Great Service : Kiwi Movers

Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows I’ve moved recently – a lot.

First, I moved in with the boy. Then, I moved out. Then there was a temporary stay with a friend. Then a stint of flat-sitting for another. And finally, last month, the final move (for a long while at least!) into my fabulous palace with two wonderful girlfriends, up here in sunny NW London.

I’m not going to lie, it’s been fairly traumatic. Packing. Lugging. Transporting. Unpacking. Repeat. No fun at all. Especially when you’re loading and unloading into friends cars, bruising legs and breaking nails on a regular basis.

So last time, as I was on the 5th floor and tired, I decided enough was enough and enlisted the help of a moving service. I was a little bit tight on budget but wanted a good service (where nothing would get smashed or “lost”) so asked for recommendations on Twitter and checked out various reviews. In the end it came down to two – Aussie Man and Van, or Kiwi Movers. I ended up booking with the latter and when moving day came, I was hugely grateful I did.

First of all, they turned up precisely on time. The driver was friendly and we were chatting away like pals within minutes. I’d already started to shift some boxes, but he insisted on doing the rest so I went off to finish the boring admin duties I had to do, and within 10 minutes or so the van had been packed, my possessions secured and our journey underway.

We made our way across London, and at the other end the lovely Driver grabbed all of my boxes and again, refused to let me help (although I did sneak the odd bag in when he wasn’t looking). The paperwork was already drawn up so a quick exchange of cash and he was on his way – and even offered me a lift back up to the station so I could continue my chores for the day. What a Gent!

I don’t often mention things like this on TLLWTL but I genuinely was impressed with the service and would recommend Kiwi Movers to any of you looking to move – whether it’s the contents of one room or a whole house. Good service and good prices. What more could you ask for?!

JJ Miller

This Little Lady