It’s not a lack of options, the opposite in fact. How do you find a moving firm you can trust, that will do a great job and offer good value for money? Here are our 10 top things to look out for:

1. Insurance

It’s essential to check that your removals firm has full insurance to cover the move and any potential breakages or losses. They’ll need full public liability insurance cover, plus the option for you to add extra cover on for particularly valuable items.

2. Great reviews

Word of mouth is a great way to find a removals company in London you can trust. Always check a firm’s reviews, or use one that friends and family recommend.

Get a quick quote for a man and van service

3. Experience

Removals can throw up many challenges, so you need a trained and experienced team who can handle anything. They will be able to fit bulky items through small spaces, without any damage to the property or item. They can pack, wrap and move quickly and efficiently, to keep your move on schedule.

4. A choice of well-maintained vehicles

Your stuff will be going inside the removals van, so it needs to be clean and in good condition. Removals companies should have clean.


5. Local knowledge

This is arguably the most important quality to look for when choosing a removals company in London. Moving house in the capital can be very stressful, congested and time-consuming if you don’t have the right local knowledge. Your moving crew need to know which roads to avoid at peak hours, where parking permits are needed, congestion zone fees and lots more.

6. Response time

How long does the removals firm take to respond to your initial enquiry? If it’s ages, this isn’t a good sign for the future working relationship. You need speedy responses and a quick quote, because you’ve got the rest of your planning to do.

7. Helpful extra services

Moving home isn’t just about shifting boxes from A to B. It can be a complex logistical project, starting with packing boxes, cleaning your property and making sure valuables are wrapped up securely. If a removals company can offer an all-in-one package with these extra services, it’ll make moving day so much easier.

8. Tailored estimates and a pre-move survey

It’s better to get a quote for your move that is based on your particular circumstances, unless you’re only shifting a few boxes. If you’re moving the contents of a three-bed house, your removals firm should do a pre-move survey to give you a tailored estimate. If not, there’s always the danger that surprise extra costs could be added on.

9. A helpful ‘can do’ attitude

When you contact a removals company in London to ask for help or advice, you want a friendly, positive response. You don’t want hesitation when discussing a potential issue or setback, you need solutions. If it’s a close competition between two firms, choose the one that thinks on their feet and takes a proactive problem-solving approach.

Needless to say, Kiwi Movers ticks all of the boxes above! We’re your dream removals company in London, so give us a call on 020 8877 9682* to discuss your big move.

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How to pack for storage – a London storage expert guide

Storage is a great option for people in a huge range of different situations, whether moving house, renovating, downsizing or travelling. It can also be surprisingly affordable, but savvy self-storers will use a number of tips and tricks to save even more money.  This can be very handy in a city like London, where storage (like everything else) can be a little pricier than other parts of the UK.

Store less, save space and save money

The key to saving money on storage in London is space. There are usually a number of units available in a range of different sizes. You need to pick the unit that’s right for you – where it’s not so packed that you can’t find anything, but also without paying for extra space you don’t use.

The less space you use, the more money you save. To use less space, you need to store less stuff. It really can be that simple.

The first thing to do is to declutter before you store. If you’ve not even looked at it for years, are you likely to need it at any point in the future? If the answer is no and it doesn’t have sentimental or actual value, it has to go. You can even sell your unwanted items to raise some extra cash.

Packing advice for storage in London

If you pack smart, you’ll fit more in your unit and it’ll be more organised too. This makes it easier to access and find things, without a whole pile of boxes falling on you! Follow these smart packing tips:

  • Dismantle bulky items. De-flat-packing beds, wardrobes and sofas means that they’ll take up far less space in your unit. Put them in first, lining the walls with the different parts of your furniture.
  • Choose boxes of similar sizes. This makes it easier to stack them on top of each other. Also, only use sturdy boxes with no damage, as they’re less likely to collapse.
  • Fill your boxes to capacity (but not over). Filled boxes are sturdier and easier to stack, but resist overfilling or they could burst or split.
  • Pack everything in tightly, but leave a passage for access. Utilise every inch of space, but don’t forget about your access needs.
  • Consider using shelving. Provided it doesn’t take up too much space, shelving can help you maximise the height of your unit while still allowing easy access. Warehouse-style racking is widely available, not too expensive and doesn’t take up too much room.


