Moving home can be a stressful process at the best of time with not least the added complexities of moving home safely during the coronavirus pandemic. The good news is that we now have a lot of experience with this and it’s actually a very safe process.

Planning your move

The first step when choosing a removal company is to get some quotes. Traditionally a surveyor would visit your home, but many companies now offer a video service. This is something that Kiwi Movers has been doing for sometime and is fast becoming the preferred option of our clients. It is convenient and can be a little less intrusive than having lots of people come to your home if you are getting multiple quotes. The video quote is surprisingly accurate and if there is any doubt a surveyor can always do an onsite visit at a later date.

Once you have selected your removal company you will just need to make the normal preparations you would for any move. Get everything packed up, get rid of any unwanted items and arrange all the services. For more information about preparing for your move check out our handy FAQ section.

Moving Day

The main consideration for moving home safely during coronavirus is practising social distancing where possible. On your moving day this won’t always be easym, but maintaining a 1m distance should be possible. Our team do not wear masks when moving for the simple reason is it restricts breathing when working hard. Our team will keep a safe social distance though and work in pairs to form a bubble. At the start of each day they also use a temperature scan and having hand wash and paper towels in their trucks. Going to and from work we have limited the use of public transport by using private vehicles or biking.

If you are shielding or do have an underlying condition that may may you susceptible to coronavirus then we recommend following the relevant government advice. You don’t necessarily have to be present during the move. You could also wait a period of time to enter your new home or touch the boxes etc.

Ultimately we have found applying good old common sense ensures peace of mind and moving home can be done safely.

For more information, please feel free to contact us