The internet and the popularity of online review sites has made it easier than ever to complain – about everything from companies and products to services and experiences. But when is it legitimate and indeed necessary to make a complaint about a removals firm? What’s the difference between a niggle based on unreasonable expectations, and a serious issue in need of investigation? Let’s take a closer look.

When you should complain

When you use a removals service, you expect and should receive a certain level of service. If the service falls short in any of the following ways, you have the right to make a complaint:

  • Arriving late

Every moment counts during moving day, and arriving later than the pre-arranged time is simply unprofessional.

  • Damaging items

All movers have insurance to cover damage, so you should always raise the issue if you spot a damaged item. It’s a good idea to have an inventory (with photographs) just in case you need to prove that the item was undamaged before the move.

  • Losing items

Just like with damaged items, always contact your movers if something goes missing. Their insurance should cover it, so you won’t be left out of pocket.

  • Rudeness/bad manners

There’s just no need – moving day can be stressful enough! The Kiwi Movers crew are known for being a super friendly, helpful bunch, which is as it should be.

  • Slowness/taking way longer than planned for no good reason

Removals is an art form, which needs to be planned and executed with the utmost efficiency. It’s all to minimise disruption for you, and to complete the move on schedule. If your movers are sluggish, make sure you complain – especially if the extra time costs you extra.

Do you have reasonable expectations?

When using any service, it’s important to have reasonable expectations as to the service you’ll receive. If you’re not sure about anything, always ask in advance. Find out all you can about the removals firm and the service they offer, so you’re not disappointed further down the line.

Areas where complaints could be considered nit-picking, which are not likely to be upheld, include:

  • Bookings not being held indefinitely

Removals specialists like Kiwi Movers are known for being flexible when it comes to moving day. They are able to pencil in dates, and possibly move dates if notice is provided. However,  they can’t hold unconfirmed bookings forever. Most firms get booked up very early, so they have to take firm bookings with deposits to avoid wasted time and manage their resources.

  • Charging more than expected – when it’s your fault

A company which adds nasty, unexpected fees onto the final cost will always lead to complaints. This isn’t on, and it’s not how a responsible removals firm should operate.

However, you can’t really complain when extra charges are caused by your error or mistake. For example, if you have a lot more stuff to move than you said, or you’re not in at the arranged arrival time. If you’ve left a full removals crew sitting about for hours, or they have to do an unexpected second run, it’s understandable that there would be an extra cost.

  • The service was more expensive than man and van services you’ve seen

This is like comparing apples and oranges, as these are very different services. Man and van gives you access to a vehicle and a spare pair of hands, while removals is a specialist service carried out with skill and expertise. Removals firms also offer higher levels of customer service, full insurance and extra services such as packing, cleaning and removal of specialist items.

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