Storage Tips for protecting valuables

As well as saving space, you also want to avoid damage to any valuable items you’ll be storing. The first way to do this is to choose storage in London very carefully. You need somewhere clean, dry, fully insured and completely protected with full security systems. If you have any antiques or fragile items, you should also check out any climate control features.

If you’re happy with the unit, it’s now time to get your items ready for storage.  Protect valuables with bubble wrap or cloth, or store in a sealable crate, to protect them from damage.

To find out about convenient storage in London or for more expert advice on storage solutions, contact the Kiwi Movers team by calling 020 8877 9682*.



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Man and Van Wandsworth to Chelsea – what it should cost and how long it should take

Moving from Wandsworth to Chelsea only involves a short hop over the Thames, a journey that can take as little as 15 minutes by road. For such a short journey (less than 3 miles), it simply isn’t worth calling in a full moving crew.

A far more suitable option for many house movers is man and van. This is especially the case if you don’t have much to move, but too much to lug onto a local bus or pack into the back of a taxi.

Man and van Wandsworth to Chelsea – how much will it cost?

The great news for house movers heading for new digs in Chelsea is that man and van for such a short trip is really affordable. The Kiwi Movers team charge just £75 plus VAT per hour (for off peak moves) for their man and van Wandsworth to Chelsea service. If you’re packed and ready, you may be able to get the move done in as little as an hour. This means that you’ll pay less than £100 for the whole service. This is a fantastic price considering that you get:

  • A team of experienced, professional movers – who treat your possessions with care, working speedily and efficiently
  • A fully insured, clean, spacious van in great condition
  • Comprehensive insurance for your possessions – in the unlikely occurrence that an item is damaged or broken, our insurance covers a replacement or reimbursement
  • Complete peace of mind – we guarantee that we’ll turn up on time and ready to move.


Get a quick quote for a man and van service

The dangers of cheaping out on your move

Of course, we know that you’ll want to save every possible penny on your house move. You’ll be looking for the cheapest possible options, but be careful. Cheap hardly ever means quality.

Not every bloke off the internet with a van is the right choice for your move. It could even turn out disastrously. What if the man and van doesn’t turn up at all, leaving you stranded on the pavement with all your possessions? This is particularly inconvenient if you have someone moving into your old place or you’ve taken time off work to move.

Other ‘worst case’ scenarios include:

  • Breaking down on the way
  • A filthy van causing your stuff to arrive covered in dust and dirt
  • Damage, breakage or loss of your possessions
  • Damage to your new home as your stuff is carelessly moved in
  • A move which takes far too long, when you’re billed for the time!
  • A man and van service that takes your money (or your stuff) and is never heard from again.


chelsea removals


If all of these send shivers down your spine, make a smart choice. Go for a reliable man and van Wandsworth to Chelsea service like Kiwi Movers. You simply don’t need the stress on moving day, so choose a 100% reliable, quality guaranteed service instead. Please call us on 020 8877 9682* to find out more.

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Two bed-house removals in London – What size van, how long does it take, how much does it cost?

What size van will you need and more…

So,  time to move house. You’ve made the smart choice and decided to look into using a London house removals service rather than trying to tackle everything yourself. It’s a sensible move because many people find that it’s way more work, sweat and stress than they realised. It can even end up costing more if your plans fall apart.

Budget will always be a concern with a house move, so how much on average does it cost to move house in London? Let’s take a look at a few useful points to consider for moving the contents of a two-bed house. This is one of the most common sizes of house moves – especially in London when space is at a premium.

Your stuff and how large a van you’ll need

The first thing to think about is how much stuff you actually have to move. This will affect how long the move will take, how big the moving crew is and crucially, what size of moving van will be needed. All of this will be reflected in the price.

