Name: Jake George
Role: Move Manager
Where from: Auckland, New Zealand
Date joined Kiwi Movers: September 2012
Most interesting move you have managed: A 10 bedroom house I surveyed just off Oxford Street 
in the West End. For a house in that area it was massive!
Interesting Fact: I am training for the Paris Marathon (editors note: Jake’s being modest here, he 
completed his first marathon last year (London) in 3 hrs 15mins…a bit of a gun)
Hobbies: Travelling, music, food and most sports

Which Rugby team do you support: The Silverdale Seahawks! And most definitely the All Blacks

What do you most enjoy about working at Kiwi?: The people I work with and getting to see all of London

Best place in Europe?: The islands off Croatia would top the list

Do you play sports in London?: I have been playing tag rugby, but running is my current sport