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Short distance removals in London – what’s the best way to relocate locally?

Let’s discuss relocating locally…

Moving locally and short distance moves can sometimes be harder to organise than a long-distance relocation. Some people find it difficult to choose the right solution, whether it’s a full removals service, man and van or tackling the move themselves. But what is the best way to move within neighbourhoods or London boroughs? Here’s why professional movers could be the solution for short distance removals in London.

Don’t fall into the DIY trap

If you’ve ever moved house yourself, you’ll know just how back-breaking it can be. With a few years elapsing between moves, it’s easy for the memory of how tiring, stressful and pretty awful that day was to fade. This can lead to you thinking – “we’ll just hire a van and do it ourselves, it’ll be easy and we’ll save money”.

In reality, it can make the move many times more stressful and difficult than it needs to be. And factoring in van rental and the very real likelihood of breaking or damaging items or property (or yourself!) along the way, it isn’t always a money-saver.

When it pays to bring in the professionals

There are a couple of questions to ask yourself when coming up with a plan for short distance moves. These are:

  • Do I have a lot of stuff? As a general rule of thumb, if you have at least two bedrooms or an attic/cellar full to bursting with stored items, you have a lot of stuff.
  • Do I have anything valuable? This could be expensive antique furniture, or something of great sentimental value like a family heirloom.


If the answer to either of these questions is yes, and for many people both will apply, then it could pay to bring the professionals in. A highly trained team of professional movers, experienced in short distance removals in London, can take a huge amount of stress off your shoulders. Choose the right team and you’ll drastically reduce the stress, cost and time spent on the move.

pencil in a move

Professional London removals companies like Kiwi Movers will take extra care with valuable items, drastically reducing the chances of damage. They know how to tackle logistical problems such as tight spaces or multi-floor moves, and they come fully insured for every eventuality for your peace of mind.

Planning short distance moves – which option to choose

The best way to start your planning is early and with a chat with a home removals specialist. You can provide the details of the move, including the new location, how much stuff you have and details of any valuables. The Kiwi Movers team can advise on the best option, from a full crew for short distance removals in London or a great value man and van service which charges by the hour. You’ll also be advised to book as far in advance as you can, avoiding bank holidays and other high-demand times. This is how you’ll get the very best price for your move. Get a callback from a Kiwi Movers specialist here.

You’ll be extremely glad you chose the professional London removals option on the day, when you see just how many heavy, bulky items come out of your house! All the stress and work is handled by someone else, so you can simply look forward to settling in your new place.

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Man and van Wandsworth to Southwark – what it should cost and how long it should take

What removals options are available when moving between London boroughs, such as from Wandsworth to Southwark, and not halfway across the country? For journeys like this, it doesn’t always make financial sense to book a full removals crew and pay for a full day of their time.

If you need such a service of course, it is well worth the money. A professional removals team ensures that your move is smooth, stress-free and your belongings are protected. However, for shorter moves there is another solution that promises the same benefits but for a much more affordable price.


Get a quick quote for a man and van service

Man and van Wandsworth to Southwark could be the answer

Man and van services are becoming increasingly popular with those making shorter trips with fewer boxes and bags to move. For example, those moving in or out of student accommodation, or furnished apartments.

It only takes around 30 minutes (depending on traffic) to move between Wandsworth and Southwark in inner London. This trip is so much easier with a smaller van and a driver who knows the London streets. Compare this to a full-size removals truck which would undoubtedly face problems with stopping and parking.

How much does man and van Wandsworth to Southwark cost?

The beauty of man and van services is there’s no fixed price or even daily rate. These services charge by the hour, so you only pay for the time you use. For a short move such as the half-hour drive over to Southwark, even including loading and unloading time, you could get the whole move done in as little as 1-2 hours.

Choose Kiwi Movers for your move and select an off-peak time, and you could be looking at just £75-£150 plus VAT. This price, a fraction of the cost of a full removals service and a fraction of the stress of hiring a van yourself, gets you:

  • Two experienced, capable movers
  • Expertise moving all kinds of items into and out of all kinds of spaces
  • Full insurance cover in case of breakages, loss or damage
  • A perfectly maintained, clean and spacious moving van
  • Loading and unloading on each side – a full door-to-door service.


man and van Wandsworth to Southwark The best reason to choose man and van? Complete peace of mind

Most people who use our man and van Wandsworth to Southwark team not only do so because of the affordable price, or the convenience of this flexible service.

