As the world’s foremost global city, London is at the epicenter of finance and culture, attracting highly successful people the world over. They may not live in London permanently, but these individuals will own or lease properties and come and go for work or pleasure, dividing their time wherever work or family takes them . To support this busy lifestyle, numerous lifestyle managers, property managers and concierge services have sprung up offering services ranging from basic travel services through to complete PA services on call 24 hours a day.

Lifestyle Managers

These type of services are essentially a private club or network that offer access to a unique range of benefits, whether it be social, business or travel. Very bespoke in the level of service they provide, individuals can choose what they want and to what level. Some people for instance might choose to use this as a full time PA service, especially if the provider has offices in different countries, while others may use the service for access to clubs, concert tickets or restaurant bookings. Rates are charged annually or monthly depending on the type and level of service you require. Within London, such service providers include Quintessentially, Bonvivant and Concierge London.

Card Services

Increasingly financial services are also providing personal services. American Express has long provided travel services with their Platinum Card  providing a very cost effective means to access travel services, such as airport lounges and many exclusive deals and upgrades. Banks to are trying to compete with the level of service they can provide, particularly for high net worth individuals who use Private Banking where they will host their clients at sporting events or provide membership to a concierge service through to simpler services for clients such as free travel insurance on current account cards.

Property Managers

A slightly different type of service and one that perhaps a lot more of us use, is that of a property manager. These are either specialist agencies such as Portland Brown or maybe run by departments within an estate agency, such as Marsh and Parsons. Typically these services work for a landlord, but they may also provide services to the client or tenant and as such arrange the utilities and facilitate relocation services as required.


Whether you’re a Russian Oligarch, Hedge Fund Manager, entrepreneur or professional in your industry, there is a range of options available. Time is precious and it could be that one of these types of services could make a difference in your life.

Kiwi Movers has built up a growing reputation amongst many of these service providers, from lifestyle managers to property managers, delivering services such as Removals, Storage, Shipping and Cleaning. We have established our reputation by providing extremely high levels of service, discretion and the ability to undertake work at short notice.

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