When you place your belongings in a short-term storage unit, you’re trusting them to the storage company’s care. But trust alone isn’t enough, which is why you should always check that the firm has full insurance cover in place.

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Is the insurance included in the price, or an extra?

This is one of the first questions you should ask when checking out short-term storage options. Some companies offer insurance as part of the price, while others have it as a bolt-on extra. It might be that the company offers basic insurance up to a certain level, but can increase the cover for an extra cost if you need it.

Take the time to understand the situation and don’t feel pressured into buying extra insurance on the spot. You can always shop around and see if you can arrange your own insurance for a cheaper price.

Cover for fire, theft and damage

If insurance is included in your short-term storage quote, it will likely cover the three main threats to your belongings. Just like car insurance, this is fire, theft and damage. Find out if there are any exceptions to this, read the small print and check the level of cover.

On a related note, you should always take the time to find out the security arrangements for your storage unit. Look out for high-tech features like individually alarmed units, video surveillance, key code access and number plate and face recognition. All of these features will help to keep your belongings safe, so that hopefully you never need to make an insurance claim.

Self storage How much are your belongings worth?

Before signing up for short-term storage, it’s well worth sitting down to make a detailed list of your belongings. You need to work out the rough value of everything and keep a record of it.

This is important, because a storage company may only offer a certain level of insurance cover. If the unit is destroyed by fire, for example – a worst-case scenario – will you be adequately compensated for your loss? It could be that the payout falls short of the true value of your possessions.


Valuable and hard-to-replace items

You should always tell the storage company about any items that are expensive or valuable. This includes items of sentimental value, that will be hard to replace. You should also mention anything that is particularly fragile or vulnerable to damage.

The short-term storage company may be able to offer you an increased level of insurance, or you can take out your own separate policy to cover these items.

In all likelihood, your possessions will be completely safe and sound in their storage unit. But it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and take responsibility for ensuring you have the right level of insurance cover from the outset.

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