They love it because when you use a trusted, reliable and specialist company such as Kiwi Movers, you get complete peace of mind. We will always turn up on time, deliver a professional, efficient service and give you excellent value for money. You just can’t guarantee this with a man and van you find on the internet, who may not even turn up at all.

Moving day can be stressful enough, so why take the risk that it could turn into a nightmare? Please get in touch with the Kiwi Movers team to find out more and for an instant quote.

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Man and van Wandsworth to Fulham – what it should cost and how long it should take 

Moving house can be expensive, so it’s important to keep costs down where you can. One massively overlooked area where savings can be made is in the removals service you choose.

Some people go for a full removals vehicle with a whole crew of movers, even if they don’t have much to move or aren’t going very far. These services tend to have a minimum charge of 2 hours or so, but what if you don’t need that long? You could end up paying for time you don’t use.

If you’re moving just a few minutes’ drive away, such as between neighbouring London boroughs, there’s a much cheaper and more convenient option. Man and van Wandsworth to Fulham services make a lot of sense for this less than 15 minute journey, and they could save you a bundle.

Man and Van Wandsworth to Fulham 1 Why choosing man and van is a smart move

Not everyone realises that man and van is a good option for house moves. They only think of man and van as a way to collect a Gumtree sofa from the other side of town or to take a pile of unwanted clutter to the tip after you’ve had a clear out.

It’s actually an amazingly convenient way to move house, as crucially – our man and van Wandsworth to Fulham services charge by the hour. You get the services of a competent mover (or two, if you need them) for as long as you need them, with no time or money wasted.

If you don’t have much stuff, all you really need is a standard van. A smaller vehicle will also find navigating the London roads easier, especially the traffic on the Wandsworth or Putney Bridges, among the busiest in London. And have you thought about parking? Finding somewhere to stop and unload once you arrive in Fulham is much, much easier in a van rather than a huge moving truck.

In short, you just don’t need as much fuss when you’re only moving 10-15 minutes away. You don’t need to wrap everything up three times in bubble wrap like you would on an hour-long journey where the risk of breakages is higher. All you need is a simple, straightforward way to get your stuff from A to B.

Get a quick quote for a man and van service

How much does man and van Wandsworth to Fulham cost?

To keep your costs down, you can book your man and van service and only be charged for the time you actually use. Charges are by the hour, so a 15-minute drive over the Thames to Fulham and some time for loading, unloading and parking could bring the whole move in at just £75+ VAT. This is if you move off-peak, as it becomes more expensive during peak times when a lot of people are moving house or the roads become busy.

Cost is of course an important consideration when choosing a man and van Wandsworth to Fulham service for your move. However, you do need to be wary of cowboys or conmen advertising rock-bottom prices, as you’ll likely end up with a rock-bottom service too.

Don’t forget about quality, reputation, training, insurance and professionalism. You’ll get all of this with Kiwi Movers, as well as a great value price. Please call us on 020 8877 9682* for a quick quote.

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Man and Van Wandsworth to Kensington – what it should cost and how long it should take

If you’re moving house and not going far, such as the short hop from Wandsworth to Kensington, you don’t necessarily need a full removals service. In fact, it could end up being far more expensive than you actually need. A man and van Wandsworth to Kensington service could be far more convenient and cost-effective.

Get a quick quote for a man and van service

Why consider man and van for your move?

The journey from Wandsworth to Kensington is only around 4.2 miles if you take the Wandsworth Bridge Road. A professional, reliable man and van team could complete this journey in under half an hour. For such a short journey, you simply don’t need to pay for unused space in a large moving truck or for a full team of movers to bubble-wrap every single piece of property you own.

This kind of service is really flexible, as you only pay for the time you use for your move. Our man and van Wandsworth to Kensington service here at Kiwi Movers charges by the hour – which includes a fast, efficient and ultra-professional team.

There are many circumstances in which man and van is clearly a winning choice, but here are just a few:

  • You don’t have very much to move, so it’ll all easily fit into a small to medium van
  • You don’t have far to travel, but no transport of your own
  • You’re moving out of (or into) a furnished flat, so you don’t have a lot of stuff
  • You’re a university student moving in or out of halls
  • You need to move but don’t fancy hauling your stuff on public transport!

