We all have a favourite coffee shop we stop at most days, a preferred hair dresser to get a cut and favourite sports team to support. Here at Kiwi Movers we have found that many clients also have a favourite style and make of furniture, the only problem is that half of the time the warehouse and showrooms are not based in the most accessible places and our clients live a number of hours drive away.

We have recently developed a UK wide network specialising in the delivery of furniture and packages in groupage/part loads nationwide. Our network is extensive and mean we can get your items delivered from the Isle of Skye to Lands End, or even overseas.
Our nationwide delivery service is still based around our personalised approach to place the customer experience at the core of what they do. We will load and unload your furniture using a protective covering and depending where you live, delivery time is between one and five working days.
The groupage service has been a practical delivery method for many of our commercial clients who specialise in boutique and contemporary furniture. They have customers nationwide and instead of delivering the furniture themselves they hand it over to us. It saves them the 10 hour drive, doesn’t cost the world and ensures it gets to their customer in the same condition it was when purchased.
If you have found some furniture on eBay or Gumtree but it’s at the other end of the country then this groupage service will be a cost effective and useful means of delivery.
To find out more about this service, whether it is for regular commercial deliveries or you just have a one off item. Please call us to speak with one of our friendly team on 020 8877 9682*.
Jake George
Move Manager