You don’t need to worry about selecting the right van, as moving experts like Kiwi Movers will do all of that for you. All you need to do is provide as accurate an estimate as possible of how much stuff you have.

moving house quote banner

Let’s look at two-bed house removals in London, for example. If you have an average two-bedroom property that isn’t stuffed to bursting with clutter, you can expect to take up around 500-700 cubic feet in a removals van. Provide details of roughly how many boxes you’ll need as well as listing larger items of furniture. It can be a good idea to buy your boxes from the removals company. This means you can fill them and tell them exactly how many you have.

Of course, it goes without saying that a good way to save money is to reduce the amount of stuff you have. It could be time for a clear out, making you some extra cash and giving you a fresh start in your new place.

Distance travelled

Another thing that affects the price of two-bed house removals in London is how far you’re going. If you’re only going between neighbouring London boroughs, the journey will be quick and won’t cost as much. You can even consider hiring man and van services which charge by the hour. This is a good option if you don’t have much stuff.

Packing services

Don’t fancy packing everything yourself? If you’re prepared to pay a little extra, your moving crew can do all the legwork for you.

So, how much can you expect to pay?

Contact Kiwi Movers to get a free personalised quote for your move based on all of the factors above.

On average, people pay upwards of £500-£550 for two-bed house removals in London, not including packing. It can be well worth the money to know that every detail is covered – so you can put your feet up!

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How much does it cost to move house in London in 2019?

Planning a big London house move in 2019? How exciting! Now’s the time to start your planning, including choosing your removal company and looking at costs for the big day.

One question we’re regularly asked here at Kiwi Movers is – how much does it cost to move house in London? As London mover specialists, we’ve handled hundreds of house and office moves in the capital. We know just what’s involved, including the challenges of navigating the congested London streets and the times when it’s cheaper to book in your move.

Moving in London compared to the rest of the UK

As all Londoners know, everything in the capital is more expensive than in the rest of the UK. On average, it can cost between £300 and £650 for a basic house move (without extras like packing) in Newcastle, whereas in London it can range from £330 up to £700 or more. Some estimates go all the way up to £2,000 for a large house move.

Moving house in West London? 020 366 89726 for a quick quote

What affects the costs of moving house in London?

Asking how much London house moves cost is similar to asking how long a piece of string is. It varies hugely, depending on a number of crucial factors:

  • The size of your home. One-bed flat moves, for example, will be a lot cheaper than three-bed house moves.
  • Ease of access. If there are lots of stairs, it will inevitably take longer than moving the contents of a bungalow.
  • Distance to be travelled. If you’re moving between neighbouring London boroughs, this will be cheaper than travelling outside of the capital.
  • The amount of stuff you have
  • The number of people needed to complete your move
  • When you plan to move. You can save money by moving during an off-peak time such as a weekday outside of any holidays.
  • Whether you’re moving anything particularly bulky, heavy, valuable or tricky to move. This can mean that specialist equipment will be needed.
  • Any challenges associated with either property (i.e. a window needs to be removed to get a sofa out).
  • Other factors such as parking permits (often needed in London).


You can save money by sorting out your own boxes, doing your own packing and choosing a nice, quiet time for your move.

Regan wrapping in the kitchen Personalised quotes are essential

Every house move is different. It’s important to get prices based on the exact details of your move, including the distance to be travelled and all the other points above.

Ahead of moving house in London, you can expect your removal company to carry out a consultation and home visit. This is where they’ll gather all this info, and use it to give you a personalised quote.

This is very useful, as it means no nasty surprises when it comes to the cost. If your movers know exactly what to expect beforehand, they can give you an accurate estimate that covers the exact work to be done.

Simply give us at Kiwi Movers on 020 8877 9682* to arrange a consultation and to find out how we can make moving house in London a doddle.

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Five signs a London removal company might be ripping you off

Worried about getting ripped off by less-than-reputable London removals companies? We’re here to help you avoid any potential pitfalls. Here are our five top signs to watch out for that a removals firm could be ripping you off…

1. They can’t show you evidence of insurance cover

No insurance, no move. This should be your motto when looking for London removal companies. Full insurance is protection for you and your belongings, as well as for the company. If something is damaged or broken, you need reassurance that the mover’s insurance will cover it. If a company has the right insurance, there should be no problem proving this to you before you make your decision.