How much does it cost for man and van Wandsworth to Kensington?

The great thing about this particular journey for house movers is that it’s short. Man and van services charge by the hour, so you won’t be paying very much at all for your move. Choose Kiwi Movers and move at an off-peak time, and you could pay as little as £75 an hour plus VAT. This gets you two strong, professional movers and a reliable, fully serviced van with plenty of space for your stuff. It also covers loading, unloading and comprehensive insurance, so that you can feel confident that all your belongings are covered during the move.

chelsea removals

What man and van really buys you though is peace of mind and a stress-free move, provided of course that you choose the right company.

Watch out for man and van cowboys!

The internet is stuffed full of ads for man and van services, especially on social networks. You need to be extremely careful when choosing a company for your move, as not everyone with a van is able to provide a reliable, secure moving service. Be wary of ‘too good to be true’ rates, as this could mean:

  • A clapped-out van
  • No insurance
  • An unreliable service – they may not even turn up!
  • Damage to your stuff.


When moving house, you need to keep stress to a minimum. You don’t want to be worrying about whether the team will actually turn up, or if your belongings will survive the journey. This is why we would always recommend choosing a quality, reliable service which offers complete peace of mind. Get in touch with the highly rated Kiwi Movers team for an immediate quote for Wandsworth to Kensington man and van services.

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A guide to moving house in Earlsfield, South West London

If you’re looking for a well-connected, picturesque corner of South West London, moving house in Earlsfield could be the ideal choice.

Earlsfield, tucked away in Wandsworth, is just three stops (less than 15 minutes) by rail to Waterloo, so it’s easy to get to central London for work or play.

While not as well-known as its neighbours Clapham, Battersea, Balham and Tooting, young professionals and families alike are starting to flock to Earlsfield – and stay there. The area offers great schools, picturesque terraced houses, plentiful shops and amenities, and a great choice of trendy bars and restaurants. If you’ve overlooked it in your property search, you could be missing out!

Moving house in West London? 020 366 89726 for a quick quote

Top spots in Earlsfield

If you’ve made your choice and D-day for moving house in Earlsfield is drawing near, it’s the ideal time to do your homework on the neighbourhood. Here are our tops tips to help you find your way on your first few weeks:

• Where to eat. Top restaurants in Earlsfield include The Jolly Gardeners (Masterchef winner Dhruv Baker’s eatery) on Garratt Lane, Italian favourite Il Girasole, Marina Fish and the great value Green Curry Thai Café. For something sweet, head to Cremoloso Gelato.

• Your new local. For a tipple to toast your home move, The Leather Bottle on Garratt Lane comes highly recommended.

• Shopping tips. For fresh produce, locals go to Wimbledon Park Farmers’ Market, and Southside Shopping Centre is right at the top of Garratt Lane.

• Other local highlights. There’s loads to do in the local area, from London’s biggest trampoline park Flip Out Wandsworth to King George’s Park, as well as the chance to catch a show at the Tara Arts Theatre.

If you aren’t sure where to head on your first day in Earlsfield, a safe bet is Garratt Lane where most of the area’s best venues are found.

Moving house in Earlsfield – practical tips

Come moving day, you want things to go as smoothly as possible. This is why so many people opt for London movers, as it can be so stressful shifting everything yourself!

moving house in Earlsfield

Earlsfield is no different to any other London area in that parking can be tricky unless you know where to go, and traffic is chaos at rush hour. Here are some handy hints to make moving day easier:

• Watch out for parking restrictions. Wandsworth Council has designated parking zones (viewable on their website) so it could be worth doing some research in advance to avoid being stung by parking enforcement.

• Avoid major events. Earlsfield isn’t far from Wimbledon and its famous All England Tennis Club, so avoiding moving in the first couple of weeks of July could be a good idea if you want to avoid the traffic.

• Consider using our reliable West London removals team. From professional packing of all your breakables to delivering the last box safely and efficiently at your new pad, the Kiwi Movers crew can handle it all. Please call us on 020 8877 9682* for a quote.

