This month we say goodbye to a top man and one of the most professional team members we have ever had at Kiwi. To sign off he topped the charts (again) last month and here are a few parting thoughts:

Date you joined Kiwi Movers?  January 2013

Full Name?  Simon Blayne de Vries

Nickname? At kiwi! Tahi 

Place of Birth?  Invercargill

What is the most interesting move you have done at Kiwi Movers?  Moving the CEO of Arsenal was interesting. Also moved a movie prop from war of the worlds which only just fitted in truck.

Interesting Fact About Yourself?  I’m from a place in NZ’s southwest corner making me further from London than almost anyone your likely to meet. I also own an award winning sheep dog.

Hobbies?  Almost all sports. Rugby, cricket are among my favourites. I also enjoy reading and cinema

Which Rugby team do you support?  Waiau Star,Wasps, Stags, Highlanders, All Black’s’s and anyone playing Aussie.

What do you enjoy most about working for Kiwi Movers?  Travelling about London and the home counties are good but the crew you work with on the jobs and in the office are second to none.

Best place you’ve travelled to so far in Europe?  So hard, the Netherlands and Turkey were massively special. Croatia probably gets the nod for a fun time.

Any advice to the new guys? Ask questions, listen and watch the experienced guys. Also take your time so as not to damage anything.

Famous last words?  Thanks to all that made my time at Kiwi the great experience it was. Blast off team rocket.

Ka kite ano