Moving house in West London? 020 366 89726 for a quick quote

2. They won’t give you an estimate

If a London removal company won’t give you even an estimated figure for the cost of the move, why would you consider using them? This is very suspicious, and not at all good practice. Look for companies like Kiwi Movers who provide detailed estimates. This will outline the full service, any extras and use accurate information from you in order to come up with their quote.

3. You don’t get given an itemised receipt

What exactly are you paying for with your move? This is what an itemised receipt can tell you. It will give you a clear, transparent list of everything you’ve paid for, including time taken and amount of stuff moved. It should cover extra services you’ve agreed to. It’s also a record of the service provided, which you may need if you later discover a problem (i.e. damage to an item)

4. They aren’t based in London but advertise as a London removal company

The problem with this is that companies based many miles away may advertise as London removal companies, but then farm the work out to someone else. This ‘someone else’ could be a complete amateur without the skills, experience and local knowledge that the initial company promised. The whole point of hiring a professional mover in a city like London is not just to hire someone with a van and the time to shift your boxes. It’s to find someone with experience of the unique challenges of moving in London.

5. The initial price is super low

A cheap price on its own doesn’t necessarily mean that a London removal company is ripping you off. However, it should ring some alarm bells. After all, there’s a difference between a good value price and a ‘too good to be true’ mega cheap price. When it comes to the latter, there’s a chance there may be hidden costs sprung on you later. Some poorly reviewed moving firms will quote a super low price to win your business, then add on loads of extras when you get your final bill. This isn’t cool, which is why Kiwi Movers gives you a clear picture of the full costs at the outset.

Take your time choosing a removal company and always look at online reviews. If you have questions, ask away! Give the Kiwi Movers team a call on 020 8877 9682* to get your burning questions answered and to find out how we can help with your move.

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The best moving hacks on YouTube

Moving house can sometimes turn out to be a bit of an ordeal, but not if you do some clever prep. For tips on packing and moving in style and without breaking a sweat, it’s the internet to the rescue!

Let’s take a look at the best moving hacks we could find online. They won’t change your life, but they could make moving day so much easier.

Make handles in all of your boxes

A top tip by Dave Hax is to make handy handles for all of your moving boxes to make them easier to carry. It takes just seconds and the use of a knife or pair of scissors to do. All you need to do is cut three sides of a rectangle and fold upwards and voilà! Handy handle. Just don’t make it too wide or large or you could destabilise the structure or strength of the box. This moving hack is only useful if you’ll be shifting boxes yourself, as removals companies are fine to move boxes using their own equipment.

Use towels and sheets to wrap your plates

This is another of the many useful moving hacks in the Dave Hax video above. Why save up newspaper or buy loads of packing paper when you can wrap your breakables in sheets and towels that you’re already transporting?

Don’t take your clothes off the hangers, just wrap them in bin bags!

You could waste hours removing clothes from hangers, folding and packing them, and doing the same thing in reverse in your new place. In this simple but effective moving hack, all you need to do is pull a bin bag up over a bunch of clothes on hangers and tie it at the top. Just leave the hook of the hanger peeping out. This means you can bag it, unhook, pack and then simply hang back up again at the other side.


Use every empty vessel you have and save on boxes

The next of the moving hacks in the video above will save you a small fortune on moving boxes and save space at the same time. Use what you already have and bring suitcases, laundry hampers, bags and more into service for packing. You can even fill shoes with socks, make up bags with toiletries and buckets with cleaning supplies and knick-knacks.

Take a picture of your electronic setups and put all electronics in one place

It can be a nightmare trying to remember how all your various wires and cables plugged into the back of that device. There’s an easy fix – take a picture of the setup on your phone, as per this handy hack. Then, keep all electronics in one box or bag, then you know exactly where to find everything.

Remember, moving doesn’t have to be stressful if you’re prepared! And a great removals company can make it so, so much easier. Give the Kiwi Movers team a call on 020 8877 9682* for a chat on how we can simplify and streamline your move.

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