Moving overseas is no small undertaking. Unless you have no possessions and are planning to start afresh, you’ll need to arrange for a house-load of items to be shipped overseas. There are quite a few things to consider with overseas removals. For example, the cost of shipping and protecting property from damage. There’s also the potential loss of items and the condition everything will arrive in on the other side to worry about.

Using an overseas removals company vs DIY

You may be tempted to arrange the shipping of your possessions overseas yourself. However, you’ll quickly find that this can be both complicated and expensive. You may be fine to move house in the UK by yourself and may even save money in the process, but for an overseas move it’s usually best to call in a specialist. A firm of international movers can handle everything for you, including:

  • Packing and wrapping to ensure no damage to your items
  • Door-to-door shipment of your stuff between transport hubs
  • Transit of your shipment by road, sea or air
  • Clearing customs, paying fees and other necessary paperwork and procedures related to international shipment.


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When you get a quote from an overseas removals specialist like Kiwi Movers, it’s all in. Every part of the process is included in the quoted cost, so all you need to do is sign up and pay the fee. Moving overseas will inevitably have a cost, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be stressful. Using a moving firm can take the hassle of arranging everything off your plate, so that you can focus on your other plans – and there’s likely to be lots to do if you’re moving abroad!

overseas removals company How to choose an overseas removals company

It’s important to select the right international movers to handle your job. After all, it’s pretty much your whole life that they’ll be packing up and shipping hundreds or thousands of miles! Here are some essential features and services to look out for:

  • Tracking – letting you check in on the progress of your shipment, which can offer great peace of mind
  • A dedicated project manager – to oversee every aspect of the move and to be there when you need to ask a question
  • A strong global network of trusted handlers
  • Flexible collection times that work for you
  • Ability to handle shipments of any size
  • Affordability – even when factoring in the convenience of using a comprehensive international removals service, it still needs to be affordable.
  • Full insurance to cover all of your belongings while in transit.
  • A door-to-door service at both the point of departure and the destination. It’s not a convenient service if you have to handle the final stage of the journey yourself.


For a quick quote on your move and to speak to a specialist international shipping project manager, call Kiwi Movers on 020 8877 9682*. We’re an experienced overseas removals company with the expertise to handle moves of all kinds and sizes. No matter where you’re moving to, we can help.