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A guide to moving house in Teddington, South West London

Moving house? Take a closer look at Teddington, a delightful riverside village in South West London. Teddington is right on the north bank of the Thames, offering family-friendly, leisure-filled living with a wealth of independent shops and cafes.

Teddington is a new London hotspot for families, but it is also known as a thriving media and science hub. Parks, conservation areas and leisure facilities only add to the area’s attractions for new residents, who live in mainly Victorian properties ranging from cottages to large detached houses.

If you work in the centre of London, you’ll find this suburb of the borough of Richmond upon Thames a very manageable 33-minute commute to London Waterloo.

Moving house in West London? 020 366 89726 for a quick quote

Teddington highlights – food, drink, shopping and more

If you’re moving house in Teddington, here are the essentials you need to know for your first few days. Where to eat, where to shop and what to do for fun. And of course, where to get a great pint or cocktail to celebrate your move.

Here’s our at-a-glance guide to Teddington:

• Cafes and restaurants
You really will be spoilt for choice when it comes to food and drink in Teddington. Fight the locals for a seat at the incredibly popular vintage-style café The Fallow Deer, or pick up something on the go from Sidra Patisserie or an ice cream from Flying Cloud (an airstream trailer by the Thames). In the evenings, the elegant French restaurant Retro Bistrot is a good bet, along with the award-winning The Kings Head, owned by Raymond Blanc’s White Brasserie company.

• Pubs and bars
Popular with locals is The Clockhouse, a refurbished pub on High Street, and The Anglers – a great summer pub on Broom Road. The Hogarth is a good shout for cocktails, along with tapas restaurant Bar Estilo. Just like with food, there are plenty more venues to choose from in Teddington if you like a tipple!

moving house in Teddington • Shopping
Teddington has a long high street, but is also known for it’s large number of independent retailers. Take your pick from vintage clothing and designer boutiques to charity shops and other unusual spots such as a cigar emporium.

• Parks and leisure
One of the most famous landmarks in Teddington is Bushy Park, the second largest in London after Richmond Park. This historic, 4,000-year-old park is home to a number of sports clubs, while also offering fishing, model boating ponds, the Pheasantry Café and a number of wildlife conservation areas for red and fallow deer along with many other species.

Top tips for moving house in Teddington

Whether you’re handling moving day yourself or using London movers to make the job easier, follow these top tips for moving to Teddington:

• Keep an eye on the calendar – as major events at nearby Hampton Court Palace, Twickenham Stadium and Richmond Park could have a major impact on traffic and congestion
• Avoid driving in peak times
• Be careful with parking, as much of the parking in Teddington is for residents. Look out for council-owned parking or secure a resident’s permit before your move.

As always, our West London removals team are always on hand to make moving day easier. If you need our help, give us a call on 020 8877 9682* for a quick quote.

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A guide to moving house in Chelsea, West London

Moving house in Chelsea, or moving to this exclusive part of London for the very first time? You’ll find a family-friendly village atmosphere, a fabulous cultural scene and a proliferation of mansion blocks and red-brick terraces.

This affluent, highly desirable area of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is a who’s who of London movers and shakers. Chelsea is also known for its large community of American residents, as well as famous former residents including The Rolling Stones, Oscar Wilde and Sir Laurence Olivier to name but a few.

Chelsea is a reasonably well connected part of London, with 5 nearby Tube stations and a number of handy bus routes. Plus, it’s just an 18-minute drive to central London.

Moving house in West London? 020 366 89726 for a quick quote


Local hotspots

During your first few weeks in Chelsea, you’ll need a few top tips to help you root out the best places to dine, play and shop. Here’s just a few of the local hotspots that any self-respecting Chelsea resident needs to know about:

  • Food and drink. Top spots for dining in Chelsea include Bluebird (a great place for cocktails too), Kurobuta Chelsea with its Japanese street food and award-winning gastro pub The Pig’s Ear. Great for breakfast is the Mona Lisa Cafe & Restaurant, while healthy organic fare can be found at Tanya’s Café on Ixworth Place. For drinks, Manicomio is a must-visit for cocktails, while the Ivy Chelsea Garden with its elaborate floral installations is a great place to impress a date.
  • Culture, sport and other fun stuff. If it’s an afternoon or day out you’re after, you don’t need to travel further than your own neighbourhood. Choose from one of the many independent cinemas, art galleries and theatres spread across the area. Highlights include the Royal Court Theatre, Saatchi Gallery and of course, the yearly Chelsea Flower Show in May. Meanwhile, sports fans can head to Chelsea Football Club in Fulham, on the border with Chelsea.
  • Shopping. Chelsea residents can take their pick from shopping on King’s Road or the higher-end Sloane Street, with its plethora of designer brands including Cartier, Jimmy Choo, Prada and Gucci.

