It’s safe to say the team at Kiwi Movers have made their home in London. We know this city inside out. But we’re always looking for new and interesting places that remind us of being back in New Zealand – whether it’s a good cup of coffee, or some great pub grub.

So if you’re new to this wonderful city of ours  (or craving proper Kiwi cuisine) here are our favourite restaurants and cafés in London.

The Providores

Founded by Kiwi Peter Gordon, this lovely fusion restaurant combines the best of European cuisine with world-famous New Zealand wine.

It’s located on Marylebone High Street – which is worth the trip in itself – and serves up a hearty selection of everything from beef pesto to miso-baked aubergine. There’s a seriously good weekend brunch menu too.

Ozone Coffee Roasters

There’s plenty of coffee chains to keep you up to your eyeballs in half-caf mocha lattes in London. But if you want some seriously good coffee, then head over to Ozone.

This lovely place started back in New Zealand, with owners Jamie and Karen Hodson opening a boutique roastery in New Plymouth. Soon, Ozone expanded and eventually took up residence in Shoreditch, becoming one of the best-known artisan coffee places in the community.

P.S. Ozone has a great blog too, if you’re interested.

Ben’s Canteen

Anywhere that specialises exclusively in burgers, wine and brunch is great in our books.

So, if you’re looking for pulled pork nachos and craft beers, then you’re going to love Ben’s Canteen. It’s like the best of worth worlds: you get the relaxed atmosphere of a local pub, but all the wonderful home-comforts from down under.

Did we mention the wine list? Seriously, have a look.

Sacred Coffee

Sacred Coffee is on a mission to bring Antipodean-style coffee and grub to London.

Back in 1992, Sacred Coffee’s owner Tubbs developed a taste for cafe culture whilst still at university in Wellington. But on a trip to London – over ten years later – he realised something was amiss. You’d be hard pushed to find a great flat white, the kind that defined the artisan coffee scene back in New Zealand. So he decided to do something about it

Sacred Coffee opened in 2005 and quickly became the first gourmet roast in the city. And since then, it’s been serving up fantastic Kiwi-inspired coffee and specialty teas from across the world.

Where to find the best New Zealand food in London

We’ve got a big soft spot for things that remind us of life back in New Zealand. So we’re always happy when we meet Kiwi customers and can share our favourite haunts and hidden treasures in the city.

If you have any recommendations or places we’ve missed out, give us a shout and let us know.

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