Planning a big London house move in 2019? How exciting! Now’s the time to start your planning, including choosing your removal company and looking at costs for the big day.

One question we’re regularly asked here at Kiwi Movers is – how much does it cost to move house in London? As London mover specialists, we’ve handled hundreds of house and office moves in the capital. We know just what’s involved, including the challenges of navigating the congested London streets and the times when it’s cheaper to book in your move.

Moving in London compared to the rest of the UK

As all Londoners know, everything in the capital is more expensive than in the rest of the UK. On average, it can cost between £300 and £650 for a basic house move (without extras like packing) in Newcastle, whereas in London it can range from £330 up to £700 or more. Some estimates go all the way up to £2,000 for a large house move.

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What affects the costs of moving house in London?

Asking how much London house moves cost is similar to asking how long a piece of string is. It varies hugely, depending on a number of crucial factors:

  • The size of your home. One-bed flat moves, for example, will be a lot cheaper than three-bed house moves.
  • Ease of access. If there are lots of stairs, it will inevitably take longer than moving the contents of a bungalow.
  • Distance to be travelled. If you’re moving between neighbouring London boroughs, this will be cheaper than travelling outside of the capital.
  • The amount of stuff you have
  • The number of people needed to complete your move
  • When you plan to move. You can save money by moving during an off-peak time such as a weekday outside of any holidays.
  • Whether you’re moving anything particularly bulky, heavy, valuable or tricky to move. This can mean that specialist equipment will be needed.
  • Any challenges associated with either property (i.e. a window needs to be removed to get a sofa out).
  • Other factors such as parking permits (often needed in London).


You can save money by sorting out your own boxes, doing your own packing and choosing a nice, quiet time for your move.

Regan wrapping in the kitchen Personalised quotes are essential

Every house move is different. It’s important to get prices based on the exact details of your move, including the distance to be travelled and all the other points above.

Ahead of moving house in London, you can expect your removal company to carry out a consultation and home visit. This is where they’ll gather all this info, and use it to give you a personalised quote.

This is very useful, as it means no nasty surprises when it comes to the cost. If your movers know exactly what to expect beforehand, they can give you an accurate estimate that covers the exact work to be done.

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