A few things not to forget when moving in London.

If you are moving house yourself or using a professional removals firm below are a few key factors that can make or break a move.

At least three quotes
Depending what is most important to you when moving you should ensure you receive at least three quotes before making a decision. Price is a major player when moving in London, but remember not to base your decision on this alone but also include the company’s professionalism, experience and testimonials.
It’s not rocket science but if you are packing yourself make sure do some research on the correct way to pack a box. If you are using a professional removals firm in London to move your goods ask them for some tips on packing. Don’t use the cheapest boxes available, they will most likely break open when lifted, which would not be ideal if it’s full of wine glasses!
This is pretty self explanatory but make sure you de-clutter before moving in London. The majority of removals firms’ prices are based on the amount of trucks and labour required. You don’t want to be paying for something to be moved that has been sitting in the back room unused for the past few years!
Finally, ensure all parties are aware of the finer details – date of move, start time, and chain times. These probably sound like the bread and butter but are quite often forgotten about!
Jake George

Move Manager