Essential info for moving house in Chelsea

Moving house in ChelseaTo make your moving day a breeze, there are a few important points to bear in mind. Top of the list is to consider using professional London movers. Give our West London removals team a bell on 020 8877 9682* if you’d like to sidestep the hassle of moving house altogether.

If you’re not fazed by the challenge of packing, loading, driving and unloading, remember the following:

  • Parking can be tricky in this full, busy area, so allow yourself extra time to drive around and find a space to stop. And watch out for parking meters and ever-vigilant enforcement officers!
  • If a parking permit comes with your property, make sure you apply for it as early as possible – preferably in time for moving day.
  • If possible, reschedule moving day if it clashes with big local events such as the Chelsea Flower Show and the Live at Chelsea Show at The Royal Hospital.
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A guide to moving house in Islington, North London

Considering a move to the classy but understated borough of Islington, North London? You’ll be in excellent company, as the area has become a magnet for everyone from creatives and intellectuals to students and professionals in recent years.

Islington is fantastically well connected. There are ten Tube stops in the borough and plenty of handy bus routes, or you can avoid the rush hour crush by walking to the centre of the city in just 30 minutes. You can even hop over to Europe if you fancy it, as the Eurostar service at St Pancras is just on the border of the borough.

Local highlights

Anyone moving house in Islington will need the lowdown on where to eat, drink, shop and play. Here’s a quick snapshot of the best local highlights:

  • Where to eat. On your first night in Islington, you’ll need to know where to get a decent meal. The Memsaab Indian Restaurant on Westbourne Road comes highly recommended, or if you’d really like to push the boat out and celebrate your move to Islington – why not book a table at celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant on Westland Place, or Ottolengi on the fashionable Upper Street?
  • Your new local. Crucial to any house move is tracking down your new favourite local pub. For many Islington residents, a popular haunt is The Drapers Arms on Barnsbury Street with its cosy atmosphere, great beer and good food. Islington is famous for its nightlife so you’ll be spoilt for other venues, from the O2 Academy to the Everyman Screen on the Green cinema.
  • Shopping options. On your first Saturday afternoon in Islington, head to Camden Passage behind Upper Street for fabulous antique shops, vintage clothing and homewares.

Moving house in Islington

Before you can look forward to your first sip of an Islington pint or start immersing yourself in the local nightlife, you’ll need to get the actual house move out of the way.

Removal man unloading removal van Timing is crucial, or you could get snarled up in local traffic on what can already be a stressful day.

As when moving house anywhere in London, avoiding rush hour traffic is essential. Make sure to check that your move doesn’t clash with events such as the Wimbledon Tennis Championships or local events such as the Angel Canal Festival in Islington.

Remember that the same parking rules apply in Islington as in other parts of London, and traffic enforcement can be just as ruthless. Islington residents can apply for parking permits, so it may be best to do this before moving day if possible.

Another point to consider is the house or flat itself. Islington has plenty of Georgian and Victorian terraces, some of which don’t have the widest doorways and staircases in the world. It also has affordable housing in the form of tower blocks, so you’ll either need a lot of puff or a professional London removals service if you’re moving into the top floor!

If the stress of driving, parking and endless unloading sounds like something you’d rather avoid altogether, there are plenty of London removals options available to make moving day easier. Contact us here to find out more about our London movers in Islington, offering everything from a full packing service to man and van runs and full property removals.

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4 Places Kiwis Need to Visit in London

Places Kiwis Need to Visit in London

You’ve shipped your stuff over. You’ve moved into that cosy-but-charming London flat. Now all you need is somewhere to kick back, get some proper food and meet a few like-minded people along the way.

That’s why we’ve created this blog, with a handful of our favourite New Zealand restaurants and cafes located in the heart of London.


