Moving house can be expensive, so it’s important to keep costs down where you can. One massively overlooked area where savings can be made is in the removals service you choose.

Some people go for a full removals vehicle with a whole crew of movers, even if they don’t have much to move or aren’t going very far. These services tend to have a minimum charge of 2 hours or so, but what if you don’t need that long? You could end up paying for time you don’t use.

If you’re moving just a few minutes’ drive away, such as between neighbouring London boroughs, there’s a much cheaper and more convenient option. Man and van Wandsworth to Fulham services make a lot of sense for this less than 15 minute journey, and they could save you a bundle.

Man and Van Wandsworth to Fulham 1 Why choosing man and van is a smart move

Not everyone realises that man and van is a good option for house moves. They only think of man and van as a way to collect a Gumtree sofa from the other side of town or to take a pile of unwanted clutter to the tip after you’ve had a clear out.

It’s actually an amazingly convenient way to move house, as crucially – our man and van Wandsworth to Fulham services charge by the hour. You get the services of a competent mover (or two, if you need them) for as long as you need them, with no time or money wasted.

If you don’t have much stuff, all you really need is a standard van. A smaller vehicle will also find navigating the London roads easier, especially the traffic on the Wandsworth or Putney Bridges, among the busiest in London. And have you thought about parking? Finding somewhere to stop and unload once you arrive in Fulham is much, much easier in a van rather than a huge moving truck.

In short, you just don’t need as much fuss when you’re only moving 10-15 minutes away. You don’t need to wrap everything up three times in bubble wrap like you would on an hour-long journey where the risk of breakages is higher. All you need is a simple, straightforward way to get your stuff from A to B.

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How much does man and van Wandsworth to Fulham cost?

To keep your costs down, you can book your man and van service and only be charged for the time you actually use. Charges are by the hour, so a 15-minute drive over the Thames to Fulham and some time for loading, unloading and parking could bring the whole move in at just £75+ VAT. This is if you move off-peak, as it becomes more expensive during peak times when a lot of people are moving house or the roads become busy.

Cost is of course an important consideration when choosing a man and van Wandsworth to Fulham service for your move. However, you do need to be wary of cowboys or conmen advertising rock-bottom prices, as you’ll likely end up with a rock-bottom service too.

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