Clapham is the perfect place for young people wanting to live and work in London.

Located closely to Brixton, there’s plenty of bars, restaurants, and nightlife – but with easy connections to central London through the Northern Line. In fact, you can reach the City within 10 minutes (just be prepared for things to be pretty busy).

If you’re renting on a budget, play close attention to which areas of Clapham you’re flat-hunting in. North Clapham, situated within the borough of Lambeth, will be more expensive than properties in Wandsworth.

This is all down to council tax but it’s still worth hunting around to find the right price to suit your budget.

Searching for properties

There are four distinct areas within Clapham: North, South, Old Town, and Junction.

Clapham North is particularly popular with students and young people, with less gentrification compared to other areas in the neighbourhood. It also has easy access to the Northern Line (a major plus for commuters).

But if you’re looking for Edwardian properties with farmer markets and artisanal coffee on your doorstep, then check out Clapham South. It has a real suburban feel and is particularly suited to families and trendy 30-somethings.


Things to do

If you ask most people what’s good about living in Clapham, they’ll tell you about the bustling atmosphere and nightlife scene in this neck of the woods.

We won’t pretend to do it justice here. Check online for more information (especially if you love cheesy 80s music, à la Infernos). Keep in mind, however, Clapham does have more to offer than clubs and bars. Clapham Picture House (SW4 0AT) is lovely for viewing a mixture of arthouse films and blockbuster hits. And if you want to enjoy the great outdoors with a picnic and plethora of dogs in tow, head to Clapham Common. You won’t be disappointed.

In terms of shopping, visit Clapham Junction for a greater variety of high-street shopping. You’ll find everything you need here, like Debenhams, Marks and Spencer, Waterstones, and Boots. There’s a nice selection of independent businesses too.


Moving house in Clapham

This neighbourhood is home to many Australians and Kiwis who’ve made the big move to London.

If this is your first time living abroad, check out international shipping before you start pricing out flight costs. You can also look into excess baggage services. This could help you save up to 70% than shipping your belongings by air, and it’ll arrive within 7-10 days. Much simpler than carrying it yourself.

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