Founded by Kiwi entrepreneurs, this fantastic restaurant serves up a tasty feast of grilled seabass, blue cheese wontons and some of the best hand-roasted coffee in the city.

It all started back in 2010 and was founded by Chris Ammermann, Miles Kirby and Laura Harper-Hinton – all of whom hail from New Zealand. They’ve expanded and grown since and continue to be one of the most popular haunts in the area. In fact, the Caravan team have proven so popular, they’re planning on opening London’s largest independent coffee house in just a few months.

Want our tip? Get there early Sunday morning, for a great view of Granary Square and some seriously good brunch.

Flat White

Did we mention coffee?

Yeah, probably. But you can’t blame us – especially with this place, situated in the hedonistic wonder that’s modern-day Soho.

Flat White has been around for a while now and started out with the mission to bring Kiwi/Aussie coffee to the Big Smoke. Since then, it’s gone from strength to strength and is pretty much the worst kept secret amongst us ex-pats and New Zealand brethren.

We thoroughly recommend you try the pastries.

The New Zealand Embassy

It can’t all be eating blue cheese and drinking hand-roasted coffee (not together, of course).

Sometimes you need the boring practical stuff. And that’s where the embassy comes in.

Visit the New Zealand Embassy for all your Visa, passport and general travel support. They’re a helpful bunch and can provide you with lots of tips about setting up a home here in London. What’s better, the embassy has incredible views of London. It’s the perfect opportunity to take some photos for your friends and family at home.

If you’re looking to do some networking, however, the New Zealand Society is another good starting point. There’s a strong ex-pat business community here – and one of the best ways to get involved is through this channel. Kea is another good shout.

You’ll probably meet a few like-minded wanderlusters along the way too.

Kiwis in London

Okay, so it’s not really a place in London. But Kiwis in London is one of the biggest communities in the city, and it’s all ready to see and explore on Facebook.

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about upcoming events, job stuff and even flat advertisements.

It’s a fantastic resource and perfect for meeting other Kiwis in the capital.

Places for New Zealanders in London

It’s not always easy starting from scratch in a new city, especially somewhere as big and bustling as London.

But rest assured, there’s a huge community of Kiwis who’ve already made the journey and have established all the little comforts that make a new place feel like home. The restaurants and cafes on this list are just the start of it.

What’s your top places Kiwis need to visit in London? Give us a shout and let us know on Twitter.

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What London Looks Like to Estate Agents – The Evolving Homogeneous Sprawl of London’s Boroughs

Kiwi Movers are proud to be a London company. Many of us moved here from other parts of the world. We love being here and we love helping Londoners move their stuff.

We recently did some research to see how others view London. We got stuck into Google’s data to see how London was viewed by estate agents. We wanted to know how an estate agents and online letting agents describes a neighbourhood, or a street, or an entire borough. There’s an infographic below, but here are some interesting findings too.

  • The most common adjective used to describe neighbourhoods in London (as opposed to those used to describe properties, like “spacious” which we filtered out) was “lovely.” It used over 280,000 times on one of the biggest estate agent websites.
  • The word “affordable” appears fewer than 700 times on the same site.
  • The word “coffee” is used more than twice as frequently as the word “family/families.”
  • “Up and coming” is still a favourite for describing less than “sought after” areas. West Ham, East Ham, Plaistow and Upton Park are among the most commonly described as up-and-coming.
  • The word “burger” is used in the descriptions for Wapping, Golders Green, Haggerston, London Fields and Gospel Oak.
  • The word “cocktail” is used in the descriptions of Shoreditch, Hoxton, Holborn, Clerkenwell and Brick Lane.
  • The word “coffee” is used in the descriptions for Tooting. Wandsworth, Islington, Shacklewell, Hackney and Clapton.


Kiwi movers - London according to estate agents.

London according to estate agents.

