As the Kiwi Movers team know only too well, no two house moves are the same. Some are simple, with just a few boxes and a short hop across town with a man and van. Others are more complicated, which is why it makes so much sense to call the London removals professionals in.

Long-distance removals can be challenging, but they don’t have to be a hassle if you put a little extra planning work in.
Here are some expert tips to help your planning and make moving day run smoothly:

• Book your moving day well in advancekiwi movers 1

A busy London removals firm may have a last-minute window available for shifting a few boxes to the next borough over, but not for a move which will take a whole day. Book your moving day in advance and then you and your removals team will have plenty of time to plan, trouble-shoot and prepare.

• Start at the crack of dawn

Get your London removals team out and loading up their vehicle as early as you can get them out of bed. The roads will be quieter and you’ll have more time to complete the move.

• Build in a contingency

Moving often takes longer than you expect, especially with long-distance removals. This is often because it’s easy to underestimate the time everything should take. You may not factor in unexpected events and obstacles – like traffic, for example. This is why it’s smart to build a contingency into the schedule for moving day, and probably for the budget too.

• Should you move over two days instead of one?

For some long-distance moves, where there’s a whole four-bed house full of stuff to move, it’s overambitious to try to do it in one day. Instead, take the pressure off everyone and give yourself two days to complete the move instead of one. It may cost more, but it’ll save a heck of a lot of stress.

• Plan a schedule for the day

If you choose an experienced, specialist London removals firm like Kiwi Movers, your project manager will do this for you. They’ll be able to use their knowledge of when traffic will be quietest, which routes will be quickest based on congestion and roadworks and what times to set off. Take advantage of their expertise!

• Avoid rush hour like the plague

If you’ve only got a short journey to make, a delay of a few minutes because of traffic doesn’t make too much difference. But with long distance removals, it can disrupt the schedule of the whole day and put you hours behind. You should be planning ahead to avoid rush hour, as well as traffic caused by bank holidays, festivals, sporting fixtures and other special events in the capital. Get that calendar out and start researching when the roads are likely to be busy, or moving day could be an expensive, stressful washout.

Need help with long-distance removals? We’re the team to ask, as Kiwi Movers has carried out every kind of move imaginable. Give us a call on 020 8877 9682* to discuss your move and let’s start planning.