There’s a saying you can only call yourself a New Yorker if you’ve lived in the Big Apple for at least 10 years.

Well, we’re not sure if the same rule applies to London. But we do know a few life lessons are crucial for anyone who wants to live and work here. And that’s because London has an almost contradictory quality – one which can leave you feeling inspired, invigorated, and (sometimes) downright infuriated all at once.

Anyway, that’s part of the fun.

The tube isn’t always the fastest option

It may sound sacrilegious. Or even unpatriotic. But the London tube, in all its grotty glamour, isn’t always the best way to get around the city.


Wait, isn’t this New York too?


No, we’re not suggesting you Uber it to work in the morning. We’re talking about the iconic London bus – and sometimes, it’s actually easier to beat the commute on one of these than standing on the tube.

This will depend on where you’re travelling to, of course.

Another reason to champion the bus is you’re more likely to get a seat, it’s cheaper, and you can still make phone calls and tweet stuff.

You can get around pretty easily just walking

Unless you’ve grown up in somewhere like Tokyo or San Paulo, then it’s hard not to feel like London is a shape-shifting metropolis – a place where new neighborhoods seem to spring up from nowhere every month.

This can be daunting at times. But the good news is that London can be manageable to navigate, even if you’re just travelling by foot.

If you’re new to this city and still need to get your bearings, check out these free walking tours available across London. It’s a nice way to meet other newbies too.

The best cultural sites are free

Remember when I mentioned New Yorkers? Well, they might have some world-class museums and galleries. But they also charge visitors a decent amount to hang around their collections of fancy nudes and Jackson Pollock’s.

London, on the other hand, has plenty of cultural sites that can be accessed without spending a penny. It’s a welcome surprise for tourists. And it’s nothing short of a blessing if you’re lucky enough to be living and working here.


What’s life like living in London

We’re always keen to hear from people who’ve made the move and are working and living in London. So, what have you learned so far? Share it with us on Twitter.