No two moves are ever the same, and the Kiwi Movers have loaded some weird and wonderful things onto our removal company vehicles over the years.

We’re proud to be able to move many things that other removal companies are unable to, simply because they don’t have the equipment or the right specialist experience. Or in some cases, they don’t have the insurance – whereas we’re fully insured for a huge range of different items.

The amazing things we can move

Want to move a piano, hot tub or a giant king-size bed? That’s no problem for the Kiwi Movers team, as we’ve handled these kinds of items in many moves, handling and delivering everything with care and professionalism.

A particular specialism that our team is known for is valuable artwork and antique furniture. These are the items that you’ll be most worried about before your move, as they are often fragile. Many items are expensive or immensely valuable, or maybe they have sentimental value or are centuries old.

You absolutely don’t want to be trusting precious items like these to any old man and van you’ve found on the internet. You need a removal company with specialist experience, full insurance and the right equipment.

Removal Man Checking Painting in Living Room

Moving offices and trade show setups

As well as house moves, Kiwi Movers is also a dab hand at office/IT relocation and the setup for trade shows and exhibitions. No project is too ambitious. You can arrange a consultation with us where we take in detailed information about what is to be moved and your timescale. With this, our experienced project managers can come up with a watertight plan and a schedule for the move.


We know that big moves like this can be a real hassle. Office moves already cause disruption, and time equals money no matter what business you’re in. We’ll do our utmost to complete the move quickly, efficiently and with as little fuss as possible. We’re logistics specialists, so leave all the planning in our capable hands.

What we won’t move – and no professional movers should!

We won’t tell you that we can move just about anything. This is because there are some things that no professional removals companies worth their salt would touch. These include:

  • Pets and live animals
  • Hazardous materials – for example, chemicals, highly combustible or flammable materials and anything containing asbestos
  • Firearms without the right paperwork
  • Large sums of cash
  • Dead bodies – just don’t ask! This one’s a job for the funeral directors.


We won’t move any of the above for obvious reasons. It’s either not safe, not legal or another professional should be handling it. Ask us about anything else though and we’ll see what we can do.

Part of the service with our removals company is for an expert to conduct a survey of your property, so they can list everything to be moved. During this, they’ll flag up anything that might be an issue. You can also ask questions about anything you’re not sure of.

Give us a call on 020 8877 9682* to arrange your consultation and get started planning your move!