Moving in London and wondering how your move should be priced?

In this weeks blog I’m going to explain the pros and cons of a fixed rate and an estimated rate when moving in London.
Fixed Rate
When moving in London fixed rates are offered on larger moves (three bedrooms +), when the move will take the majority of a day to complete and the entire move is being completing by the removals firm (pack, load and deliver). The beauty of a fixed rate move is that it is fixed! If the removals truck gets stuck in traffic on the way to your delivery address then this won’t affect your final price. Fixed rate moves are however a little more expensive up front and if your move is completed in a lot less time than expected then you will not receive a refund. There can also be higher chance of breakages as the removals team can be under pressure to finish in a good time in order to make a decent profit.
Estimated Rate

For small two bedrooms homes or when there are only a few items being moved an estimated rate is generally offered. Estimated rates work in the customers favour if you plan on doing a lot yourself. This can include dismantling and reassembling furniture, bringing everything to the front room on the ground floor and even moving a few items in your car before the move. If you are also lucky enough to have a few friends help with your move an estimated rate may be your preferred option. A negative with estimated rates is that if there is a blow out (this is a removals term for something going wrong!) and the move takes longer than expected then you will feel the brunt of this when paying your final invoice.
The Bottom Line

Half the time we can’t be bothered but when moving in London ensure you read the small print and there won’t be any unexpected costs on completion.
Jake George

Move Manager