It takes a brave man (or woman) who’s prepared to face the streets of London and make the move on their own. The traffic, the hustle, the parking tickets… but that doesn’t mean we can’t respect the effort either.

Whether you choose to move home in DIY-style, or enlist the help of yours truly, it’s never easy getting in and out of this city. Especially if you’re moving home, no less.

So if you’re still undecided about what option’s right for you, here are our best (and worse) reasons for embracing self-sufficiency in the moving process.


You can bribe friends with pizza (and optional beer)


We’ve all been there. You spend two years renting in London – arriving with nothing more than a worn-out suitcase and a bottle of your local’s finest – and suddenly you’ve collected enough stuff to give J.F Sebastian a run for his money.

Now it’s time to pack all your belongings up and enlist the help of your nearest and dearest.

We’d be lying if we said this can’t be fun. It’s a great chance to get everyone together and have a rummage through boxes and crates. Plus, if you’re a young student, we’d expect nothing less.


It feels like everything could break


One of the big worries for anyone moving house is making sure your stuff arrives at its new destination in a good state.

And part of this problem is to do with insurance. Despite the fact you’re more likely to damage your possessions during the move than any other time, most insurers won’t cover it – unless you use a professional removals firm. Preferably one that’s accredited.

If anything goes wrong, they’ll pay the costs and help make it right again. You’ll need to fill out a bit of paperwork if you do want to make a claim and if you’re taking you’re taking out additional cover in advance, you’ll need to declare the value of any expensive items.

It’s like having a safety net across the entire moving process.


You can have a good, ol’ fashioned clear out


We know everyone says moving is stressful – and sometimes it definitely is – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a bit cathartic too.

You get the chance to take an inventory of everything in your home and decide what’s important. And what really needs to visit the charity shop. If you’re moving home by yourself, then this is the best opportunity to de-clutter your property and get ready for the next big adventure.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t give you a helping hand too. Once you’ve done all the cleaning and sorting, we can collect the rubbish and take it where it needs to go – helping to make everything nice and simple.


You get a great workout


Carrying boxes up and down the stairs. Getting stuff in and out of the car. Maneuvering small children between the seemingly endless numbers of spiralisers and chocolate fondues.

Moving house is one of the most physically demanding tasks in our everyday lives.

And there’s the downside.

Getting all your stuff from A to B can be an exhausting job – physically, as well as emotionally. Now, if you like the sound of everything above, then you’ll be in your element. However, if you’re stuck for time and looking to make the move in the quickest, easiest way possible, then maybe it’s best left to the professionals.


The pros and cons of moving by yourself in London


We hope that’s given you a brief insight into the pros and cons of moving house by yourself.

Regardless of what option you choose, or even if you’re undecided, our team are here to help. Contact us for a free quote and we can see what option’s right for you.