What removals options are available when moving between London boroughs, such as from Wandsworth to Southwark, and not halfway across the country? For journeys like this, it doesn’t always make financial sense to book a full removals crew and pay for a full day of their time.

If you need such a service of course, it is well worth the money. A professional removals team ensures that your move is smooth, stress-free and your belongings are protected. However, for shorter moves there is another solution that promises the same benefits but for a much more affordable price.


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Man and van Wandsworth to Southwark could be the answer

Man and van services are becoming increasingly popular with those making shorter trips with fewer boxes and bags to move. For example, those moving in or out of student accommodation, or furnished apartments.

It only takes around 30 minutes (depending on traffic) to move between Wandsworth and Southwark in inner London. This trip is so much easier with a smaller van and a driver who knows the London streets. Compare this to a full-size removals truck which would undoubtedly face problems with stopping and parking.

How much does man and van Wandsworth to Southwark cost?

The beauty of man and van services is there’s no fixed price or even daily rate. These services charge by the hour, so you only pay for the time you use. For a short move such as the half-hour drive over to Southwark, even including loading and unloading time, you could get the whole move done in as little as 1-2 hours.

Choose Kiwi Movers for your move and select an off-peak time, and you could be looking at just £75-£150 plus VAT. This price, a fraction of the cost of a full removals service and a fraction of the stress of hiring a van yourself, gets you:

  • Two experienced, capable movers
  • Expertise moving all kinds of items into and out of all kinds of spaces
  • Full insurance cover in case of breakages, loss or damage
  • A perfectly maintained, clean and spacious moving van
  • Loading and unloading on each side – a full door-to-door service.


man and van Wandsworth to Southwark The best reason to choose man and van? Complete peace of mind

Most people who use our man and van Wandsworth to Southwark team not only do so because of the affordable price, or the convenience of this flexible service.

They love it because when you use a trusted, reliable and specialist company such as Kiwi Movers, you get complete peace of mind. We will always turn up on time, deliver a professional, efficient service and give you excellent value for money. You just can’t guarantee this with a man and van you find on the internet, who may not even turn up at all.

Moving day can be stressful enough, so why take the risk that it could turn into a nightmare? Please get in touch with the Kiwi Movers team to find out more and for an instant quote.