Name: Dalena Dennison
Home town: Auckland, New Zealand.
When did you start with Kiwi: October 2014.
What was your previous job: Elite Personal Trainer at Enhance HQ in Brisbane, Australia.
What have you found most challenging about your job: Dealing with the maintenance for the Trucks and Transit Vans. This is an area that was new to me. I would usually take my car to my dad and he would sort it out for me! Now though, I have a pretty good understanding about them and we have great a great support team. It helps having a fleet of pretty much brand new vehicles though!
What is the most rewarding part about your job: There are so many things I like about my role. I get to see different type of removals being done, and I get to work on the jobs with the guys and with a great bunch of great people. Most of all though, I get to see places in and around London that not many people get to see.
Most interesting thing you have done at Kiwi: Doing removals in London is always interesting and poses it’s own unique challenges. Being in charge of a team of 30+ is a little more than the normal rugby team I’m used to though.
What does your average day consist of: My days are always different and challenging which is why I enjoy it so much. There is never a day that is the same.
You are quite an accomplished sportswoman, tell us about your sporting achievements: Australian Women’s 7s and 15s Rugby Representative. Earlier last year I had the pleasure of Captaining my side on a tour to NZ which then lead me to Represent Australia at the 2014 Women’s Rugby World Cup. In previous years I played State Basketball and was awarded a Golf Scholarship at the age of 14.
Best place travelled: I love travelling and I have seen so many beautiful places but “home is where the heart is!”.
Interesting Fact: I have two cousins who have/currently represent Australia in Rugby and Basketball. My father is one of 18 and my mother is one of six. I am yet to meet all of my extended family.
Any advice: Have an open mindset and take time to reflect on everything you do.
Why work for Kiwi: Great bunch of people, flexibility to travel and as a female it is very rewarding knowing you can keep up with the boys when you need to :-)