There’s no hard and fast rule to planning a smooth office move. It can take months of planning and organisation, not to mention the logistics of actually moving on the day.

You can always ask your employees to chip in and do their bit. But chances are, if you’re an SME based in London, you’d prefer staff time wasn’t spent packing computers and hauling heavy boxes. It’s bad for morale. And it’s worse for insurance reasons.

So if you’re planning a big office move in the near future, here’s a few helpful things the guys at Kiwi Movers can do.

Experts on site

One of the biggest stresses on moving day is making sure equipment gets from A to B without damage, loss or hiccups that may disrupt business as usual.

That’s why we’ve got our expert team of moving professionals at hand. They’re trained to make sure all office equipment, including archives containing sensitive information, are safely packed and secured during the office move. We can also insure your valuables during the move.

Dismantling/rebuilding of office equipment

Chairs, desks, cabinets, the lot.

We offer a full dismantling/rebuilding service for all office equipment. It means that, on the lead up to moving day, you don’t need to waste valuable working hours on prepping furniture and sorting out desks. Instead, our team will do the leg work – including rebuilding furniture at your new office – so your staff can keep on track, with minimal interference.

Crate hire

If you haven’t had the chance to pre-order boxes and packing materials, don’t sweat it.

As part of our service, we offer crate hire to help make the move as smooth as possible – especially for expensive or delicate equipment. We can also deliver it on-site and help do the packing.

Computer and IT relocation

We’ve already mentioned the importance of expensive equipment. It’s not just costly if things go wrong. It can also have a negative impact on your staff’s workload and require additional IT resource to keep your business afloat.

To keep things simple, we offer two types of service here: either an IT check-list (to make sure everything arrives on site) or a full IT relocation (meaning it’s our responsibility to pack and deliver your equipment). The choice is entirely up to you.

Peace of mind

Okay, so we said there were no hard and fast rules. But if you’re planning a London office move in the near future, here’s a few steps to get started:

  1. Contact us (either through an online form or by phone) for a free quote and to discuss your options
  2. Choose a moving date (we can do out of office hours, if that helps)
  3. Book a day off and relax. We’ll get on with the heavy stuff

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