There’s no shortage of choice when it comes to long-term storage in West London, but not all will be right for your needs. So, how do you make the right choice? Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t all come down to cost.

How to compare long-term storage in West London

The last thing you want is to be locked into a long-term storage contract when it doesn’t work for you. This is why it’s important to do a little homework and weigh up a few important points before making your decision. Run through this checklist when comparing storage facilities:

Location. Is it near to where you live? If you don’t need it to be close to your home, consider whether the facility has good transport links so you can pop in if you need to.

Access. Some storage facilities are only open 9-5pm, or otherwise have restricted hours. If you should need access at short notice or outside of these hours, you won’t be able to access your own property. This is why it’s always a good idea to look for facilities which offer 24/7 secure access, just in case.


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Security. When you leave the facility, you need to be 100% reassured that your property is completely safe. With this in mind, choose the option with as many levels of security as possible. For example, at Kiwi Movers storage, we offer individually alarmed units which also have full CCTV protection.

Clean and dry facilities. Not just any old empty space in a warehouse will do when it comes to storing your personal property, which may include valuables and items with great sentimental or family value. A leaky, dirty unit is simply not good enough. Look for modern, clean and dry facilities and make sure you visit before signing on the dotted line to check out the space for yourself.

Space. You shouldn’t have to pay for space that you don’t need or use, nor should you have to cram your belongings into too small a space – which inevitably means that you’ll never be able to find anything in the crush. Look for facilities which offer a range of different sizes and price options.

long-term storage in West London Why choose long-term over short-term?

Most people choose long-term storage over short-term because of their circumstances. Long-term suits people who are embarking on a long renovation project, are going travelling or working away or are moving house. If you simply don’t know when you’ll be ready to take your property back, long-term can help to take the pressure off. It can also be better value, especially if there is a discount for longer stays.

Considering Kiwi? What to expect from our storage service

Kiwi Movers is one of the top choices for long-term storage in West London because of our clean, modern facilities, available in a whopping 2,000+ units in handy locations across Chelsea, Battersea, Fulham, Twickenham, West Molesey, Wandsworth and Richmond. We have a storage solution to suit everyone, with flexible perks such as no minimum stay, discounts for long-term stays and units in all shapes and sizes. With Kiwi, your property is completely secure, safe and available to access 24/7. Give us a call on 020 8877 9682* to discuss what you need.