Moving to a new city is stressful enough without throwing a job hunt into the mix too.

Most of us at Kiwi Movers have been there already. So we know a thing or two about throwing yourself into the ring and finding a new job that makes you feel happy and content in your new city – whether you’re looking to climb the career ladder or you’re just after some casual work to pay the bills.

We won’t pretend to know everything about securing a job in London. But here are a few tips we’ve picked up along the way.


Sign up to local recruitment agencies

It might seem pretty obvious, but signing up to local recruitment agencies can make a huge difference when it comes to landing that new job.

Sure, most jobs are posted online – but a lot of recruiters barely have time to create digital advertisements before they snap up the right candidate. So if you’re already on their radar, it’s much easier to get a competitive advantage over other applicants.

Choosing a recruitment agency that specialises in your sector (e.g. digital, finance, accounting, construction) will help to make things easier as well.

Our friends Kiwis in London – follow them on Facebook – regularly post job openings too.

Freshen up your Linkedin profile

A good CV is essential for making an impression on a recruitment agency. The next step, however, is an updated, gloriously comprehensive Linkedin profile which shows off all your wonderful talents.

There’s plenty of useful blogs about how to create a knock-out Linkedin profile. We won’t pretend to do them justice. A couple of our favourites (not that we’re looking, of course) come directly from Forbes and the Huffington Post.


Work out your ideal commuting distance, and go from there

It’s not necessarily the most obvious point on our list. But in a city as vast as London, it’s a good idea to isolate the areas you’re interested in the most and go from there.

Focus on the zones that are easy to reach and explore the city’s seemingly endless array of transportation options. It might be the first important step to working out which jobs are worth applying for. And which ones can be left by the way side.


Moving to London

Well, we’re not saying it’s easy moving to London and finding a new job. But hopefully we’ve given you a few ideas to help make the hunt a bit easier.

Good luck!

What are your tips for finding a new job in a new city? Have we missed anything off our list?

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