Comparison of terms

kiwi bar chart


Terms by inner London borough

london according to estate agents map



Islington Vintage
Child friendly
Media types
Camden Vibrant
Ex local authority
Ex local authority
Hackney Diverse
Jerk chicken
Street food
Kensington Royal
Lewisham Coolest
Lambeth Markets
Craft beers
Shabby chic
Southwark Cheap and cheerful
Tower Hamlets Bargain
Greasy spoon
Fried chicken
Great value
Wandsworth Gastropub
Good schools
Westminster Charming
Street food
Greenwich Bustling
Hammersmith & Fulham Pretty
Craft ales
Gluten free
Yoga bunnies
Wine bar
Gastro pub
Great wines
Acoustic music
Young professionals
Haringey Regeneration
Reasonable prices
Cheap fruit and veg
Gluten free


We used Google data to analyse the range of words on each web page. This research was conducted between the 15th and 27th October 2015 using,,,, and We used a process which automatically discounted words used to describe property, such as ‘spacious’ or ‘modern.’

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Restaurant Review – Roxies Steak House

A group of us heading back from the seaside on a Saturday decided to go out for dinner, we had heard about Roxies through other friends who had visited their Fulham location. We wanted to keep it local in Wandsworth though and booked a table at the Earlsfield location. 

We arrived pretty earlier in the evening at 6.15pm and managed to get a table next to the window. The restaurant itself is not too big, but was tastefully decorated and the staff were attentive. The waitress very helpfully in selecting the wine, while we also started with Aperitif’s with a selection of Espresso Martini’s and Champagne. These were all very good and the prices were great. I’ve yet to see anywhere in London where a good Espresso Martini is £7.95, while a glass of Prosecco was only £4.95 a glass.  

The restaurant is South African owned and is obvious with the selection of food. Between the four of us we selected two ribs, a filet steak and pulled pork. The meat was excellent for all of these. The ribs were large and tender and the steak was cooked to perfection. We had some hot chips to accompany our mains which were also cooked extremely well and the sizes were generous.

As we dined the restaurant filled up and is obviously popular with the locals. To finish our dinner we all had Dom Pedro’s which is icecream and Kahlua, perfect on a warm summers night. 

Roxies has to be one of the best priced restaurants I have been to in London. The quality was excellent, the service was good and at £13.95 for a filet steak it is hard to beat. We were all thoroughly impressed and we will definitely be back.

Roxies has three locations in Fulham, Earlsfield and Putney. 

Read more of our reviews in our blog, or for information about home removals in London, please contact us on 020 8877 9682*.

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Bar Review – WC in Clapham

After a hard days home removals in London we recently tried out the latest bar in Clapham at WC – Wine & Charcuterie. WC is located in a converted 100 year old Victorian toilet block next to Clapham Common tube station. This unusual location is actually brilliant. The bar is decorated with magnificent Victorian tile works and mirrors to create an intimate and cosy feel, with the main bar located underground, while upstairs is a large outdoor area that is perfect with the hot summer weather.

The wine list provides a good selection of wines from around the world at reasonable prices, while the food (Charcuterie) is the perfect accompaniment with your wine selection. 

There are plans to expand the bar into the adjoining toilet block, but so far this wine bar is a winner. 

Outside WC bar

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Sunday Lunch in Battersea

We were recently looking for a venue for a group Sunday lunch in Battersea and decided to try out Source London located at Ransome’s Dock in SW11 after a week of moving in London. 

Driving there I was pleasantly surprised to find they provide free off street parking which is always a bonus in London. The restaurant itself is a mixture of modern and rustic décor creating a relaxed atmosphere, while overlooking the Thames. Al fresco dining is available, but this would be better left for a sunny day.

Source inside
As the name suggests, Source Battersea, source their ingredients from local markets and direct from producers around the country.  The menu is a modern take on British cooking which is proving popular these days, and we weren’t disappointed. Being a Sunday we all opted for various roast options and this was genuinely one of the better Sunday roast’s I have had in London. A sentiment agreed throughout our group. I had the lamb, which was a generous sized portion with plenty of flavour. This is where the direct from market origins really pay dividends with the ingredients. 

To accompany our meal our group sampled a number of drinks from the well-priced cocktail list as well as several wines from the varied wine list (unfortunately, I had to settle for soft drinks as I was driving). The cocktails proved very popular though with several rounds amongst the group. 

Throughout our meal the staff were friendly and attentive and ensured that our plates were cleared quickly and water jugs remained topped up. 

As none of our group had previously eaten at Source we weren’t sure what to expect, but we all had a great time and throughly enjoyed our meals. Definitely a restaurant we will return to. 

