Storage in London

When looking at storage in London you need to decide what suits your interests and needs; will you need long term storage, 24/7 access or once your goods have left your house will you be happy to see the back of them for a years’ time?! You will need to decide whether you require containerised storage or self storage in London.

The differences…

In containerised storage your goods are stored in containers, generally with a volume of 30ft2. The containers are fully waterproof and made of timber. One major positive about containerised storage is that it is cheaper than self storage as the containers are stored off site to avoid the high costs of being in London. Although they are stored offsite they will have a drop off/pick up yard in London. One consideration though about containerised storage is you have to give at least 72 hours’ notice to gain access to your container/s; this is to allow time for your container to be brought back to the London yard, on top of this there will be a £15-£20 fee per container whenever you require access. Containerised storage suits those people who a looking for long term storage (three months or more) and will not require access.

Self storage offers more freedom and flexibility. You can request a unit based on exactly what you require; units start as small as 10ft2 which will fit two boxes up to 300ft2 in volume which will fit a four bedroom house, some facilities offer even bigger 600ft2 units. A positive about self storage in London is you have 24/7 access; you will be given a unique code to enter the storage facility and your unit. The potential downside to this flexibility is that self storage in London is generally more expensive than containerised storage, especially long term. Self storage in London suits those people that frequently require access and/or will only be there for a short space of time.

A lot of removals firms will offer both containerised storage and self storage in London. If you’re still undecided about what type of storage in London you require have a chat to your local removals firm.

Jake George

Move Manager