Sunday lunch prices range from £5 – £10 for starters and  £12 – £18.50 for a main.

1. Hat tip to Trellik Design Studio for photo

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Where to get a great Flat White in Wandsworth

Before beginning your day moving in London there is nothing better than kick starting things with a great cup of coffee! Or for many Antipodeans and now Londoners, a good Flat White.
There is a bit of dispute as to the origins of the Flat White, being either created in New Zealand or Australia (much like Pavlova or Crowded House…less so over Russell Crowe). What isn’t disputed though, is that this drink is now deeply entrenched in both countries with a thriving cafe culture, and just a little bit of coffee snobbery. 
Kiwi’s and Aussie’s have now exported this love of coffee to the UK and have been instrumental in creating the growing number of independent coffee shops and general lifting of standards. This initially started in Soho and Shoreditch and has now spread throughout the boroughs of London. The unrestrained rise of this culture was no more evident than when the behemoth coffee corporate, Starbucks, introduced the Flat White to its line up. It was clear to see the London and indeed UK coffee scene was changing.
Now it’s quite easy to get a half decent coffee wherever you go in London, if your lucky enough to live near Wandsworth, there are numerous locations to kick off the day or to catch up with friends over a coffee.
One of our favourite places to grab a coffee is a Pop Up Kitchen called CWTCH located by the Wandsworth Town train station. CWTCH (Welsh for small cupboard or cubbyhole) has been around for a few years, and offers great coffee, great grilled food and excellent service. The lads at CWTCH are a hardy bunch braving the elements 6 days a week, but will soon have a permanent structure and extended offering. Located on Old York Road in the popular Tonsleys area, there are a number of good alternatives, with thriving Brew recently opening on Old York Road (also on Northcote Rd) which offers a la carte fair along with good coffee and is a great brunch location and very popular. 
We think some other good options include Birdhouse on St John’s Hill, The Roastery on Wandsworth Road and Jamie Oliver’s Recipese on St John’s Road. 
So, when moving around London, if you are after a coffee on the go or a place to grab brunch with friends, Wandsworth offers some great options and is definitely worth exploring.
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Restaurants in South West London

Apart from moving London in a professional and stress free manner, here at Kiwi Movers we also like to have a good bite to eat, especially if it’s not going to burn a hole in our pocket.

Now your probably thinking, why would I want advice from a blog for a Removals and Storage company!? Well, our team live all over London and are always going to new areas and meeting all sorts of interesting people, from chefs, bloggers, reviewers and socialites to name a few, so our team actually get a lot of the good word on where to be seen and what’s hot in London – makes sense!
So, every once in a while we are going to focus on different things to do and places to eat in London. To start off with, below are a couple of South West London eateries which come highly recommended from some of our team when their not working as movers in London, but also our clients.
Mama Lan Mama lan

Not only does Mama Lan make the best dumplings in the South West they also make some very good cocktails, and if you’re not drinking, mocktails. Located in Brixton Village Market (SW9 8PR) and Clapham Common (SW4 0HY) all food served is handmade with a Beijing street style flare to it but sourced from local grocers. The beef and spring onion dumplings with a bean sprout and Chinese chive salad is not a bad choice.
Franco MancaFranco Manca

Franco Manca is an authentic pizzeria located in Brixton (SW9 8LD) and Northcote Road (SW11 6QL) and most of the time with a trail of people queuing at the door. Their pizza bases are made from slow rising sourdough in a wood burning brick oven; they produce their own cheese and source all other ingredients from UK producers.  Not only are their pizzas top notch, they are also really really cheap. The most expensive pizza – tomato, cured organic chorizo and mozzarella, is a cracker for £6.95!

Honest Burger

Along with the above two, Honest Burger is also located in Brixton Village. With only a small menu of five burgers to choose from it is a good place to eat if you’re with someone that is very indecisive! If you happen to be venturing across to the other side of the river, Honest Burger have four other locations in Portobello Road, Kings Cross, Camden and Soho. Be sure to not get their too late, or you’ll most definitely be waiting, for a while. These are great burgers and are well worth a visit.

If your moving in London and don’t want to cook for the night, be sure to grab a bite from Mama Lan, Franco Manca or Honest Burger.

Next time, we give our advice on where to get the best coffee around our home area of Wandsworth!
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